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As the saying goes, “A autumn rain is a cool”, a strong cold air during the National Day, so many people feel the chill of the late autumn. The autumn and winter night, the most difficult thing is that the cold-ice-fried nest when I just went to bed, and everyone may choose to open the air conditioner or electric blanket, but at the same time, it should endure the taste of the tongue, itchy skin. On October 10, Xiaomi has a good online.

Intelligent constant temperature hydraulic mattress

Replacing electric heating with plumbing, keep constant temperature comfort, and can also be controlled by Mijia APP.

Taking water temperature, it is really not dry

The traditional electric blanket is dry and unsatisfactory because it is by heating the resistance wire, and the electrical energy is directly converted into thermal energy. Unlike the electric blanket, the hydraulic mattress has been fully upgraded in the heating method, using smart plumbing technology, heating with hydraulic tube instead of the electric resistance, warm water circulates in the host and the mattress, release heat through internal high water temperature Taking warming your body.

The biggest advantage of this technology is that it is not easy to consume moisture, and it does not feel dry at the same time. In addition, because the mattress is not powered, there is no need to worry about the harm of electromagnetic radiation, and the elderly child pregnant women can be used with peace of mind.

The core water pipe uses a PVC environmental protection water pipe, which is a pharmaceutical stage water pipe material. In addition, the mattress host sets 12 protective measures, safe to deal the host, water shortage, low temperature, overheating, etc. Security level has reached two types of electrical standards.

Comfortable and constant temperature, want a few degrees a few degrees

冬季用它最暖和 智能恒温水暖床垫上线小米有品

It is known to use a heater or electric blanket that this type of electrical appliance is mostly through the gear temperature, and there is basically a temperature unstable when heating. The temperature is low, and the temperature is high and dry discomfort. Ki Nite hydraulic mattress effectively avoids this problem, as it maintains the water temperature of the water tank through the temperature sensor, allowing the water flow temperature in the mattress to be stable, and avoid loss of skin moisture.

冬季用它最暖和 智能恒温水暖床垫上线小米有品

In addition, this mattress also supports accurate temperature regulation, temperature can be free to regulate between 25-60 ° C, want a few degrees, whether young people, children, or older people can find comfortable temperatures for themselves .

In addition to winter cold, another big pain in the nest is the mildness of the rain season. Use a plumbling mattress, whether it is a rainy season or rainy day, you can turn it on a button, but can not only remove moisture, but also kill 99% of the mites, but the bed is always dry and soft, protecting the family, especially skin sensitive children. Stay away from dust mites. Dry wet + eliminate mites + constant temperature heating, is truly home for a year, four seasons.

冬季用它最暖和 智能恒温水暖床垫上线小米有品

This smart constant temperature hydrophageous mattress is being sold in Xiaomi. It is sold in 1399 yuan, and the needs of the friends can start in front of the season, spend a warm winter.