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Daughter coming up next year in elementary school, my wife ordered me to phone her daughter pick a child watches as a straight male engineering, be sure to do your homework before the purchase will start, do not look at advertising to see the effect, do not spend a rational consumption money wasted.

I follow the brand, sales, Baidu index and other factors, selected 20 models one by one parameter comparison ↓ from 20 models with prices of hot-selling models 199-1598

And from friends that came out to six children watch phone actually experience a lot ↓

Today the ideas and experiences organized into text, to share the same parents entangled in child watches to buy.

Note: This article will try to elaborate an objective point of view, all are based on comparative public parameter expansion, but inevitably subjective preferences and feelings, please read the reason, its essence to its dregs, independent thinking.

Party can be pulled directly reach end of the text, see Part IV, “20 popular models compare & Recommended”

Article is very long, attach a mind map, you can directly look at their own interest section ↓


Measure a product worth buying, we must first know if you match its selling point, children watch as well. So the first part we start to understand children under the watch can bring us what and what the potential risks.



01. Watch & phone functions into one

For young children, parents have to be able to promptly contact the child, the child will be considered for the purchase of mobile phones. But the kids have cell phones, it is easy to indulge them, such as games, broadcast, animation, etc., affect their studies; even after castration traditional mobile phone functions, but also need to carry a separate, for children, it is easy to lose.

The emergence of children watch phone just to solve the above problems, the size of a watch and wearing styles, both calls, through built-in “class Disable” function will not affect learning, so that parents can also get in touch with their children.

02. Security


By which parents can understand the position of the positioning information on their child’s mobile phone APP, known as the “anti-lost artifact.”

① For example, you can set up “electronic fence” beyond the designated limits will automatically push messages to their parents;

② If the children watch phone has been in no one answered, can also be set to automatically turn on, parents in time to understand the situation;

③ In case of emergency, the child can press the “SOS” button on the phone watch, you can help the family;

④ one-way audio / video, to prevent a child being bullied and do not understand the expression, the reason may Baidu “red, yellow, blue nursery event.”

03. Social tools

Many children clamoring to buy children watch phone, because students have, such as “nudged add friends,” micro-chat feature, are part of children’s social inner circle, like a micro-channel world of adults, nails and micro Bo.


01. psychological comparisons

Children watch phone price positioning differences from a hundred to a thousand, price and function, it is easy to cause the child’s competition, which for the future development of children is detrimental, parents need to pay attention to correct.

02. affect the normal teaching

This can be understood in two ways, one is the impact on teachers, classroom teachers often reflect “in class, often have a watch phone calls, ringing suddenly rang, interrupting the lecture thinking of teachers, other students also dispersed attention, affecting the normal teaching order. “

As for the children, because of the small age, poor self-control, it is easy to be attracted fresh attention wristwatch phone, staring at school, the impact of learning.

Based on the above, parents should pay attention to the call time, do not disturb the normal teaching; on the other hand to make good use of “class Disable” feature, and with the children novelty subsided, the situation has improved.


03. security risks

① Battery Safety

As children watch phone built-in battery, if the design defects or cut corners, bump or when the battery is overcharged, prone to spontaneous combustion or explosion.


② electromagnetic radiation safety


Telephone watch mainly the radiation from the antenna, according to the Ministry under the authority detection report, the amount of radiation of 1.14 watts / kg, far less than the national standard 2 watts / kg. Away from the head as well as 10 to 15 cm distance calls when the phone watch, cell phone radiation is also smaller than is safe.

The market mainstream brand of children’s watch phone electromagnetic radiation have been detected by the electromagnetic radiation test results far below the community standard limits. Name brands and are not in the cottage detection range.

③ call and location system security

Since many brand manufacturers and even back-end server is leased, hackers can easily open the Monitor function has a monitoring function phone watch, and real-time monitoring of the child’s location, call information, phone cut off the link between parents and children watch and so on, not to mention the security at all.


