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When we now buy a bed, we like to put a big bed in the bedroom, think that this bed is comfortable. But do you know, the bedroom area is getting smaller and smaller. If you put a big bed, you will narrow the area of ​​our bedroom. So, how to make a bed, will you make your bedroom more beautiful? How do you choose to choose, pay attention to what? Come and see.

First, how to choose bed


1, size

The size of the bed is generally 1 meter, 1.2 meters, 1.5 meters, 1.8 meters 4, the specific choice needs to see space size and demand, if it is the main bedroom double bed minimum size is 1.5 Rice, can choose 1.8 meters when the space length is large. At the same time, it is also necessary to take care of other furniture sizes in the room to determine the size of the bed, the general wardrobe depth is 600mm, the bedside cabinet is 500mm, the dressing table is 800mm, the remaining size is the size of the bed.

2, according to the material

If you are in the material, if it is a modern style, you can choose the sheet material of the sheet; if the furniture in the family is solid wood, then the conservative is selected, the bed should also choose solid wood; if the home is mainly tone, then we You can choose the bed of the wrought iron bed or the steel frame structure. In short, the style of the furniture material is best to maintain unity.


3, consider self-contained storage


Small apartment, home space, so you can fully utilize space under the bed. Bed with storage cabinet, increase storage space, now there are many beds with storage function, can be easily lifted by hydraulic rods, we can store cotton, thick clothes, etc., save home space, Another moisture. How big is the bed, how big is stored in the storage space, such a bed is not very good.

4, connection of the bed and the bed

Whether it is what style of the pattern, it needs to be processed to connect with the bed together, and in daily life, we often rely on the bed reading, watching TV, playing mobile phones, if the process is not good or poor After a long time, the bed should be shaken before and after the use.

5, bed bracket

The stability of the bed is hooks with the bracket of the bed, the more the bracket, the more stable the bed. When picking up the mattress, check out the number of brackets, try to pick up the bracket, otherwise, you will have a slight sound in use, and it will affect the quality of sleep.

Many people are worried that the bed structure will have a shaking sound. The custom bed uses a three-in-one fitting structure, and the disassembly is relatively simple and the quality and safety are guaranteed. There are 2 choices in the bed structure. If you need a drawer, etc. Then the bed is a plate, and if it is not bracomatic, it is a rigid structure, which is better in breathable.

6, the height of the bed

The height of the bed is preferably maintained at 45-55 cm. When picking up the knee, sitting on the edge of the bed, it is best to have a good foot. Excessive high will make people go to the bed is not convenient, too weak and easy to be tidy, it is easy to experience

Second, the purchase of bedding

1. Packaging logo


Product instructions can be in the form of tag, label, packaging, instruction manual, etc., its content must be indicated: the name and address of the manufacturer, product name, specification model, ingredients and content, washing method, implementation standard, quality The level, quality certificate, etc.

2. Process aspect


When choosing the bedding, you should pay attention to the integrity of the pattern, consistency; Flat, no eye, the sewing is generally 10-12 needles / 3 cm.

3. Fabric

Select the bedding, first check the quality of the cloth, and the true quality of the fabric is its density, that is, the number of ribs or yarns, the higher the quality of the relative cloth, because the density of the cloth The better the cotton quality is, the better the hand feel, the more shiny, and its production process requires. It is observed from the printing and dyeing, quality products, its floral printing is flexible, lifelike, neither version print, color difference, no dirt, decolorization and other phenomena.

4. Filling

Most of the product is mostly hollow curling fibers, this fiber has porous and single hole, the more holes, the better the rebound, and now the market is high-grade products in the market with four holes and seven holes. This fiber is white, good warm, strong gas permeability, high compression, soft hand, soft hand, after combing, the product is flat, the layoff, the thickness, the four-pool, long-term use, the fiber and the fiber does not have a detachment , Layered phenomenon. The natural materials used by the natural materials and cotton have no impurities, no odor.

Nowadays, the pattern design of many houses is in the popular hall. This is caused, and the area of ​​our bedroom is very limited. If we put a lot of beds, let us feel very narrow, let Our vision looks very embarrassed, when you are in a good bedroom, be careful not to put the big bed again.