Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

1, before pouring

There must be a pouring sequence diagram and a sheet of materials that correspond to different labels. And by the number of long organizational operators on site. Concrete workers must clarify the ingredients and pouring parts, and there must be woodworking, steel, and plumbing electricity, and find problems in time. The structure is 50 lines, and the wire tube is placed on the top template. (Finished Protection) Prepare the test block and the collapse board, the supervisory, the opening order of the signed.

1) Before pouring, it is necessary to store a footboard on the pouring route to avoid stepping on the steel, and destroy the line.

2) Clean the clean beam plate construction seam and garbage.

3) The template is fully watering.

2. During the casting process (operation points)

1) When pouring, at least 2 people are fixed, pay attention to running, running mode. The top plate was carried out by the laser liner.

2) At least one person fixed to the steel bar, responsible for the steel protection of the pouring part, avoids stepping, supplementing the block, ensuring the thickness of the reinforced layer.

3) Plum-warmers inspect the position of the casing position and remove the sleeve before finalizing.

4) Electrical staring personnel Check the position accuracy and installation of the line box (allowed deviation 5mm).

5) Ensure the continuity of pouring, no interruption, no cold seam can occur.

6) The thickness of the concrete is scraped with a scraping of the reinforcement, and pulls 50 lines, detects the rod inspection, and the plate thickness (-5, +8) during the pouring process.

3, after pouring

1) The wicked personnel need to complete the secondary face before the supply of the floor. (Anti-crack)

2) 12 hours began maintenance, plastic film coverage maintenance time is not less than 7 days.

3) Only the floor surface of the floor within 24 hours can only be placed.

4) After the demultiplexing is applied to the same conditional water, the demouldned application shall be demolished.

5) After the mold is demolished, the quality of supervision is required and prohibited from private processing.

4, floor panel high inspection

1) Indicator Description: Consider the operability of the actual measurement, select the four angular points in the top plate of the same function room and a midpoint distance to the same horizontal basis line 5 real value, comprehensive reflection of the top plate of the same room The level of flatness.

2) Qualified standard: [- 10, + 10] mm

3) Measurement Tool: Laser sweeping machine, 5 m steel tape measure with sufficient stiffness (or 2 meters, laser range finder)

4) Measurement methods and data records:

1 The same function room concrete top plate is used as 1 measurement area, and the consumption of 10 measured areas.

2 Use a laser sweep to make a horizontal basis line in the measured board. The same measured area is from about 30cm from the top plate. The position is selected and the board span geometric center bit (if the single-side span can be increased by 1 measurement point in the central site), the roller top plate and the horizontal basis are measured. 5 vertical distances. The deviation between the additional four points and the lowest point is calculated at the lowest point. The deviation value is <= 15mm real measurement point; when the maximum deviation value is <= 20 mm, the actual value of 5 deviation values ​​(reference point deviation values ​​is based on 5 calculations of the test point of the measured index. When the maximum deviation value is> 20mm, the 5 deviation values ​​are measured by the maximum deviation value, and five calculation points that determine the pass rate of the measurement indicator.

3 The measured area of ​​the top-selected 2 suite is not satisfied with 10, and it is necessary to increase the number of measured suites.

5, floor thickness check

1) Indicator Description: Reflects the deviation of the size of the thickness of the cross-board and the size of the design diagram.

2) Qualified standard: [- 5, 8] mm

3) Measurement Tools: Ultrasonic floor thickness gauge (non-broken) or tape measure (damage method)

1 The same cross-board is used as 1 measurement

District, cumulative measurement of 10 measured areas. Each measurement

A sample point is disperse, and the point position is the cross-regional area.

2 Measurement The strip thickness is placed on the upper and lower sides of the tester, and the values ​​displayed on the insulator are placed on the upper and lower sides of the instrument, and the value displayed on the instrument is measured. Move the reception probe, which is the thickness of the floor when the instrument is displayed, which is the thickness of the floor; when the damage method is used, the electric drill can be drilled in the plate (take special attention to avoid the embedded wire tube, etc.), measure the thickness of the hole . One measured value is determined to determine one calculation point of the qualified index pass rate.

3 The first-selected 2-suite is not satisfied with the measurement area of ​​the floor thickness deviation, and it is necessary to increase the number of measured suites.

4) Measurement methods and data records: