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After the arrival of the Guangzhou Auto Show, our second-hand car specialist is the poison of Audi A3. The new generation of Audi A3 is not only a big value, Wang Yibo’s name limited edition is a lot of circle powder. But after all, the second-hand car specialist, the old Audi A3 is more attractive in the second-hand car market. Finally, after the Tutan Screening, Handi 2017, the young woman is aunt A3, the mileage is 40,000 kilometers. In addition to the daily 剐, the car is quite good, but the second-hand car first has to change a set of tires.


The recent car ring is hot, it is Wang Yibo to participate in the car. Although Wang Yibo gently gently, he practiced a good car skill, won the championship in the Asian Highway Motorcycle Championship, ARRC Rookie. Obviously, Wang Yibo, which has strong pursuit, naturally has certain requirements for tires. Recently, Audi and Wang Yibo launched a limited edition of Audi A3. In addition to the appearance of matte Green Green and other special decorations, affecting the control and speed-critical tires, with a solid different F1 series.

Looking at the underlying tire market, the most popular sports tires in accordance with the 225/45 R17 dimensions are not as good as the solid different F1 series, the rice island PS4, the horse brand MC6, the endurance P7, etc. After some contrast struggle, I liked the East brother of the F1 event, I finally chose the maximum sponsorship time, up to 39 years of history, while the world’s exclusive FIA ​​licenses used “F1” logo tire brand-solid.


The Jiajing F1 series is most common in luxury cars, often seeing the luxury cars at all levels, such as Porsche 911, Rolls-Royce Pharmacy. Among them, the Kijing Eagle F1 Sport (hereinafter referred to as F1 Cool Run) is a high-performance product in 2020 in 2020.

East brother said: Although did not buy the Audi New A3 model of Wang Yibo with the same paragraph, it is very easy to buy Wang Yibo with the same model. More amazing, Gui Teh Tire helps F1 drivers to receive 368 championships, two times the second place, is worthwhile to be applied to the classic inheritance of tires, nor is it stronger. Grasping the geostational and better braking performance.


Goodyear, F1, Running Static Experience

Before the tire, let’s take a look at some of the static performance of the F1 cool running tire, while the depth, width, carcass structure, tread hardness of the tires are fully considered.

First of all, F1 runs with an asymmetrical design, which is derived from bionics. Its inspiration comes from the eagle claws, the central tilt groove design increases the floral rigidity, maximizing the ground area, make this set The tire has excellent handling performance and braking performance.

In combination with the outer widespiece, you can effectively increase the contact area when the vehicle is over, and the grip force and precision can be improved. At the same time, the tread increases higher silica gel fit, which can bring more excellent braking force. On the other hand, in addition to providing exceptional grizzle, F1, in addition to providing excellent gripping force.


The tire size of the East brother Audi A3 is 225/45 R17 94W. From the side of the fetal side parameters, there is a total of 5 floors in the crown: 2-layer polyester + 2 layer steel wire +1 layer nylon, the fetal side is 2 layers Polyester. From the number of carcass layers, the support of the fetal side is nice.

The “3T” index is, TreadWear, TRAction, TRAction, AA, Temperature (Anti-heating) a. From the inspection of book data, wear-resistant data is also acceptable, while the traction index and the thermal index are highest levels.

Tire and fetal side hardness

After testing with a hardness meter, it was found that the average fetus of F1 culshot was 58HA, and the average hardness of the fetal side was 45HA. Only from data, it is foreseen that it can also grasp the ground to help improve handling performance, while also taking into account comfort.

Width and depth of longitudinal grooves

F1 Run with four longitudinal drainage grooves, the width of the outer-to-in-line longitudinal grooves is: 6.44mm, 10.26mm, 10.38mm, 9.51mm, with an average depth of 7.83mm; the overall width is not good, and there are many The lateral trench can quickly cut the water film and improve the grip performance of wetlands.

Experience after changing the fetus

Take a new child to the tire store for an afternoon, do a beautiful dynamic balance to ensure that the high-speed travel does not shook. If you come back, the weight distribution of F1 is really particularly particularly uniform, and the grabable lead block is not hit.

The first feeling after replacing this set of tires, the whole world is quiet, and the fragmented vibration is not enough, I believe that this set of tires have been “successful”.

After familiar with F1, the East brother opened the car, I went to the South Kunshan running mountain. The overall handling feels really refreshed our awareness of Audi A3. The whole car became more fierce, as a former driver, the limit pin is also a convenient rice. F1 cool runs in a lot of gentle, and the east brother has killed into the bend with the consistent limit of the turn, and actually discovered that the entire trolley is very obvious. It is particularly precise, that is, there is no point to catch up, push The situation of the head occurs.

East brother said that if you can’t think of F1, the performance is so strong, let me further push to the limit look at how it is. When I kill the eyes, I went to the mountains, and the whole trolley was still very obedient. The killing of the next mountain, there is no uneasiness in the tail, the warning of the tire is particularly early, especially sufficient, tell me early, “Oh, I can’t do it, slow.” Of course, I didn’t pay attention to it, where is the speed to spying?


It is unexpected that the ultimate limit of F1 is really unbearable, even if the tires have been tire, they still maintain certain grip, the body tracking is expected, and there is no push. The handling performance of the entire tire is really in line with the positioning of motion, and it is also particularly safe. This tire limit is much higher than that of the general tire, and the reaction after the end of the limit is very linear, and the grip can still keep it. It will not disappear at once, and there is enough reaction time. In addition, F1 is running in wear resistance, and there is no too much wear after a few turns of intense running mountains.


When I returned, I am thinking, however, the tires of sports, there will be no such as a sesame and lose watermelon, and other respects will not be particularly perfect?


During daily driving, the soft manifestation of the overall cargo and tread will help block the conversion of the road vibration. Although the Audi A3 of Dongge did not replace the damping and spring, the comfort did the comfort after the F1 did not increase significantly, and the tires were significantly experienced for the rapid absorption of vibration.

The dynamics of the 1.4T of Audi A3 seems to be a small steel gun, I try to speed up, the power still does not break the tire limit, the tire firmly grasps the ground, never issue any protests, and the torque is transferred, the whole The acceleration process is particularly robust.


It is also necessary to stop. To a few feet vigorously brake, the tire respond quickly, convert the braking force into friction, quickly stop the car, the entire braking process is very stable. Even continuous braking multiple times, F1 cool run does not have a significant hot decline, and the braking performance can really rest assured.


Driving in Guangzhou’s rough urban road, except for the well cover of the pothoish, there is an annoying noise. However, F1 is running in response to noise, there is almost noise of too many tires when driving, while high-speed driving, tire high frequency noise is suppressed to a very low level, and there is no trace of conversation in the car. Influence.



F1 Tools, despite the positioning exercise manipulation, but it is not a polarized product. From the mountain road driving and daily driving, it can be seen that its excellent grip performance, the unique tern design can make it have excellent horizontal catch. The geostational, the directional directionality will be significantly improved. While having good performance, the tire noise is also surprised. In summary, if you want your car while improving the control, there is a comprehensive upgrade, the minimum cost of cost should be a good tire. Audi and Wang Yibo, the new A3 is also equipped with solid different tires, so it is very reason to believe that F1 Run will definitely not let you down. Quietly tell you, small steel guns and performance modified cars use it is the best match.