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Hello everyone, I am the teacher of Siwei International Lu Jingjing.


Some time, there is a fan to give me a message, saying that her child is always smashing and loves to wrestle, and it is the first to think that the shoes are not suitable, and they have changed a lot of shoes. It is still an old way, ask me what is going on.

It may be due to occupational sensitivity, I suspect that it is possible to be in front of the premature, so I asked her some questions. Sure enough, the parent’s answer confirmed my guess.

This matter is also a wake up for other parents and friends.

If you find that your child is going to fall into the collision, always wrestle, there must be pay attention to it, it is very likely that the former court is disordered.

What happened to the foresight attendance? What impact will it bring to the child? What should I deal with?

Next, I will say slowly.

01 What is the foresight disorder?

The vestue here is an important organ of the inner ear to maintain a balanced organ, which is a sensor of the human body to its own motion state and head in spatial position.

It can accept the feeling of feelings in front of the face, such as see, listening, sniffing, taste, touching, and transmitting to vestibular neurocarries.

The vestibular nerves are like the guards of the brain, and the body must pass the vestibular nerve nucleation filter before entering the brain. and

The forespeptive is the neuronal system consisting of the previous nerve nucleus. It is the entire sensory system that deals with the forefront balance, which is also an impact of the most important of infant growth and learning development.


The development of forerounding ability begins at the fetal level of the mother. After birth, the baby will experience flat lay, turn over, sit, and climb, it can stand up, and then flexibly manipulate the size of the muscles, these sports are both the reflection of the child’s balance, and continuous training children The balance capability is also the basis of future initiatives.

If you don’t pay attention to the critical period of each stage of development during the development process, you can easily lead to outdoor dysfunction of children.

for example:

1. Improper diet during pregnancy, especially

Smoking or drinking during pregnancy


Long-term frequent emotion

2, mother is in

Insufficient exercise during pregnancy, fetal fetal position is not correct, excessive amniotic fluid

Wait, it is possible to cause the fetus to develop forerunnel balance.

3. After birth, it has not focused on key development during normal development of infants and young children.


Insufficient shaking, insufficient, less than crawling

4, the child is replaced by a secondary car in the critical period of the development, and parents restrict children to make a so-called dangerous action, leading to young children, climbing, running, jumping or climbing, making children getting external stimulus;

5, parents


Prematurely ask your child to engage in excessive knowledge learning or reading, writing, calculating

6, parents don’t have time or energetic to accompany the children’s game interaction, for a long time to watch TV, play electronic products;

7. Insufficient activities in the family or insecure, and early hours have long, let the children use a toddlers or off within the stroller to limit their activities.


Once the forehabitation is dismissing, it will bring a lot of impact on the child.

02 predecessor disorder, great impact on children


Balance is the foundation of human actions, and the petitioner is an important organ in the brain controls people’s gravity and balance. For example, people ‘s feelings of gravity, judge the relationship between the body and the environment, control the balance of the body, the direction, the feeling, and the trip, climb, sit, stand, run, etc.


Therefore, the child’s foreground has a bad development or the vestibular function disorder.

Will be good, often fall, love spin climbers or fear is afraid to dizziness.


The former court is almost always in accordance with the operation of the task, and is closely related to the operation of other sensory systems.


Awareness Space induction

It is easy to collide with table and chairs, and the direction is not divided. The eye is weak, and the focus is poor. I don’t like reading writing, mathematics and science learning are serious.

Listening to the sense of mind is not ideal,

Will respond too sensitive to the sound, so it is easy to panic;

The body movement is not good.

It will lead to difficulty in coordination between the body, improper action plan, and even have a brain nerve inhibitory function, an emotional disorder.

In addition, since the vestue almost includes all and language-related organs, the former court has a bad development.

The development of words must be affected.

03 children have these performances, probably predecessor disorders

Pre-quarantine disordered child usually

There is no stall, sitting without sitting, easy to fall, take things unstable, walking, upset, upset, no breathing, eyes can’t focus on target, bad interpersonal relationship, attacker, late, language expression difficult, Thinking logic mess, etc.

School-age children,

I will not consciously move the underground, twist the body, can’t control my hands and mouth, pick up the teacher’s words, can’t listen to the teacher’s directive, don’t do it, don’t love to write, and read, and the direction is not divided. Unknown, often bumps, like climb, run around the circle, rotate, afraid to take balanced wood, etc.

They are more likely to give parents more than a general child, pick three pick four, it is difficult to share happiness with others, and they are not willing to share toys and foods with others, and they cannot consider the needs of others.

At the same time, these issues will also seriously affect the child’s learning ability. If your child has a similar performance, it must pay attention to it.

04 Suspected that the child’s former court disorders, parents can do this

Cool analysis, square understanding

Parents want to have a variety of problems in children

Calm analysis and understanding the real situation of the child,

Alert to some abnormal behavior, avoid blindness and require children to follow and wait, avoid evil spirits or face grievances.

Do children really feel uniform, need to be identified by professional medical staff, you can go to Children’s Hospital

Child Health Department

Diagnosis and screening of feeling uniform disorders.

Full confidence, strengthen intervention

Feeling integration disorders are functional,

Through professional profile training is improved

Therefore, parents don’t have to be full of pressure, they have to help children and ensure a certain amount and time of incessant training.

Metall with intervention, give support

If the child really has an in-law problem, it is necessary to actively cooperate with the professional teacher’s training, and adhere to some preliminary exercises at home (if you want to see the family practice method, welcome to leave a message ~).

The home environment is very important to children’s intervention, do a good job in mobilization, unite support for strength, and consolidate professional professionals.


Finally, I want to tell you,

Preventive atomic disorders can be prevented:

1, from



Expectant mothers must have regular work and eating habits

Avoid eating stimulating food.



Pregnant mother during pregnancy

The work rhythm is adjusted,

Avoid always high strength, stressful work

, Adversely affect the fetus.


Expectant mothers during pregnancy should avoid drinking, smoking, carnival

These activities have a certain effect on the nervous system development of the fetus.


Pay attention to the health care of the perinarily period.

Children in caesarean section have high proportion of happening in the birth of childrens, which is because children of caesarean section have no extrusion of the birthplace, and it is easy to distinguish the strength of the tactile.


After the baby is born, you must participate in various environmental and content forms.

For example, newborns and infants can do more touch exercise, active exercise, passive exercise, etc., children can pile sand, play soil, crawling high, wrestling, etc.


Avoid children adding electric toys

Compared with traditional toys, electric toys are not conducive to the fine action of the fingers and other parts;


7. Strengthening the understanding of the key phase of child growth, there are many children who have not climbed, they will directly enter the run, the stage, the trunk, the coordination of the torso, the left and right brains is not fully exercise, and it is easy to feel integrated disorders.

In short, we must advocate more children to participate in various sports, diligent hand, brain, and strengthen the exercise of fine movements.


Ok, today’s content is shared so much, if

You want to know the pre-court family training method, remember to give me a message.