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China Network • Central Overview 2015-12-02 14:43

At the end of last month, Italian International Sports Brand Diadora (Diadona), US bag brand DRIFTER announced the top platform of domestic tidal cards YOHO! Buy. As a young people’s trend mall, the country’s largest trend commodity shopping website, YOHO! Buy is available in DRIFTER, Diadora’s addition to further improve its outdoor dimensions, and for these two brands, Yoho! Buy has The goods are also an important pathway they exploit the trend of China.

Italian International Sports Brand Diadora

Diadora, started in 1948. Its name is from an ancient Greece, the original meaning is “With the ability to talents, talents”. Diadon was born in a region called Silicon Valley called Sports Balls, like other local companies, starting with hiking shoes and walking shoes. These products are later known as hiking boots and ski boots.

The diversification of scientific and technological progress and sports has also changed the product concept of Diadora; this also has achieved a series of classics behind the Diadora’s famous ski boots and casual shoes. At the same time, sponsorship also began to take root in track and field, bicycles, first-class equations and basketball fields, in these places, great stars, top players and world champions are covered with Diadora’s products. All of this is the company began sponsoring the beginning of sports, and finally covered all the fields, pushing the brand’s success to a difficult height.

Now, Diadora is the leading Italian international sports brand in Europe, the Italian national sports brand, and the only Italian Sports Shoes and clothing production enterprises in Italy.

US bag brand Drifter

Drifter is a sophisticated model of manufacturing in the United States. Drifter was established in 1977 to make a home for manufacturing parachute. Since its main customers are professional parachute people, they must be entrusted to Drifter, so they require rugged, safe materials and workmanship.

After that, Drifter started to produce a backpack. Drifter Reasoning Global consumers who like their products have power sharing and the same highest quality of parachute people. Therefore, each Drifter product is made from the highest quality material with detailed manual, and can withstand wear and normal use. Each DRIFTER product is equipped with a ribbon, a rubber strip, and even a strictly pulled test and certification, and provides a lifetime service.

With the strict standard fabric, the DRIFTER backpack has been highly evaluated. In many brands transferring production bases to abroad, Drifter is still proud of Made in USA.

As the outdoor activities are gradually loved by Chinese consumers, the demand for outdoor necessities has gradually expanded. Drifter, Diadora has also been sought after by more and more Chinese consumers. This time you join YOHO! Buy can be said to be appropriate.

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