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1. Have you bought a mobile phone signal to enhance the stickers, and the radiation protection stickers? These two small stickers, all the major e-commerce platforms, from a few yuan to hundreds of dollars, single-store sales or even more than 100,000 pieces.

2, is it true or IQ? The “IT Times” jointly tested the Shanghai Telecom Internet Network Laboratory.

This is a magical sticker, as long as it is posted on the mobile phone antenna location, instantly enhanced signals, no matter where the basement, the elevator or the suburbs, it is full, it is called “mobile vitamin” mobile phone signal enhancement stickers.

There is also a magical sticker, as long as you stick to your mobile phone back shell, you can instantly absorb or transfer your phone radiation, effectively reduce headache, insomnia, hair loss, it is called radiation stickers on the Japanese tourism must purchase list.

Left one is the mobile phone signal enhancement, the rest is a radiation protection sticker

Embarrassing reality


“Magical Sticker” online hot sale

Under the strong “assists” of the shake advertising video, these two stickers have been infiltrated into major e-commerce platforms. The same mobile phone signal is enhanced, selling hundreds of dollars in Jingdong, selling 46 yuan on Taobao, spelling a lot The 3 yuan group. More amazing is that because there are a lot of prices as low as a few yuan, multiple products show “more than 100,000 pieces”.

Multiple items show “100,000 + items”

A small sticker can also easily sell hundreds of thousands of sales.

“IT Times” reporter spent 59 yuan to buy two mobile phone signals on Taobao, the shop customer service indicates that the sticker applies to any model, material mobile phone, one of the six-generation stickers claimed that the built-in chip is enhanced, while enhancing the signal It can reduce the phenomenon of phones, which is effective within two years.

When the reporter is invalid to the customer service feedback stickers, the other party means that they do not have to return, and they will give more than half of the money. That is, the reporter finally pays 15 yuan for each sticker, but from the verge of spelling, the cost is at least less than 2 yuan, which is still a business that is not lost.

Another sticker that refers to the radiation, for pregnant women, children and other susceptible people marketing, use quantum, go to day, pay, anti-hair and other concepts. Some vendors still suggest that the so-called CIC recognizes the test report issued by the test, which proves the effectiveness of anti-radiation stickers.

Radiation protection stickers so-called certification

Beyond the e-commerce platform, consumers have spitted these stickers in social platforms, just defrauded the IQ tax, asked to return, the merchants often use incorrectly, the mobile phone material impact effect, etc. is refused to refuse.

Technical test


Signal enhancement, weakened radiation is invalid!


Is these stickers really effective? “IT Times” jointly used a professional test with an operator-level instrument.

Video load …


Telecom operator hard nuclear test video

In the first group of comparative tests, the two other mobile phones simultaneously connect the software PILOT PIONEER for the professional test terminal signal, and then follow the instructions in the instructions, attach the signal enhancement sticker on the back of the mobile phone, from the test results, The phone signal of the sticker is worse, and the value of the two is small, which is also the normal wave range of the signal. In any case, this sticker has no effect on enhancing mobile phone signals.

Experimental Conclusion 1: Mobile phone signal enhancement stickers invalid

In the second set of anti-radiation stickers tests, experts from Shanghai Telecom Internetone Laboratory monitored radiation changes with a professional instrument, while monitoring mobile transmit power with Pilot Pioneer software. After the anti-radiation sticker, the radiation value of the mobile phone did not change significantly, but when one hand covered on the phone, the radiation value was significantly reduced. It can be seen that this anti-radiation sticker is not as good as people.

Experiment Conclusion 2: The effect of radiation protection stickers is not as good as hands


Expert rumors


Enhanced stickers, actually weakened mobile phone signals

In the instructions, the mobile phone signal enhancement sticker number is the principle of reinforcing the signal of the signal by elongated the wavelength of the phone’s internal antenna receives the signal, unknown.

Product Manual

“This sticker adds useless energy to the mobile phone antenna, from the front radiation experiment can also be revealed, any object will cause a certain barrier to the mobile phone signal, so

This sticker not only does not enhance the efficacy of the signal, but will affect the effect of the mobile phone receive signal.

“Shanghai Telecom Territories Lab Wireless Network” Cao Hongyi said.


He demonstrated a 5G mobile phone that was dismantled to the “IT Times” reporter, and the built-in antenna will be connected to the baseband chip, and this sticker on the back shell of the mobile phone, there is no connection with the mobile phone baseband chip, do not generate any Effect.

5G mobile phone dismantling map

The Shanghai Radio Association expert Shenwei also believes that mobile terminal manufacturers have adjusted antenna performance to the optimal state, and the physical form of the antenna (including the length) is to match the network frequency used by the mobile terminal.

Free to change the antenna length and layout is unscientific

Therefore, this principle is not established in practical applications.

Another radiation protection sticker does not contain any high energy elements, which can absorb radiation, and it can act as a piece of paper, a mask or mobile phone case. The way that really shields radiation is to tie the phone with tin foil paper, and the consequence of this is that the phone signal is also blocked synchronously.

“I really can absorb radiated coatings, often used on the reconnaissance machine, the cost of this coating is definitely not a few yuan, dozens of yuan.” Cao Hongyi explained that “the sun in nature, all corners of life, radiation As long as the radiation value is not worried about the safety standards specified in the state. “

Author / IT Times reporter Sun Wei

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