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I believe that everyone will not be too strange to Song Zu, although she is a child star, but it has always been very powerful. Most of her impression is a cute and playful, this time, it is changed to normal style.

As if you grow up overnight

,Put on

All Black


Wearing a suit opens the button show out of the lace stitching,


Created a rich and light cooked woman, with the red lips together without a sense of feelings, handsome, and more people’s charm, let’s take a look.


Black is the strongest kind in many colors, it is a very practical, calm atmosphere, and it has a full reflection of all aspects, not only thin, white, will create cool temperament, up and down If you have a black, you will also extend everyone’s visual effects to some extent, which can play a very high role, which is the gospel of a small child.


Splicing lace corset

Song Zur took a black stitching lace corset inside. Black lace is a relatively sexy element, which will reveal your white skin through exquisite and delicate texture and perspective elements, and black fabric stitching will play a good Blocking effect, effectively preventing lighting, combining the navel design will expose your slim waist, very suitable for slim eyes.


Black suit jacket


There is a lot of places where you have exposed in the top, there is a certain requirement for the body and skin color, so it is not suitable for single wear, but also wear a coat together, this will form a good cover, Song Zuer is very Smart with a black suit with a black suit, very well helping the overall temperament, and injects a few distinctive taste into the whole.

The accessories are bright and dark

Although all black styling is suitable for everyone, it is easy to wear a monotonious feeling. We must use some small details to lightly, for the overall color, Song Zuer, with a sparkling necklace and earrings. The two have formed echo, gorgeous and expected, then with exquisite makeup and strong red lips, the thickness is swept away.

“Under disappearance”

In addition to embellishment, you can also use moderate skin cutting to break the thickness, Song Zuer does not pursue excessive skin care, the top of the upper body + jacket has already shown some white skin, You can try “lower disappearance” tailoring, which can reveal your long legs and split your top and lower body, so that you will be more expensive.

This shape is simple and unliked. Handsome is not lacking in women. Whether it is a young woman or a little longer eyebrows can be easily controlled, let us see other styles of Song Zugue, how to wear Charm!


The young girl is putting a template, following Song Zugue, will not be wrong:

[Wave skirt]

If you want to try a french retro style in a relatively young age, you must not miss it.

Wave skirt

The match, this is a vintage charm full element, Song Zuer prefer


The style, this will give people a refreshing visual effect, the black wave point presents round shape, which will inject a few more youthful girls into you,

Even if you are a little longer, you will not be deliberately dressed.

Utensibility is super.

In autumn, we don’t have to choose such a thick texture, with some kinds of skirts that can improve the overall modeling, and show mysterious.

[Pure white hollow skirt]


Pure white is the most refreshing pure in all colors, and it has a number of advantages.

As a base color, wild and fashionable

Almost with all the elements and colors, you can integrate with some small details when choosing pure white skirts.

Come to break the pale and cold of the white tones.

Song Zuer really likes in the skirt

Cartry-free hollow

As long as it is distributed, it will not wear a soft feeling.

[Shirt match]

Shirts can be said to be able to rest assured that they can be reassured. Its dressing is


Design concise atmosphere

How to wear very good looking, right


Age, body

There is no restriction, if you don’t know how to choose money, the most basic

Pure white shirt

I will never have an error.

If you think that pure white looks too monotonous, you can use other color to highlight your temperament, like a brown shirt on Song Zu’s body, or a smart integration into the lace print shirt of the big V-neck, it is worth a try. .

The young girl is going to try more, so that you can inspire yourself, don’t know how many style, have you learned some practical content, your heart is not as good as action, work together to wear a female star’s gas field!


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All Black