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# Stop CUP Power Management Services
> Systemctl Stop Cups.Service
# 禁 CUPS service boot start
> Systemctl Disable Cups.Service
# View CUPS service status
> Systemctl Status Cups.Service
# Reset CUPS service boot start
> Systemctl Enable Cups.Service

Linux service management is both service and systemctl, systemd is the latest initialization system (init) of Linux system, and the role is to increase the start speed of the system, and start less process as much as possible, and start up as much as possible. The process management command corresponding to SystemD is SystemctL

CHKCONFIG and SYSTEMCTL command contrast


Old instruction

New instruction

Automatically start a service

Chkconfig –level 3 httpd on

Systemctl enable httpd.service

Make a service not automatically

Chkconfig –level 3 httpd off

Systemctl disable httpd.service

Check service status

Service httpd status

Systemctl status httpd.service Systemctl is-active httpd.service (only Active)

Show all launched services

Chkconfig –List

Systemctl List-Units –Type = Service

Start service

Service httpd start

Systemctl start httpd.service

Out of service

Service httpd stop

Systemctl stop httpd.service

Restart service

Service Httpd Restart

Systemctl restart httpd.service

Overloaded service

Service httpd reload

Systemctl reload httpd.service


Common system command

Systemctl command



List all system services

Systemctl List-Units

List all start Unit

Systemctl List-Unit-Files

List all startup files

Systemctl List-Units -Type = Service -ll

List all the Unit of all service types

Systemctl List-Units -Type = Service -ll Grep CPU

List the services of the CPU power management mechanism

Systemctl List-Units -Type = Target-AlL

List all Target

Systemctl list-unit-files –Type = Socket

List all available system sockets

SystemctL special usage

Systemctl is-active [Unit Type]

View service is running

Systemctl is-enable [Unit Type]

View service is set to boot

Systemctl Mask [Unit Type]

Logout designated service

Systemctl unmask [unit type]

Cancel to log out of the designated service

Systemctl command