Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

China Noblin Net Arrange 398 Jiangsu Key Construction Project Information, the project name is as follows:

1 Jiangsu [China Net] Annual production of 50,000 tons DMAE expansion project

2 Jiangsu annual output 3,000 tons of lithium battery special binder, 30,000 tons of ultrapure hydrogen peroxide project

3 Jiangsu annual production 200,000 bag medical dressings and 10,000 special pharmacitor equipment project

Jiangsu Key Project Information: 398 Jiangsu Key Construction Project Information

Sino-Ning Net Recommended: Referral Project Party A

4 Jiangsu domestic garbage and crop straw treatment equipment production line project

5 Jiangsu new high-performance lithium sulfur battery project

6 Jiangsu Solid State Lighting Smart System Industrialization Project

7 Jiangsu annual output 500,000 tons road stable material project

8 Jiangsu Automobile Parts and Automobile Manufacturing Special Equipment Production Plant Construction Project

9 Jiangsu Nanjing Jiangning District Rural Sewage Treatment Facilities Project

10 Jiangsu [China Net] Annual production of 500 tons of cans sprinklers and chemical equipment accessories

11 Jiangsu Nanjing Guoxin New Energy Co., Ltd. Roof 3.8MW distributed photovoltaic power generation project

12 Jiangsu Nut Production Line Expansion Project

13 Jiangsu annual production of 130,000 tons of plastic pipeline production line expansion project

14 Jiangsu Steel Sound Door Series Products Production Project

15 Jiangsu Intelligent Air Purification Device Production Project

16 Jiangsu new non-power dust removal industrialization project

17 Jiangsu NGS Supporting Reagent R & D and Industrialization Base Project

18 Jiangsu battery six factory 110KV substation project

19 Jiangsu Nanjing Guanjia Technology Co., Ltd. New Factory Project

20 Jiangsu [China Net] Wuxi Vihang Home Technology Co., Ltd. Phase II New Plant and Warehousing Office Comprehensive Housing Project

21 Jiangsu ready-mixed mortar production line technology transformation project

22 Jiangsu Grandian Ocean Food Phase II Factory and Comprehensive Building New Project

23 R & D, non-home textile manufacturing, non-home fabric manufacturing project

24 Jiangsu annual output 2000 tons special fire fabric project

25 Jiangsu Jiangsu Tianzhang Medical Health and New Material Co., Ltd.

26 Jiangsu Machinery Parts Manufacturing (Navigation) Project

27 Jiangsu Expansion Production Workshop Project

28 Jiangsu New Energy Core Parts Intelligent Production Line Technology Reconstruction Project

29 Jiangsu annual production of 1 million brakes and industrial waste pollutant intelligent purification system production and manufacturing and construction project

30 Jiangsu [China Net] Expansion Production Workshop and Office Building Project

31 Jiangsu annual production 60,000 tons of wind power equipment supporting parts construction project

32 Jiangsu Industrial Automatic Control CNC Machine Manufacturing Project

33 Jiangsu Wuxi Eastern Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. expansion expansion project

34 Jiangsu cabinet and accessories, manufacturing (expansion) projects for non-standard metal structures

35 Jiangsu Wuxi Mingzhu Medical Devices Co., Ltd.

36 Jiangsu High Accuracy Medical Rehabilitation Type Steel Manufacturing Project

37 Jiangsu Wuxi Zhongguan Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. produces expansion projects

38 machining project of Jiangsu diesel engine parts

39 manufacturing and processing of Jiangsu stamping parts, head, engineering rim, mechanical equipment and accessories

40 Jiangsu [China Net Network] Production (Navigation) Project of Power Machinery

41 Jiangsu Wuxi Dongqiang Pressure Casting Factory Production Answer

42 Manufacturing and Processing of Jiangsu Electronic Equipment

43 Jiangsu Electronic Communication Product Manufacturing Processing Production Line Project

44 Jiangsu Optics, Spectral Instrument Manufacturing and Construction Project

45 Jiangsu Wuxi Zhenhua Instrumentation Co., Ltd.

46 Jiangsu Taji Star Intelligent Equipment Base Project

47 Jiangsu New Energy Automobile Motor Intelligent Test Center Technical Transformation Project

48 Jiangsu annual production of metal additive manufacturing products 8,000, 3,000 static pressure molding products, 400 sets of precision molds

