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Some people always feel that they have been very good, do not know when they suddenly become bad. In fact, the human body is not suddenly deteriorated. Physical health is destroyed by bad habits accumulated every day.

These habits make you more and more ugly

1, love chewing gum – becomes a national graph

Many people like chewing gum, on the one hand, chewing sugar can make the breath, and some young people think that chewing gum is a very fashionable behavior. However, it will bring a lot of hazards too frequent chewing gum.

Sun Qiang, deputy chief physician, deputy director of Beijing Tongren Hospital, is pointed out in 2018, long-term, especially the developmental period, excessive chewing gum, may make the muscles and skeleton development of the mandibular angle, and finally appearance Square National Face “. If you are used to single-sided chewing, it may also form “size face”.

2, play with the phone down – neck

Regardless of the hospital, bank, supermarket, shopping mall, or in the bus, meeting room, dining table, or even in the toilet, there is always a lot of people with low heads.

Qiu Yakan, Beijing Ditan Hospital, Capital Medical University, is pointed out in 2017, and the head weight of normal adults is about 5 kg, which belongs to the normal category of the neck. However, when we look down on the phone, the angle of the curved is usually 60 °. At this time, due to gravity and lever principle, the pressure of the neck muscle needs to be more than 25 kilograms, more than a large barrel 18, 19 kg barrel water still It is more than 6 kg. So long-term low-looking phone, will increase the burden on the neck and shoulders, leading to the neck.

3, breathing with mouth – mouth, 龅 teeth

Long-term use of mouth breathing, not only affect the quality of sleep, but it is easy to change. Chen Jianjun, Associate Professor, Wuhan Association Hospital, was reminded in the healthy time report, and the tensile respiration affects the normal development of the human face, which leads to ugly, such as the nasal root, the nose atrophy, the lips, the upper lip is rolled, the upper front teeth God, life.

These habits make you more and more “stupid”

1, often stay up all night – memory reduction

The latest research published by Scientists in Boston University in 2019 in 2019 show that only in sleep, the brain will open “automatic cleaning” mode, sweep all relevant toxins, and the scientists of Boston University, first shoot The brain cleaning process.

Scientists have found that blood will flow a large scale and periodically out of the brain. Whenever the blood flows out, the cerebrospinal fluid will enter the brain and complete the effective “cleaning”. The reason why only “brainwash” is “brainned” when he is asleep, and it is related to the brain neuron activity. This study reminds us that if the harmful substances of the day, if it is not possible to clear it in time, it will cause excessive brain fatigue, which will cause memory to decline, and IQ decrease.

2, love to drink wine – damage the brain

Alcohol is also a major factor in the brain. Alcohol will make the central nervous system from excitement to high degree, so excessive drinking will feel that the head weight is light, the steps are unstable, and the reaction is slow. Alcohol abuse is particularly serious for the damage of the brain.

These habits make your teeth get worse.

1, eat stimulating food – stimulating teeth

The stimulation of overcooling and overheating is not conducive to the health of the teeth, shortening the life of the teeth. Jayain, director of the Ninth People’s Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical College, said in 2017, in the healthy time report, the temperature in the human oral cavity is constant, generally at 35 ° C, tooth and gums can maintain normal metabolism. However, all cold and overheating will stimulate teeth, especially for patients with dental caries, periodontal disease, ice cream, ice drink, cold wind, etc., can induce an acute episodes of pulpitis, causing toothache.

2, love to drink sweet drinks – damage tooth enamel

Children and young people like to drink drinks very much. Zhu Yin, director of the Ninth People’s Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical College, reminded that most of the beverages are acidic, and there is a certain corrosive effect on the teeth, especially carbonated drinks. Studies have shown that the chance of drinking the 12-year-old teeth of the 12-year-old teeth will increase by 59%, which has increased by 220%. The teeth are corroded by acidic substances. The calcium phosphorus falls off on the surface of the enamel, and the dental color will be white or slightly spots, which not only affects beauty, but also makes obvious shallow recess or fine grooves on the teeth, teeth become fragile and sensitive .

These habits make your hair less and less

1, the hair is too tight – hair falls off

Most women have tied the horsetail, especially when small, the hair even tied their eyes. Zhang Jingdong, director of Southeast University, Department of Dermatology, is reminded in the Health News, and the long-term pulling has caused hair loss, which has a relationship with the patient to take a hairstyle. And the Tama is one of them.

2, the shampoo is too frequent – damage hair

Excessive cleaning will affect the oil secretion of the scalp, each of which has mechanical pull, and the chemical stimulation of shampoo is not conducive to hair growth. Too much to wash will also urge many hairs to fall off in advance.

These habits make your stomach more weaker

1, diet, heavy taste – damage gastric mucosa

The current diet is often “heavy oil, heavy salt, heavy spicy”. Ouyang Xueong, director of the Oncology Department of Fuzhou General Hospital in Nanjing Military Region, explained in 2011, and the high permeability pressure of salt will cause direct damage to gastric mucosa, congestive, edema, erosion, ulcers, necrosis and bleeding. Series pathological changes, while also reduced gastric acid secretion, gastric mucosa is easily attacked.

2, hunger is full of meat – resulting in gastroenteritis

Timed quantitative, chewing slowly is the secret of maintaining the stomach. If you often have a full hunger, it is easy to suffer from gastritis and gastric ulcer. Nanjing Zhongxi Medical Association Hospital, Deputy Director, Deputy Director, Deputy Director, 2017, is pointed out in the Health News, and the long-term diet is irregular, and it is easy to suffer from digestive system. Hunger can lead to high gastric acid, thus stimulating gastric gastritis, long-term hunger A more serious disease such as a stomach ulcer can be further tract.

Information: Health Times