In summary, the choice of brands out circumvent security risk children watch phone as much as possible.

Now that the foregoing has recommended to buy big brand products, so which brands belong to the big brands do?

According to “cover was ranked” recommended list · Children watch phone brand rankings, TOP7 are as follows:


Little genius, Huawei, 360, sugar cat, Aba town, look for small, millet.

01. Little Genius


Mentioned children watch phone, but it is about the little genius; mention little genius, you would have to mention the domestic marketing godfather – Duan Yongping!

Backgammon, 8848, pot, tea, oppo, vivo, and even fight a lot are inextricably linked with the Duan Yongping.


Children are not little genius inventor of the telephone watch, but it is the biggest promoter of endorsement from the catchy advertisements, to the stars, to the arts title, backgammon more than 20,000 on the line with the marketing outlets, little genius far ahead in market share children watch phone.

Competing products in the same industry, little genius level of hardware quality and after-sales is also very good, however, and “line segment” of all products, cost-effective general and it has nothing to do matter.

And little genius in fact most cattle is its unique “little genius Department of Social,” a small little genius and genius can only “nudged” add friends, start a group chat, send circle of friends, each other thumbs up, send each other gold coins.


By closed social system and the first-in-market advantages accumulated customer base, establish a solid moat, so even if the high price also did not shake their market share.

02. Huawei (with honor)

As the giant communications and the mobile phone industry, Huawei virtue of hardware and software R & D strength in children’s phone watch market to achieve a latecomer to the system, the sale of products as abundant as in the little genius, but the security and functionality of performance are very good, the market reaction is quite Yes, Huawei wearable device shipments ranked second in the Chinese market share in the international market is also ranked the top five.

Huawei and small genius when building a social ecology adopted a similar program, “Shake add friends”, without touching between watches, Taking you can use, but the frustration of its user base better than a multi-talented, so the circle of children in the fame slightly behind.


In fact, 360 children watch phone industry pioneer. As early as 2013, it launched the first 360 watches dedicated to children’s phone use, while other brands include small genius is more than just put on the market in 2015. 360 contribution to children’s phone market contributed, it did pioneer, the first to do a children’s watch phone CTA certification of telecommunications networks, and efforts to obtain the support of the policy, but finally lost the little genius marketing strategy.

Its rich products, a total of five series, covering 2G to 4G entry-level watches, with prices ranging from hundred to thousand dollars.

360 started as a safe technology companies, also have a natural protection for the children, all of its watches in the sale of telephone products come with a one-way function monitor that parents can unilaterally dial watch, to listen for the sound of children around, as young children more than add a layer of security. Socially, 360 children watch phone after the 2019 launch of the models support “bumper friends” feature.

04. Sugar Cat

Sugar Cats are Sogou company launched smart children watch brand in 2015, shipments of sugar into the domestic cat first three, plus its Internet company’s background, in the era of no small talent, once regarded as 360 phone watch area the biggest competitor.

But the line of poor promotion, online marketing is not in place, coupled with the product update is not timely, after successive incoming Huawei, millet and other companies, sugar cat’s market share being squeezed. Mainly in the entry-level product, a place by the price advantage.

05. Abba cho

After five continents wireless brands, before entering the children watch phone market, the company is already one of the wearable device industry, the major solution providers and terminal manufacturers, in 2017 launched a 4G phone watch Aba town, Wuzhou wireless shipments the amount is to achieve a 3-fold increase. Only less than a year, Wuzhou wireless wearable device shipments to the Chinese market has been among the top five.

Abba cho phone watches price performance is quite good, but Abba cho did not make energy-saving products for 4G optimization, plus watch is not equipped with fast charging function, for one day a charge almost every frequency in daily use, use sense played no small discount.

06. look for small


Look for small technology companies as one of the ecological chain millet, the main children’s wear equipment, millet company’s rice rabbit children watch phone is seeking technology developed by a small production.

The parent company is seeking small dragon flag technology, one of China’s top five ODM foundry, the main business is OEM smart phones, so look for the small supply chain and distribution channels all have certain advantages, product strength and small enough to genius, 360 head and other brands compete on the same stage.


Although small to find its own brand sales far better than small Mimi the rabbit, but wins in the selection, there are currently ten balance Children watch products. But note that, in addition to small to find Max Pro, look for a small phone can only watch from splashed water life, the need to be more careful when using a high frequency waterside environment if used, suggests that parents buy more waterproof rating high product.

07. Millet


Millet in 2014 after entering the wearable device market, has now become China’s largest wearable device manufacturers, their rice rabbit phone watch is being built by the ecological chain millet small businesses find technology, the first generation of meters rabbit children watch phone on-line in early 2016, with its massive fan base and retain customers, namely within six months to get hundreds of thousands of users, the current meter rabbit children watch has been upgraded to the fourth generation.

In fact, millet with a small homing product is a product of the same platform, the core competitiveness is the Millet brand and its label engraved on the bones “cost.”


But no matter millet or small to find, quality control and failure rates are relatively hard to describe, it is also very millet ……

01. call quality

As the birth of the original intention of the watch phone, call clarity, good sound quality which is our most basic requirements of a watch phone.

①4G better than 2G

About 4G popularity of mobile phones has been completed and is currently several major operators of 2G business has been losing money, will follow one after another stopped 2G services not say. The 4G compared to 2G, low power consumption, long battery life, good signal, fast speed, is undoubtedly the better choice, with the promotion of 5G, we believe that support product launches 5G signal will not be very far away.


② full Netcom> dual-network> Single Network

Due to the signal, the difference operator tariff services, each person’s choice of operator has different preferences, so the more children watch phone supported carriers, giving us the latitude, the better, but the corresponding price should be higher.

③ processor solution

Qualcomm Xiaolong watches dedicated 4G entire network program

Qualcomm is the world’s most powerful on the CPU performance and support for the standard, but it also developed specifically for smart watch Qualcomm Xiaolong wear series chip, this chip solution supports the network standard is the most complete, supports five frequency module 14.

Qualcomm mobile phone chip program

In fact, in the market, there are still some uses Qualcomm cell phone program, a dedicated program compared to Qualcomm watches, mainly size and power consumption is relatively large, so the power consumption of products faster and more products are heavy, of course, is that we can benefit It can be made to support the 4G models to telecommunications, network standard supports up to.

Spreadtrum phone’s 4G solutions

Qualcomm cell phone compared to the above scheme, the power consumption is lower, but it can do to support mobile / Unicom 4G, can not support Telecom 4G (VoLTE can be solved by the way).

MTK old 4g phone program

Children phone 4G watch industry to do a lot of products using this program, usually four years ago MediaTek MTK 4g phone out of the program, of course, depending on the specific chip solution, and some only support mobile / Unicom 4G, and some also support 4G full Netcom. But the common feature is the final molded product of heavy, bulky, power consumption terror is needless to say.


MediaTek MTK program 2g

Children watch phone market almost all GSM networks are based on the entire program, low power consumption, long battery life, but because it is 2G (Mobile / Unicom’s GSM network), all speed and positioning speed is slow.

④SmartPA beautiful sound

smart PA literal translation is “smart power amplifiers” from the point of view that is an amplifier system, putting it and the general module, the biggest difference is the addition of feedback.


It can improve the intelligence machine dedicated music output dynamic range, dynamic tracking of the status of speaker and change its perception of the environment, given the change in adaptation, mobile phones, portable music players and tablet computers lead to higher volume, more rich bass and better sound quality, but also increase the average volume of the music itself, without exceeding the capacity of the speaker.

02. Positioning


Based on the security demands of parents, children watch phone response time positioning time, positioning the distance deviation is also an important factor to buy the machine. The longer positioning time, the greater the deviation means that at the critical moment you find the child’s time will increase exponentially.

In theory, the more the use of positioning technology, relatively more accurate.

It is recommended that two very useful features:

Stereotactic ①3D (indoor positioning)

New experience positioning function, upgrade from 2D to 3D, not only know where the boy was building, even where precise layer, in case of an accident, is absolutely life-saving feature!

② electronic fence / security area

Is simply a range delineated on the map, when positioned outside this range will give the phone to send a specified notice, so that parents get to know, for example, this is the time to go to school, but the children went to the cafe.



Example: 360 9X children watch phone ↓

03. Life


Endurance major impact customer experience (after all, frequent charging and electricity anxiety is annoying) security (looking for the child and found that the watch is dead is not it embarrassing) and in emergency situations.

Children watch phone similar endurance and mobile phones, in addition to depending on the battery capacity, but also with the network standard, processor type, machine functions are closely related, and thus various different life. Less often targeting lower function 2G models endurance performance but better than the flagship model, the specific reasons can be compared to Nokia and iPhone.

Real life, depending on usage difference is large, so manufacturers marked life for reference, but also to listen to feedback from users, of course, the easiest way is similar to the function of the purchase price and priority select a large battery capacity.


04. Monitor / video / SOS function

Since the “red, yellow, blue nursery” after the incident, the parents are worried about the security situation will not help the child out, with the children after the watch phone also allows those misbehaving “teacher” legislator.

① Parents can initiate a camera and monitor function (except small genius) in the app end-way, always pay attention to the child’s movements

② There are many brands with a one-button alarm, emergency situations occur when children may notify directly to the parents.

Press the side buttons you can send a warning to parents on the phone. Parents push the phone will pop up directly, and will be included with a press for about 10 seconds before and after the speech button for parents to understand the situation, determine the approximate situation, it is necessary!

05. Waterproof / dustproof

After all, the children use, children are born good move, as electronic products, if children watch phone impatience made, it may be useless a few days to come to an end ……

Such as common waterproof / dustproof performance, currently has a comprehensive evaluation index. Children watch phone in the parameter list, we can often see IP [X] [Y] level format.

The so-called IP rating refers to the degree of protection against solid and liquid, which is set by the International Electrotechnical Commission. Represents a degree of protection for the first solid, the second indicates the degree of protection of the liquid.

As shown in Figure, IP68, which means, as well as the ability to have full dust may remain no more than 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5m. Daily life, if accidentally splashed into the glass on the watch, and your watch support IP68 waterproof, it is not too worried. But that does not mean that we can do anything in daily use, such as swimming wear bathing, we should try to protect watches from dust and water damage.

If you want to use when swimming, need to see whether they have professional-grade waterproof function.

For example, 360 S2 is equipped with special waterproof speaker, professional microphone waterproof membrane, full-body water level reaches 20 meters, can have fun in the water, but be careful not suitable for surfing, bathing, diving and other high speed running water and deep-water scenes.


In addition, also it was tested (the test button, touch screen test, Pogo pin endurance test, drop test, smoke test, high and low temperature storage tests, etc.) to enhance the special machine reliability, this is hard on content from the parameter table see, but it is very important in practical use.

06. Other additional features

With the development of the market, major brands are developing on the phone watch a variety of additional features, there are many useful features, of course, tasteless, I will recommend the following priorities are introduced (subjective), to help you mine, the limited funds spent on more important configuration.

① class disabled

As already mentioned, this feature very useful, can prevent a child class time fiddling with the phone distracted, affect learning.


Parents can be provided at the end of learning app disabled period;

Disabled time period, only watch to see when using the SOS function.

②NFC pay


After using this feature, parents can set the amount of pocket money, the amount of children in the scan code can pay for their own, without the cash that is safe and convenient. Now adults are rarely took cash out, right? (Watch the demo below using 360 different brands may be slightly different)


First time parents need to bind Alipay ↓

After binding is successful, parents can check balances in real time applet Alipay and recharge. In order to avoid the child casually consumption, you can also set daily payment limit. But also to see consumer bills, which more than give cash incense? You know kids to cash the money spent where it? Children also can promptly correct errors spending habits.