49 Jiangsu annual steel structure 2 2000 tons project

50 Jiangsu [China Net] Annual production of 10 million sets of injection mold expansion projects

51 Jiangsu Wuxi Wivei High Technology Group Co., Ltd. Coating Project

52 Jiangsu Wuxi Wenliang General Machinery Co., Ltd. Expansion Project

53 Jiangsu Air Chemical Products (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. Big Gas Construction Project

54 Jiangsu New Generation High-end Semiconductor Chip Series Product Industrialization Project Phase IFE Project

55 Jiangsu Wuxi High-tech Co., Ltd. Shuo Shui Water Treatment Plant Bidding Reconstruction Project (No. 2 Phase 2 Project of Shuo Shui Water Treatment Plant) Project

56 Jiangsu Wuxi Fublel Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. New Research Institute and New Drug Industrialization Technology Reconstruction Project

57 R & D and processing projects of 16 tons of non-ferrous metals, precious metals materials and electronic components in Jiangsu

58 Jiangsu new year 2000 ton special steel wire rope expansion project

59 Jiangsu annual production of 1000 manufacturing projects

60 Jiangsu annual production 500 kid-extruder technology reform project

61 Jiangsu ceramic products stack warehouse construction project

62 Jiangsu ceramic products stack warehouse construction project

63 Jiangsu ceramic products stack warehouse construction project

64 Jiangsu [China Net “Ceramic Products Stack Warehouse Construction Project

65 Jiangsu Yixing City Jianchao Machinery Co., Ltd., annual output of 40,000 tons of pipe pile board new project

66 Jiangsu annual production 15,000 tons stainless steel pipe project

67 Jiangsu annual production of 20,000 sets of heat exchanger project

68 Jiangsu Su Long hot electric coal yard dust environmental protection management project

69 Jiangsu annual production 30 million sets of sheet metal parts, 50 million set of agricultural machinery parts, 10 million new retail terminals and supporting products expansion project

70 Jiangsu annual output 800 tons of plastic sheet project

71 Jiangsu Jiangyin Wan Wi-Flancia Co., Ltd. Yuan Li Branch Large Sea Wind Power Unit Parts Industrialization Project

72 Jiangsu annual production 200 intelligent packaging equipment new project

73 Jiangsu Plastic Products Production Project

74 Jiangsu [China Neta] PVC floor, yoga ball, plastic toy ball manufacturing project

75 Jiangsu Workshop Construction Project

76 Jiangsu East China Stone City Stone Logistics Warehousing Service Center Project

77 Jiangsu Lefeng Stone Logistics Warehousing Service Center Project

78 Jiangsu Loess Temple Stone Logistics Warehousing Service Center Project

79 Jiangsu Tao Dongshi Logistics Warehousing Service Center Project

80 Jiangsu Mazhuang Stone Logistics Warehousing Service Center Project

81 Jiangsu Houhong State Logistics Warehousing Service Center Project

Jiangsu Key Project Information: 398 Jiangsu Key Construction Project Information

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82 Jiangsu Wastewater Treatment Station Bidding Reconstruction Project

83 Jiangsu Xuzhou Coal Ocean Mine Product Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ordinary cargo storage project

84 Jiangsu [China Net] Xuzhou Bincheng Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. ordinary goods warehousing project

85 Jiangsu Jiangsu Hongxun Locomotive Co., Ltd. New Year Production 150,000 Electric Motorcycle Project

86 Jiangsu Jiangsu Pingqi Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Annual 200,000 Sapphire Waste Coating Project

87 Jiangsu annual output 8,000 tons filled masterbatch, plastic film bag, plastic woven bag project

88 Jiangsu Pei County Datun Coal Power Group “One Plant” Water Supply Pipe Network Project

89 Jiangsu Xuzhou Xinyu Paper Products Co., Ltd. Carton Production Project

90 Jiangsu Xuzhou Pingtai Building New Material Co., Ltd. Hollow Plastic Template Production Project

91 Jiangsu Jiangsu Hengli Industrial Co., Ltd. Industrial air conditioning assembly and environmental protection insulation switch cabinet production project

92 Jiangsu Yining Kunwei Building Materials Co., Ltd. Building garbage recycling reuse project

93 Jiangsu Xuzhou Zhengyuan Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. High-performance industrial hydraulic, intelligent programmable hydraulic component manufacturing and industrialization project

