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The small fragrant clothing is wearing, suitable for all female friends, it can make us created a beautiful lady. The ladies and winds have been considered one of the stylists. Everyone may try to choose this style of clothing, will let you wear an unnecessary charm.

Next, let’s take a look at Zhang Yuxi’s wearing.

Remember to collect, pay attention to me, not lost!

Zhang Yuxi’s small windshirt dressing skills

Small wind

Unique texture pattern, dark grain, small wind coat, improve the whole


Senior and elegant fan

. Plus

Pure white butterfly set of shirts


, Refreshing fabrics and clean colors, perfect deductible

The temperament is full of little women.


1 Light Color Series Wearing

Clean and refreshing white bow shirt,


Be able to

Enhance the brightness of overall skin tones

Even if the skin is yellowish, dark, can also


Create a ceramic skin

. Light-color is a very advanced and temperament color, basically able to drive it.

In the dressing skill, you can say

Light color series is the most inconsistent color in the past

Any skin color can be perfectly controlled.

The dark series is relatively white, because

Dark series is still very picked

, Clothing is not allowed to make it, it is easy to make the whole shape

It seems that rustic and black.

2 dotted bows


White shirt


, Embellish the bow design, highlight the elegant female style. Some of the neutral winds in the suit college shirt, but

Bow design

Incorporate the feature of women’s clothing, let the entire shirt female, full

Elegant fan


3 small fragrant dress

Giants, thousands of gold or famous hairs, often choose small fragrance costumes,

Small fragrant wind elements are best highlighting.

Short version

Match exquisite cutting design, showing a strong

Precious feeling

. Two-piece skirts in the gray of the gray, showing simple beauty on color. Will n’t be too tender in colors,

Mi gray mix is ​​more advanced, and it is very calm atmosphere, and it is not so thick relative to black.

Zhang Yuxi’s other style

Cowmugging Danning Tips

Dark blue denim jacket, overall shape display


Refreshing and energetic

. Simple dark blue denim jacket, sides of the cuff

Fixed a red stripe design

Let the cowboy coat are not monotonous,

More features

Vertical stripe


Nine pants

Let the visual have an illusion of stretching shapes.

It seems that the leg lines are straight and long

. The nine pants design, exposes the most slender ankle of the legs, so that the legs look more straight.

Vertical stripes

It is still quite a lot on trousers, it can perfectly modify the shortcomings of legs.

Let the leg line more charming

. Black and white lines match, lines with density design,

The overall shape will be comparable and not cumbersome.


The old shoes are also a good single product, with cowboy and casual nine pants, blue plus white combination, proper

College casual wind

Next, I will send a wave of Zhang Yuxi’s photo album to wear, enjoy it!

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China Butterfly Hou Yuxi smiled so nice, tall body with small fragrant dress, elegant little woman