Children operation is very simple, just have to show you can pay code or scan code on your watch.


③ social features


Just as men of the same micro letter, the children also need their social circle, although it seems very naive in adults, but for children it is very important. Or you ask the child why the phone has been clamoring to buy a watch?


Why small genius came from behind to surpass 360 become TOP1 phone watches, in addition to marketing Guards, “nudged cross friend” absolutely denied!

Later, the major brands have answered a God, but to the social function with the late, most of them support the same brand quickly add friends feature. For example, Huawei’s “Shake add friends”


But personally I feel that such a closed ecological social too petty, and obviously in the kidnapping of consumers! A class of useful little genius helpful Huawei, do have a fight?

Recently some brands continue to launch products began to support the watch QQ, break down the barriers watches dating. Different brands of watches can also become friends, to build part of the child’s own social circle!

Of course, from another point of view, which is wedged little genius’ social moat “of the nail.

④ pictures


Most 4G phones Children watch with a camera, parents and children to make video calls.


Few high-end models will be equipped with two cameras, the children will be more convenient to take pictures.

Geniuses have to say is really understands what a child, Conan-style flip camera, simply could not be more cool, should a child was fascinated.

But from the perspective of a rational adult point of view, this design is too flamboyant, flashy …… when you want to use the rear camera of the need to press the lock button, the watch can stand up and start to take pictures, it is too much trouble ……


In contrast, I prefer 360 S2 such as a camera 90 ° design, into the camera, the screen can slide up and down shifting the splitter and rear camera.


Operation more reasonable and more convenient, anytime, anywhere at any time to record the wonderful life around

⑤ voice assistant

Many brands in the high-end watch phone models built based on small voice assistant degree / little love, etc., so that children can make their own questions and requests through voice interaction with the watch. This is not completely mastered spelling / writing is still very easy to use.


Buddy system Dragon voice accompanied by 360 I feel is better, should also be a move to 360 killers and opponents of the formation of differentiated competitive advantage weapon. 360 filter out all of the information is not suitable for children, the children will be more at ease to use.


IP transformation game cartoon image, for children have a natural intimacy, as Altman, Paige, Ye Luoli same.

And around, “Badi Dragon” is to develop a range of IP applications, greatly increasing the playability and scalability.

⑥ application to expand


Some high-end models support application store to download app in order to expand the functions of the machine, such as games, songs, etc., but personally feel that it belongs to configure the icing on the cake, after all, has deviated from the originally designed watch phone for children, the family can achieve the same or even better function replacement of electronic products is too much, there is no need to make life difficult for this little watch, and for life, memory is not a small graduate school. Of course, if the budget is sufficient, then bought early adopters / Virtuoso is not a bad idea.

I follow the brand, sales, and other factors Baidu Index, 20 models were selected from 20 models model parameters compared 199-1598 price band, we can combine purchase points given above, choose according to their needs. If too lazy to use their brains, I will give my personal recommendations for your reference at the end of the text.

Click to enlarge ↓ (Ruoyin compression platform can not see the big picture, look at the following breakdown map)

Small Genius Z6 / rabbit small Mimi 4 PRO / Huawei 4X / small genius Z5 PRO / 360S2 ↓

Huawei 3 PRO Super Edition / small homing MAX PRO / Abba cho T2 / small genius Q2 / small Mimi rabbit 4X ↓


Small find Y2 / abacavir-cho T3 / small hunt Y1 / Huawei 3S / rabbit small Mimi 4C ↓


360 9X / sugar Cats JOY 2 / small homing X2 / small glory K2 / sugar cat PLUS2 ↓

01.300-500 yuan Recommended models:


①360 9X

Corning Gorilla +20 meter screen professional waterproof, resistant to worry made; NFC payment; 4G entire network (Telecom to be opened VoLTE)

Support watches QQ and 360 bumper dating; Smart PA beautiful sound, clearer calls.