94 Jiangsu [Sino-Net] Jiangsu Bo Zhi Power Technology Co., Ltd. Annual Production Controller and System Product 200,000 Project

95 Jiangsu Dajiang Holdings Group Power Technology Co., Ltd. Annual production of 120,000 sets of distribution switch control equipment, 3600 amorphous alloy transformer projects

96 Jiangsu Xuzhou Xinfeng Venus Industry Development Co., Ltd. 101 million tons of metal waste

97 Jiangsu 100,000 sets of high-end leather clothing production line projects

98 Jiangsu annual production 9 million sets of scaffold fasteners processing project

99 Jiangsu Su Cable New Aluminum Alloy Cable Manufacturing Project

100 Jiangsu Wanjin high-end touch screen manufacturing project

101 Jiangsu Zhongheng Wisdom Cold Chain Machinery Equipment Industrial Park Project

102 Jiangsu Renewable Resource Recycling Project

103 Jiangsu Jiangsu Saifot Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Mining New Energy Vehicle Production Project

104 Jiangsu [China Net] 鲲 鲲 (Xuzhou) Science Instrument Co., Ltd. time resolution quantitative production project

105 Jiangsu special metal base composite materials research and development and production base construction project

106 Jiangsu production workshop and supporting facilities construction project

107 Jiangsu Baodorian Company Newly built a linear cutting staple and components such as strain

108 Jiangsu Pushun Company Gold Processing Parts Project

109 Jiangsu Cable Protection Tube Project

110 Jiangsu Automotive Air Conditioning Pipeline Accessories Technical Reform Answer

111 Jiangsu annual 2000 tons engineering plastic pipe project

112 Jiangsu annual production of 2.1.1 million electronic products plastic box, 300 million spring project

113 Jiangsu annual output 10 million square meters of solar photovoltaic backplane project with blown film PVDF film

114 Jiangsu [China Net] Annual production of 300,000 fiber communication optic electronics, 20,000 fiber optic communication modules, 5000 subsystem projects

115 Jiangsu New New Wall Materials R & D, Design, Production Project

116 Jiangsu New Auto Parts Processing Project

117 Jiangsu Machinery Parts (Crankshaft) Manufacturing Project

118 Jiangsu Surgery Mini Created Disposable Medical Device Production Project

119 Jiangsu Xinxing Precision Bead Screw Boar Expansion Technical Reform Project

120 Jiangsu Taines Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. Annual output of 8.5 million medical equipment parts and 10 million auto parts projects

121 Jiangsu OLED tablet display technology key material technical transformation project

122 Jiangsu solid waste resource system and comprehensive utilization project

123 Jiangsu Suzhou New District Fengjing Printing Co., Ltd. – New Plant Project

124 Jiangsu [China Net] Suzhou Green Leaf Daily Products Co., Ltd. makeup makeup product expansion project

125 Jiangsu Am Em Snow Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Annual output 8000 blade roots new project

126 Jiangsu Suzhou High-tech Zone listed enterprise headquarters park, Jiangsu Guidewei Power Sports Technology Co., Ltd.

127 Jiangsu Suzhou Yongxin Fair Valley Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Phase II Project

128 Jiangsu Suzhou Lingshan Printing Material Co., Ltd. Annual Output Shading Reflective Sheet 18 million

129 Jiangsu Suzhou Dongyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. annual production board electronic assembly 12 million pieces

130 Jiangsu Suzhou Meng Electronics Co., Ltd. New R & D, production intelligent magnetic material project

131 Jiangsu Suzhou Platinum Cui Technology Co., Ltd. New R & D and production intelligent lighting project

132 Jiangsu Suzhou Top Electric Complex Co., Ltd. New R & D production cloud intelligent electrical manufacturing cabinet project

133 Jiangsu [China Net Network] Annual multi-layer bonding high-end environmental protection decoration materials 13 million square meters production technology renovation project

134 Jiangsu annual production ceramic dieter parts 9 million projects

135 Jiangsu annual production machinery equipment 10,000 sets, 50,000 mechanical parts, 10,000 automation equipment, 50,000 metal products, 10,000 sets of molds

136 Jiangsu High-end Equipment Industry Base Project

137 Jiangsu High-end Equipment Industry Base Project

138 Jiangsu Pingwang Food Center Bank Terminal Project

139 Jiangsu Donghai Pier Addressing Equipment Project

140 Jiangsu Stationery Office Supplies Automation Production Project

141 Jiangsu Jiangsu Han Yu Animal Nutrition Health Products Integrated Project

142 Jiangsu [Sino-Net] Zhuang Xin Wanfeng (Zhangjiagang) Precious Metal Material Technology Co., Ltd. Precious Metal Refining Project

