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The earroth is very daily and meaningful, and today I have organized a wave of very personal earrings, there is a simple wind, and there is a light luxury, and the preciousness and texture are great. I like small accessories. Don’t miss ha ~~

Figure 1 ️⃣ Love heart buckle


Zircon embellishment light luxury love buckle

Exquisite intensive salt

A little elegant small court

Figure 2 Painted face portrait earrings


The fresh blue orange colors make people smell the savory of summer

Abstract face design is full of art

Trendy refinement gives me

Figure 3 ️⃣ shell butterfly spike

White little butterfly with milk


Wearing on the ear is gentle full of heart

Don’t miss it, don’t miss it.

Figure 4 full diamond pearl earrings

Two bend new moon in the ear

A bend is embedded by a pearl with a water drill shines

The whole is very luxurious and elegant is very good.


Figure 5 ️⃣ shell butterfly spike


Gentle fresh shell flower

Small one, let the exquisite UP Up

Who is wearing it is still not a small sweet heart?


Figure 6 Long long flow suede

Water drill stream is dropped

Switch to the poor temperament with the pace


Round face girl can also wear, knocking face

Figure 7 ️⃣ Pearl asymmetric earrings

Small leaves fall into the pearls

Asymmetric design

Take the west fitting skirt is HIN.

Figure 8 ️⃣ Bow earrings

Pearl with zircon with double elegance

Small bows and jumps in the ear


Mom also praises, who doesn’t feel moving ~

Figure 9 Light surface circle earrings

Commuter girl essential ear roll


Small surface design

Just the right size hin modified face type