Nine positioning technology to support indoor positioning, track record, security zones, a key SOS, positioning function in the same price is still very competitive.


② millet rice rabbit 4C

Compared 360 9C, shrink slightly on parameters such as battery capacity (880mAh → 830mAh), positioning technology (→ seventh octet). But after all, this tree back millet, more lovable brand, but do not exaggerate watch modeling simple, I’d also really like.

02.500-1000 Recommended models:

① small to find Max Pro


Wear2500 Qualcomm processor, 4G really full Netcom, 1 + 8GB large memory, AMOLED screen, 8 megapixel camera, full pull configuration, personal feel than Huawei 3 Pro worth starting.


In fact, meters rabbit 4 Pro, as the foundries meters rabbit, marked a change in their direct selling. However, due to the brand not as millet, although the same pricing and rice rabbit 4 Pro, but activities are often reduced to less than 1,000 yuan, very cost-effective to buy rice small rabbit 4 Pro is better to look for Max Pro.

②360 M2


Pipilu safety Impossible custom models, 4 theme dial, custom ring tones, as well as the identity of agents team logo table ring, Gradient color DECO 2.5D with water droplets screen, pull over details, if your home is Pipilu little baby lost sister / brother fan, give this to him absolutely excited to scream!


Christians have their table toys I would not recommend it to everyone, and 9 large heavy AI positioning ,, 880mAh battery, waterproof 20 meters, 5 million front camera, retina-class 1.52-inch screen, and so on, this configuration comparable to a thousand the price of the end! recommend


③ rabbit 4X millet m

Phone watch can learn, 1.52-inch screen, memory on memory is large, side 5 million, before two million pairs of cameras, the official claimed that the standby available for 7 days. Rice flour into the brain can not.


03.1000 above Recommended models:

①360 S2

If you consider the cost, I highly recommend this new 360 S2. For the flagship product, do not buy the old to buy a new 1099 price, price overflowing!

Battery capacity upgrade to 1000mAh (should be the highest market, little genius Z6 is 700mAh, Huawei 4X is 800mAh), in order to ensure endurance in rich configuration also supports indoor positioning.

Compared to other brands competing products, major cost savings in the following points: the side camera 5 million (Huawei 4X / small genius Z6 / m rabbit 4 PRO are 8 million); memory is 512MB + 8GB; Spreadtrum processor, telecommunications 4G to be launched VoLTE.

Although not all the configuration first, but overall still critical praise, firmly flagship configuration, if you can accept the above, then the 360 ​​S2 is undoubtedly your good choice.

② Huawei 4X


What’s Jiubuyongti configuration, hardware direct pull over, 4G entire network, dual 11 weight AI positioning, 1GB + 16GB large memory, support NFC, underwater video camera, micro-channel version of the watch 50 meters waterproof, rope skipping sport mode, AMOLED screen, front side 8 million + 5 million, two-camera HD video calls. Huawei’s product line is where I think the few several modeling can also be a straight male aesthetic programmer finally upgraded!


01. charging

It is strongly recommended unified charging specifications! Six to watch my hands, the three shared a charger!

①micro- USB: find small Y1, Huawei 3 PRO Super Edition

② special magnet: 360 S2, 360 9X

③ special magnet: small genius Z6, little genius Q2

Here I would like to continue Tucao Z6, for Conan-style flip pictures per charge must turn the tables out of it! Tete What the humanity!

Although there are magnetic, but the charger between different brands is not common! You can not learn the phone, it will not move closer to the type-C?

02. take the card design

We two designers come out to talk, why this thing should be designed to be specific? !

Scars begin to see the slot? Because they take the card is lost, looking for something to pry! ! !

Want to refer to the new S2 card slot 360, the designer may be aware of the problem before, and now the card slot can be removed without tools directly.