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I have heard that men’s standard has three: watches, lighters, belts. That’s that these three choices can indeed highlight a man’s personality and taste, and in these three, I think is the most important of course non-belt. You can don’t need a lighter without smoking, you can also use your mobile phone instead of watch View Time, but the belt doesn’t really don’t work.


That’s right, on the one hand, there is a practical value of fixed pants, and it also has a decorative effect as a clothing accessory, so choosing a suitable belt must be a must class, then choose a suitable belt to pay attention to those aspects? ?

1. Based on the budget

Don’t talk about the recommendation of the budget, it’s a critical point to buy a belt is the budget. Due to different ages of each person, different economic income, different consumption habits have different income investments in a belt. The student party that is still in the reading may be a choice of price and personality, and the old-aged middle-aged and elderly people may require the price. The price is cheap and durable. The following individuals listen to the recommendation of different price belt brands:

2. According to the type of dressing


Like daily clothes, leisure and business, the belt also has different categories, there is also a suitable style for the casual wear.


This type of belt mainly is mainly used in needle buckle and plate, and the material can be a cortical or a canvas material, and the color and pattern will be relatively rich.

Canvas belt with casual pants with jeans is actually very nice, personalized canvas belt can play dragons.

Some knocked belts of the needle buckle are equally applicable to leisure, and individuals think that choosing a waistband that is not too serious is actually more.


Business models

More serious occasions are also in dress, you need a business belt, but sometimes business casual belts can be mixed. The exemplary waistband is also the main pin buckle plate buckle, as for the familiar automatic buckle belt, it is recommended to be cautious when it is recommended.

Simple design, don’t hide the waistband is a better choice.


3. Select material according to requirements

Think of the daily clothes, you can consider the material of the belt, the most common material includes the following, different materials will have different characteristics:




The canvas belt is characterized by cheap, and there will be many color matching, and the belt of the canvas is soft and durable. As for the shortcoming, it is only suitable for leisure, and there is really no problem.

Head shelter (cow leather)

The leather we generally refers to the first layer of leather, which is made of the original skin of the animal, cutting the skin hair removal into two layers, the most striper tissue of the upper fiber tissue is the head layer skin. Compared with the sheepskin, the pig skin will be superior to other leather in terms of thickness, toughness, and hand in terms of thickness, toughness, and hand. At present, the first layer of cowhide is recognized as a material that best suits the belt.


Two-layer skin (catharacterization film leather)

I just said that the first layer of the first layer was cut into two layers of the original skin of the animal. The second-layer skin was cut after cutting. After the cutting of the head layer, after the process of finishing or film, it formed two layers after processing. (Cow 9 removable film leather), its durability is much smaller than the head layer.


In recent years, the development of PU PVC in recent years is widely used. Generally, the durability of PU combined PVC, the toughness is not as good as the head layer, where the material of the PU is closer to the leather, and it will have a surface-flipped skin for a long time. PVC is harder, and the advantage is to be more resistant, but the disadvantage is to break out for a long time. Although the PU and PVC materials are not as good as dermis, some high-end PUs and PVC materials are really very good.

4. Other purchase points

Leather length


The length of the belt can be sorored in accordance with the following table.


Personally feel that the right belt length should be about more than the first pants 5-10 cm for better

Belt width

The size of the general belt is between 2.5 cm-4cm, and the more secure belt width should be 2.5cm-3.5cm. If it is a dress, 3cm can be selected, stably and refined. If you are leisure, you can choose a belt that is close to about 3.5cm, it will look more leisure.

Belt color

No matter when black and brown are more colors, black is more suitable for dark clothing. The brown deep-shadrous clothing can wear, and its characteristics look more casual and more fashionable.

From 5 yuan to 5,000 yuan, these belts (belts) are worth paying attention


5 dollars Tom Danny don’t miss

To say that the canvas belt, the first recommended is this Tom Danny’s belt, known as “Zhang Damu Sanbao”, the daily price is 9.9 yuan, the holiday or the boss is good, there will be discounts, the price can be done 5.9 yuan, can do not want to make a lot of money in a red envelope.

A variety of colors can be selected, I have the style of purchase above, it really feels that it is not bad for a lifetime.