143 Jiangsu Expansion 35,000 tons / year polyether polyether polyol project

144 Jiangsu about the technical transformation project of the annual 50,000-ton seamless steel pipe intelligent production line

145 Jiangsu Shengze Town 2020 Black Qihe Renovation Project

146 Jiangsu Taicang City Jiaai Medical Device Co., Ltd. New Medical Equipment Project

147 Jiangsu Annual Yield 500,000 Cubic Concrete Production Relocation, Disprint Repair and Pier Crane Project

148 Jiangsu Fruit and Vegetable Wash Water Project

149 Jiangsu [China Neta] Machinery, Mold Parts Processing, Metal Heat Treatment Project

150 Jiangsu Suzhou Tailong Ring Ou Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. expanded 20 new energy auto parts intelligent manufacturing equipment project

151 Jiangsu Kunshan 煊 Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. PP Washing Tower, PP activated carbon suction tower and other processing projects

152 Jiangsu Kunshan Rui Chengda Electronics Co., Ltd. Expansion Project

153 Jiangsu Kunshan Jun Dingda Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Weaving Products, Electronic Plastic Products Production Project

154 Jiangsu Jiangsu Kesen Medical Devices Co., Ltd. Medical Device Parts Processing Project

155 Jiangsu Suzhou Fujintang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. Bearing Parts Production Project

156 Jiangsu Oshram (Kunshan) Intelligent Lighting Co., Ltd. Automotive Top Lans and Light Controller Production Project

157 Jiangsu Yufeng and (Kunshan) Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Automotive Parts Processing Project

158 Jiangsu Kunshan Jun Heshi Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. Metal Mold, Electronic Product Processing Project

159 Jiangsu Suzhou Outovick Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Annual production automatic blister packaging machine and sealing machine project

160 Jiangsu Jinyod Printing Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. Hardcover Box, Color Box Project

161 Jiangsu Kunshan City, Ruipu Xin Puching Machinery Co., Ltd. Automation Coating Flower Wire Equipment Processing Project

162 Jiangsu [China Net] New Intelligent Logistics Park Project

163 Jiangsu Kunshan Jiafu Precision Component Co., Ltd. Metal Parts Production Project

164 Jiangsu Kunshan Haoente Robot Automation Technology Co., Ltd. Robotics Automation Equipment, Non-standard Metal Parts Production Project

165 Jiangsu Kunshan Hengdery Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. Optical Instrument Processing Project

166 Jiangsu Suzhou Yin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. New Intelligent Home Product Project

167 Jiangsu Shui (China) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Production Capacity Upgrade and Public System Energy Saving Technology Reconstruction Project

168 Jiangsu Suzhou Biji Communication System Co., Ltd. RF cable automation production line technology transformation project

169 Jiangsu Suzhou Industrial Park Husbandry Electronics Co., Ltd. Oxygen Sensor Relocation Project

170 Jiangsu Suzhou Industrial Park Jiu Tai Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. Mobile Phone Parts Designer Coating Automation Production Line Technical Reform Project

171 Jiangsu Suzhou Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd. High-frequency high-speed / HDI and other communication substrate technology upgrade project

172 Jiangsu Tai Chi Semiconductor (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Annual Production 100000K Chip Packaging Technology Reconstruction Project

173 Jiangsu Total Analysis Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Construction High Performance Analysis Chromatographic Filling and Columns R & D and Production Project

174 Jiangsu Suzhou Changfeng Electric Co., Ltd. New New Energy Automobile Charging Facilities (including spare parts) production (research and development) project

175 Jiangsu New Standard Factory and Production Auxiliary Housing Project

Jiangsu Key Project Information: 398 Jiangsu Key Construction Project Information

Sinoo network resources library: Party A library · design hospital library · supplier

176 Jiangsu [China Net] New Precision Mold Processing Project

177 Jiangsu New Membrane Electrode Production Project

178 Jiangsu Xinghua Port W5, W6, W10, W11, W12, W13 Warehouse Fire Reform Project

179 Jiangsu Zhangjiagang City, Australian Weaving Co., Ltd. Yarn Packaging Project

180 Jiangsu Zhangjiagang City Lianchao Character Co., Ltd. Annual Processing Valve 800

181 Jiangsu Electronic Component Manufacturing Project

182 Jiangsu Jiangsu Delu Dragon Preservation Technology Co., Ltd. Metal Parts Anti-Corrosion Treatment Processing and Expansion Project

