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With the continuous innovation and development of fashion elements,

Wearing the bloggers have updated many fashionable dressing skills

Among them, like “Sai”, this kind of heartplay seems to be a little “outdated” ~

When they are, they prefer to return to the simple style.

Abandon the shackles of the waist, choose the “long half” style wearing,

The waist is perfectly covered, and at the same time interpret the level to the ultimate, and it is really fashionable.

This issue is based on this “long half” wearing.

Take a look at how people use tops +

, The perfect and good-looking shape!

# What to wear today?

I. How to deal with the clothes one?

Most of the wearing, in the spring,

Both of “one-on-one” top and down fittings

! Without any single product, how to deal with it is good to look good and modify your body?


In the selection of tops

May wish to pick

Edition with hierarchical details

Through the mutual stitching of tones, the texture of the texture, with the small slim, the waist is wrapped up, and it can also be divided into clear upper and lower body proportions.

Plus the embellishment of the mop trousers, the body lines are more replenished, tall, step on a pair of canvas shoes, casual and fashionable!



Slim detail using the body of the body

, Card it on the micro-hustle bone, according to the material of the fabric, naturally fall down,


Make a folding effect between the waist and the ankle

Perfectly cover the waist of microtic meat, the body is more slim.

With a pouring long skirt, a faint woman is naturally exposed, step on high heel sandals, and the gesture is more elegant.

But the favorite of West Ri is or

“Unwinder button”

The small treatment, the usual version of the knit cardigan can slightly cover the crotch lines, and if it cooperates with a common fastening, the waist is inevitably tight.

May wish to

Unlock the lower end one to two buttons


Reduce the bindiness of the waist, while plus the support effect of the crotch line, the hem is also shortened, and the short section of nature is wearing, and the shape is fashionable.


even though

Loose shirt

It can also use this treatment to wear, but

While solving the button

The best match is the best relatively relatively relatively loose, creating a lazy dressing effect,

Roll up the sleeve slightly upward

The casual feelings will be more rich, and the sisters who are suitable for microvesale.

II. How to deal with the clothes in multiple items?


When the superimposing of the single product,


If you don’t want to put the clothes in it, then


Pay attention to the hierarchy between items

From the two aspects of length and hue, reduce the imagination of wearing.

Just like the bloggers, this is wearing this, use the search

Fast + short locomotive leather


“Different lengths”

Wearing effect, plus the ultimate combination of dark green and gray black, although stably low-key, there is a rare collision, a little show, the level interpretation is just right.


Maybe this

Vest + long shirt

Wearing, is your love? There is not much skillful operation, just

With black and white collision sense

, Highlight the hierarchy;


Simultaneously unlock the hem, four buttons

Upper the waist line, with black horn pants, the body has become tall and repaired, and lack of hipster charm.

If you

The waist line is thicker and has a meat.

It’s better to

Choose loose sweater + shirt

Let’s take a light yellow shirt, with striped wearer, use the color, the line collides out the details.


at the same time

Put the sweater


Let the inside to cover the crotch, put on the slim jeans, add casual, and highlight the charm of tall.

How, these


It looks simple and low-key, but rich in modified effects

Wearing, have you brought you a bit of inspiration?

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