There is also a metal head-pin buckle, the price is not more than 10 yuan.


Decathlon canvas belt to choose 39 9 9 9


I admit that Decathlon’s product is really conscience. Such a good-looking canvas belt is less than forty, there is no such promotion price reduction, because even if the promotion is cheaper, it is not as good as early to enjoy early.


Although it is a needle buckle, it is not necessary to design the eye hole to make it easy to adjust to the most suitable length, and you can also make a couple of lovers ~

Automatic buckle with around 30 yuan to send elders


Although the trend of the trend is brought to the automatic buckle, it is not very convenient to use the automatic deduction. Brand’s words, the rice, the seven wolves, the woodpecker, and there is also a good brand quality to ensure that it is basically two-layer leather materials, and it is not a problem in two or three years. It is recommended to choose simple, LOGO smaller points may look high.


There are also scarecrow brands, with the price of the preferential volume with a price of 19 yuan, just need 29 yuan.

The seven wolves are also about 35 yuan, in fact, the three brands are not big, and the style of choosing the favorite.


50 yuan left and right try the tax special offer


The first time I saw this price, I am really shocked. The price of 139 yuan can be used. I can do 49 yuan. It is really very unexpected. It is called the first layer skin, but someone will buy it back to the reaction cortical slightly hard, but Rushing this price and this logo, I think it should not suffer ~

I can try the Red Valley around hundred yuan.

The Red Valley is mainly a brand of bags, but they also do it. The price of belt of the head of the cowhide is basically a hundred yuan, the big brand quality can be relieved.


Hundreds of Beijing is also good

First of all, its price is not expensive, especially sometimes less than one hundred yuan, and the low price is 55.6 yuan.

Wonderful library of around 100 yuan choices

Select clothes to find a uniform library, and there is no problem with the color of the gain. If you encounter the price of the belt, the price is 50 yuan or quite a value. Generally, the belt price is around 199 yuan, and the daily promotion is 149 yuan, 79 yuan is a low, but most There is no suitable size of the color ~

The SELECTED is very fashionable

Sickle, personal, actually recommended SELECTED, but be careful not to pay for it, it will be very good, 50% off is generally very suitable, 30% off (but the opportunity is rare). Generally, the selected belt can try to purchase from a discount store or purchasing, the price is really cost-effective, the head layer skin is only a hundred yuan, personal feels very cost-effective.


300 yuan, young choice, new beauty


This price of 300 yuan is actually a more embarrassing, there is no price advantage, and this price of the belt domestic brand is much more, this is not recommended by Pier Cardan, Jin Li is the brand, and it may be sprayed, but these two The brand is still okay in the eyes of the middle ages of the four or five years old, buy them can. If it is a young man suggests a new beauty or Elle homme. Personally suggest that these two brands choose the more than 300 yuan price. If you pay attention to promotional information, the new beauty belt sometimes has less than 200 prices. If the price is higher than Coach.


At this price, you can consider Timai, and his family’s belt is mainly leisure, 300 or so can still be considered. If Haitao’s words, some styles can even be less than 200 yuan.


More than 500 light luxury brand Coach


In fact, there are many light luxury brands in addition to Coach, but the men’s belt is more than Coach is Hugo Boss, but two brands I recommend choosing Coach because it seems that the BOSS’s cottage brand is too much. Of course There are also many Coach.

It is recommended to purchase in Haitao, 500 yuan to buy COACH still, this double-sided, double-headed Coach, I think it is not bad, one side of the leather, a PVC, one side is low-key.

800 yuan or more, Wanbaolong, Jegna


The budget will then go up, the two brands of Montblanc can try it, and it is also a luxury but it will be low-key, and the belt style is more popular. Montblanc belt in the country is more than 2,000 yuan, but some e-commerce sea packs can do 1000, in fact, it is quite a cost-effective.

Jenia is a male-installed luxury brand. His classic representation is Z, the same domestic general price is around 2,000 yuan, Haitao can do about 1,000 yuan, and it is really worth having a favorite style.

Higher budget is Gucci, LV, Hermes, Armani, top luxury goods 5,000 yuan to buy leather belts according to preference, really want to buy 啥, buy it. Finally, everyone can choose more suitable belts ~

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