183 Jiangsu Kunshan Yuqi Metal Industry Co., Ltd. to change the expansion project

184 Jiangsu Kunshan Walke CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. High-speed precision CNC machine tool production project

185 Jiangsu Kunshan Keying Precision Technology Co., Ltd. Mechanical Parts Processing Project

186 Jiangsu Kunshan Yaoming Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. Semiconductor Equipment, Intelligent Automation Production Line Production Project

187 Jiangsu Zi Xun Electronic Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. Precision cavity model production project

188 Jiangsu household appliance production line technology transformation project

189 Jiangsu Toshiba Lighting (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. car light bulb, bulb housing expansion project

190 Jiangsu Waste Liquid Process Production Line Technical Reform Project

191 Jiangsu Suzhou Duke Composite Materials Co., Ltd. expands the hardware processing piece and other product projects

192 Jiangsu [Sino-Net] Taicang Xiangling Printing Co., Ltd. relocated the metal products and other product projects

193 Jiangsu Suzhou Micro-Ar Material Technology Co., Ltd. New Auto Parts and other product projects

194 Jiangsu Zhuo Electronics (Taicang) Co., Ltd. Expansion Integrated Equipment Project

195 Jiangsu Deyi Technology (Taicang) Co., Ltd. New LED wallpaper and aluminum heating board project

196 Jiangsu Cotton Weaving Production Line Process Technology Reconstruction Project

197 Jiangsu energy-saving doors and windows, curtain wall production line construction and imported wooden decorative panel wood and furniture project

198 Jiangsu Automobile Parts R & D, Production and Projecting Project

199 Jiangsu Yemao Furniture Plant Expansion Project

200 Jiangsu Motor Plastic Products Project

201 Jiangsu prefabricated concrete component production project

202 Jiangsu annual production of 2.22 million special fasteners

203 Jiangsu Power Quality Governance Device Production Project

204 Jiangsu high-end composite multifunctional polyester fiber and gray fabric production project

205 Jiangsu Science and Technology Sleep Products Expansion Project

206 Jiangsu Standard Factory and Access Room Construction Project

207 Jiangsu Plate Furniture Project

208 Jiangsu Fitness Equipment Production Project

209 Jiangsu new tape production project

210 Jiangsu [China Net Network] Composite hoses and injection molding parts

211 Jiangsu Plastic Products Production Project

Jiangsu Key Project Information: 398 Jiangsu Key Construction Project Information

Sino-Net: Tracking · Founded · Summary · Recommended

212 Jiangsu high quality capacitor aluminum shell expansion project

213 Jiangsu lightweight new functional metal materials and wire and cable production projects

214 Jiangsu Environmental Protection Equipment Production Project

215 Jiangsu New Wind Machine Group Electronic Control System Production Project (Phase I) Project

216 Jiangsu Automobile Safety Brake and Accessories Production Project

217 Jiangsu Electric Equipment and Parts R & D and Production Project

218 Jiangsu Lithium Battery Component Production Project

219 Jiangsu High-capacity Sealed Maintenance-free lead-acid battery production and waste battery recycling temporary storage project

220 Jiangsu [China Net Network] Manufacturing and R & D Project of High-end Communication Equipment

221 Jiangsu New Energy Component Production Project

222 Jiangsu environmental protection plastic powder production project

223 Jiangsu production room and its subsidiary construction project

224 Jiangsu Zhongtian Technology East Industrial Park 15MWP roof distributed photovoltaic power generation

225 Jiangsu Jiangsu Rudongkouport Logistics Warehousing Project

226 Jiangsu Flue Gas System Equipment Production Project

227 Jiangsu annual output 500 car loaded high-altitude operation vehicle project

228 Jiangsu annual production of 500 million AH high ratio energy high security power and energy storage lithium-ion battery and power system project

229 Jiangsu Dry Shuang Electronic R & D Center Construction Project

230 Jiangsu Dirui Electronics Annual Production of 1 billion Precision Connector Project

231 Jiangsu Nantong Deju New Energy Power Co., Ltd. Annual production of 100,000 sets of photovoltaic components New project

232 Jiangsu [China Net “annual production of 60,000 tons of universal new copper alloy project

233 Jiangsu Anndong Industrial Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Annual Output 3000 Aluminum Frame Products Project

234 Jiangsu Sui Ship (Lianyungang) Co., Ltd. Yacht Manufacturing Project

235 Jiangsu Minguan Biological Annual Production 200 million Wide Sea Pickn Project

236 Jiangsu Mai Ruo Food Bread Project

237 Jiangsu Rui Lianxing annual production of 200 million yuan tobacco packaging box project

238 Jiangsu Qin Duo Health Annual Estate 100 million Western Ginseng Skills Project

239 Jiangsu annual output 500,000 tons of cement stabilized and earth production line project

240 Jiangsu Enming Machine Electric Air Compressor Electronic Measurement Instrument Manufacturing Project

241 Jiangsu annual production 500 sets of deodorant technology reform project

242 Jiangsu [China Net] Request Project of the Recommendation of the New Village Life Sewage Treatment Project of Shahe Town in 2019

243 Jiangsu Shiqiao Town 2019 New Village Life Sewage Treatment Project

244 Jiangsu Ruiqiao Concrete Mixing Station (Phase II) Project

245 Jiangsu Xu Wei Port Area Liquid Bulk Area Public Support Starting Project Outer Engineering Project

246 Jiangsu Zhonghua Lianyungang Circular Economic Industrial Park Tank District Project Phase I Project

247 Jiangsu Meihua Deer Domestication Breeding Base Project

248 Jiangsu annual production of 450,000 tons of pomegranate stone ore noodles

249 Jiangsu 100,000 tons of domestic advanced refining rice and 20,000 tons storage project

250 Jiangsu Nissan 65 tons of fast freezing, food project

251 Jiangsu annual output 10,000 tons polyester slice project

252 Jiangsu annual production of 250,000 quartz pipe deep processing project

253 Jiangsu annual output 500,000 tons of spherical basalt new building materials project

254 Jiangsu [China Net] Annual Processing 10,000 Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Quartz Diffusion Tube Project

255 Jiangsu annual processing 100 tons of integrated circuit manufacturing quartz glass diffusion tube project

256 Quartz forming pipe project for manufacturing 2000 integrated circuit in Jiangsu annual processing

257 Jiangsu annual production 200,000 set high intelligent security product project

258 Jiangsu annual treatment 60,000 tons of waste tire project

Jiangsu Key Project Information: 398 Jiangsu Key Construction Project Information

Sinoo network resources library: Party A library · design hospital library · supplier

259 Jiangsu new building materials project

260 Jiangsu annual output 5,000 tons of cotton yarn and 10 million meter cotton construction project

261 Jiangsu Medical Equipment Production Line Upgrade Technology Reconstruction Project

262 Jiangsu vending machine production line upgrade technology transformation project

263 Jiangsu Lianyungang Yucheng Traffic Engineering Co., Ltd. Wei Douguan Mining Area Mining Project

264 Jiangsu [China Net Network] Phase II Construction Project of Biomedical Industry Park

265 Jiangsu Luo Gate (China) Nutrition Food Co., Ltd. Modified Starch Technology Reform Phase III Project

266 Jiangsu Jiangsu Caigu Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. Project

267 Jiangsu annual production 8 million toner cartridges

268 Jiangsu annual output 450 new energy electric vehicles (non-highway) projects

269 ​​Jiangsu Huai’an Yuuri Logistics Co., Ltd.

270 Jiangsu annotated 30,000 sets of cultural and educational office equipment projects

271 Jiangsu Huai’an Huaqiang Paper Co., Ltd. New Warehouse Project

272 Jiangsu Huai’an Railzhou Warehousing Logistics Co., Ltd. New Preservation Refrigeration Warehouse Project

273 Jiangsu wooden furniture processing project

274 Jiangsu added 4 120 tons of biomass boiler project

275 Jiangsu annual production of 1500 tons of dipper products

276 Jiangsu [China Net] Annual production 6 million set of hydraulic parts (Phase II) project

277 Jiangsu Zengjia Circular Economic Industry Park Project

278 Jiangsu annual output 300 tons of microbial feed items

279 Jiangsu Development Zone Water Planning Flood Control and Drainage Project Phase II Project

280 Jiangsu annual production plastic bottle cover 5 million projects

281 Jiangsu annual output 500,000 fitness equipment technical transformation and expansion project

282 Jiangsu annual output 320,000 tons assembly building materials production project

283 Jiangsu 25,000 (pieces / set) / year semiconductor optoelectronic industrial layer film system maintenance and manufacturing project

284 Jiangsu Pufu Technology Industrial Park Industrial Automatic Control System Device Assembly Project

285 Jiangsu medical new material production project

286 Jiangsu Yancheng Aida Electronics Co., Ltd. LED Indicator Project

287 Jiangsu annual steel structure profile of 160,000 tons, maintenance color steel plate 1.5 million square meters, structural component assembled wall panel 500,000 square meters. project

288 Jiangsu [China Net Network] Machinery and Accessories Processing Project

289 Jiangsu Yancheng Wiwang Technology Co., Ltd. Optical Plate Project

290 Jiangsu annual production of kaibarrin injection 500,000, Attocy injection 100,000 project

291 Jiangsu annual production of 60,000 inflatable surfboard project

292 Jiangsu Binhai County Headquat Sewage Treatment Plant 3000 Tons / Daily Scale and Supporting Pipe Network Project

293 Jiangsu Shanlt Copper Valve Project

Jiangsu Key Project Information: 398 Jiangsu Key Construction Project Information

Sino-Ning Net Recommended: Referral Project Party A

294 Jiangsu Machine Tool Accessories Manufacturing Project

295 Jiangsu annual production of 20,000 units (set) 220 kV above high pressure switch cabinet project

296 Jiangsu annual output 6100 tons of yarn project

297 Jiangsu new TV diffusion board project

298 Jiangsu Jianhu County Sewage Treatment and Equipment Project Project

299 Jiangsu Jianhu County Chengnan Water Plant Expansion Project

300 Jiangsu [China Net] Annual production of 50,000 set valves and warehousing projects

301 Jiangsu Jiangsu Fulei New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Polymer Model Project

302 Jiangsu New Automation Equipment Production Project

303 Jiangsu Tianchida Electronic Manufacturing Project

304 Jiangsu inorganic stone decoration material production line renovation project

305 Jiangsu Intelligent Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Project

306 Jiangsu Textile Machinery Manufacturing Project

307 Jiangsu Ship Fire Life Equipment Manufacturing Project

308 Jiangsu Hydraulic Machinery Hardware Processing Assembly Production Line Technology Reconstruction Project

309 Jiangsu Laser Level Machine Automation Production Line Project

310 Jiangsu West District New Town Wanda Plaza 10kV external line access project

311 Jiangsu Annual Recycling Utilization 20,000 tons of waste plastic project

312 Jiangsu [China Net] Hydraulic Cylinder Production Project

313 Jiangsu Fire and Rescue Vehicle Modification Project

314 Jiangsu annual output 100 million meters textile new material (water weaving) project

315 Jiangsu Baoyi (Jiangsu) Home Textile Co., Ltd. Annual 70,000 duvets

316 Jiangsu Jiangsu Jinshang Aluminism Technology Co., Ltd. Annual 80,000 sets of all-aluminum intelligent furniture processing project

317 Jiangsu annual 200 laser intelligent cutting robot project

318 Jiangsu annual output 5 million (set) auto parts and other accessories production projects

319 Jiangsu Yangzhou Jishan Jin Tian Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Annual 200,000 sets of Ford Automotive Interior Parts Automatic Production Line Reconstruction Project

320 Jiangsu 600MW high-efficiency heterojunction solar cell production line project

321 Jiangsu annual production 100 magnetic coupling project

322 Jiangsu medical catheter production project

323 Jiangsu Intelligent Steel Roller Transportation System Project

324 Jiangsu Lighting Lighting Production Project

325 Jiangsu Lighting Lighting Production Project

326 Jiangsu Yangzhou Zhongji Tonghua Special Car Co., Ltd. Annual 8000 Semi-trailer Welding Production Line Relocation Project

327 Jiangsu annual production of 1200 tons polyester line and cotton line production line technology transformation project

328 Jiangsu [Sennote] Decoration New Materials Project

329 Jiangsu new wall material production project

330 Jiangsu energy-saving mud pump production project

331 Jiangsu annual output 6,000 tons metallurgical non-standard equipment project

332 Jiangsu annual production of 100 non-public road sightseeing car production projects

333 Jiangsu Construction Waste Renewable Resource Utilization Center Project

334 Jiangsu environmental protection water-based fire extinguisher project

335 Jiangsu Logistics Warehousing Project

336 Jiangsu pre-packaged food research and development production project

337 Jiangsu Hydraulic Machinery Manufacturing Project (Fang Yang Electromechanical) Project

338 Jiangsu Metal Parts (Processing) Logistics Project (Huafeng Steel Industry) Project

339 Jiangsu Yangzhou Yixin Metal Products Co., Ltd. 2MW distributed photovoltaic power generation project

340 Jiangsu concrete plug processing production line project

341 Jiangsu [China Net] High-performance large-scale precision aluminum plate, belt, radiator aluminum foil production line expansion project

342 Jiangsu annual output 200 million 8 million piece contact lens production line new project (Danyang Heyang) project

343 Jiangsu wire and cable production processing and expansion project

344 Jiangsu copper products, aluminum products processing and manufacturing project

345 Jiangsu Construction Workshop Processing Production Line Technical Reform Project

346 Jiangsu annual output 200 million gel paste patch project

347 Jiangsu annual production 1000 textile machinery production line new project

348 Jiangsu annual production 200,000 sets of automotive lamps and accessories new project (Danyang) project

349 Jiangsu annual production of 100,000 car plastic parts, 3000 sets of automotive lamp production projects

350 Jiangsu annual production 200 sets of molds and 500,000 refining parts production line project

351 Jiangsu annual output 5 million advertising products production line new project

352 Jiangsu newly built 5,200 square meters warehousing, logistics housing project

353 Jiangsu [China Net] New State Stone Sand Production Line Project

354 Jiangsu Jiangsu Jinjie Packaging Material Co., Ltd. Paper Packaging Materials Project

355 Jiangsu Ship Waste Gas Treatment Device Project

356 Jiangsu battery shell manufacturing project

357 Jiangsu vacuum cleaner motor project

358 R & D and production of components assembly and system integration of electronic components, electronics and electrical products

359 Jiangsu Special Alloy Material Production and Project

360 Jiangsu Waste Steel Processing Project (No Smelting, Rolling Process) Project

361 Jiangsu Stainless Steel Machinery Parts Flange (No Forging Process) Project

362 Jiangsu stainless steel bar diameter forging project

363 Jiangsu Aluminum Products Processing Project

364 Jiangsu Drug Preparation Production Project

365 Jiangsu polypropylene short-fiber production line expansion project

366 Jiangsu Automobile Parts Production Project

367 Jiangsu cement foam project

368 Jiangsu dry mix mortar project

369 Jiangsu [China Net] Copper Door, Stainless Steel Door Project

370 Jiangsu Xinghua City 2019 Rural Human Environmental Remediation Project

371 Jiangsu food bag products, packaging design printing, plastic products processing project

372 Jiangsu Jingjiang Jiejie Air Parts Manufacturing Project

373 Jiangsu annual output of 16,000 tons of solid detergent, 1600 tons of liquid detergent, 35,000 tons of bleach and 260,000 tons of other daily chemical projects

374 Jiangsu annual production 1100kg large-scale drug polypeptide raw materials

375 Jiangsu assembled new building materials research and development production project

376 Jiangsu Wanxiang Festival, coupling production project

377 Jiangsu Marine Supporting Equipment Production Project

378 Jiangsu annual output 6,500 tons double wall bellows project

379 Jiangsu annual output 3 million cubic meters green multi-purpose brick project

380 Jiangsu annual production of 10,000 panel furniture projects

381 Jiangsu [China Net] Annual production 6,000 tons of water agent aluminum paste project

382 Jiangsu Shanghai Yimei Jia Tieke Technology Co., Ltd. Puyang Branch proposed factory building project

383 Jiangsu annual output 150 tons of radiator and 60 tons electronic hardware project

Jiangsu Key Project Information: 398 Jiangsu Key Construction Project Information

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384 Jiangsu annual output 51 million sets of 3D flat optoelectronic components and intelligent assembly projects

385 Jiangsu gearbox fork, assembly production project

386 Jiangsu annual production of 1 million square meters autoclaved ceramsite concrete interior

387 Jiangsu annual paper box is 1.5 million, 9 million items in carton

388 Jiangsu [China Net] Annual Packaging Paper Tube 8 million meters

389 Jiangsu annual output 4,000 tons of plastic film, 4000 tons of PE protective film project

– Source: China Net