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# What to wear today?

# 明 教 How to wear #


# 穿 红 黑 #

# 明星 造型 评 大 大 #

The autumn and winter season seems to be more birry and dull, and the sisters are wearing the top, they need to wear some new intentions and highlights. To abandon this depressed feeling, and colorful boots look like a very suitable single product, wearing trendy morality and superior eye. Can be combined with different costumes with different trends,

So how to pick it in the fall? Try “color short boots” new wear, high-level and gas fields

Color boots showcase

Color boots are very stealing,


It’s easy to wear a visual focus.


Not only in your daily life, in a lot of show, many models are super love. Especially in the spring and autumn showcase, their appearance rate will be higher, with different clothing,


Can show full of fashionable styles

Color boots of shoes and classification

Color boots are above the heel, but also different categories, and different shoes and shapes, the comfort of wearing is also different. This need to be combined with a clothing style, etc. These to choose which kind, and let’s take a look at which shoes with color boots.



Flat shape color short boots,

It is the most comfortable to wear, and it is still not picking up.

. Even if you go out or travel, you will not give your feet, it is also very diverse, and the windbreaker or coat is a very easy to control.



Stiless and design color short boots,

It looks very elegant lady charm, but also looks very temperament.

. It is possible to highlight the beauty of the leg-shaped slender curve, and the high-tech charming of the bodily is, which is one of many small children who are super favorite boots.


And different costumes can wear their own different style, where is it very eye-catching


Rough follow

Rough and styled color short boots,

Simple and elegant,

Even the shoes with high design, I will not feel tired for a long time. The casual looks with your favorite tops, you can also easily interpret a fashionable taste, in a lot of different scenes,

You can wear your own unique temperament, it seems fashion and simple and sexy.

Color boots of the horns classification


Color boots of the shoe tip, also have different categories, and the fashion feelings of different categories are also different. You can make the foot-type modification, then you will take a look at it, what is the classification of its shoe tip?


Color short boots of pointed styles,

Fashion and fruit

And the pointed design, can also modify the sufficient fiber feel. In combination with the design of the short boots,

The whole shoe looks like a fashionable and beautiful

, Match the casual pants or dress, you can wear a different trend of breath.


Where is it very eye-catching?

Round head

The color short boots of round heads, the position of the footpool is more relaxed, and it will not squeeze the tip. The scope of the foot activity is also more extensive, and the shape of the round head is also more classic, and there are many situations suitable for wearing.


It is also a kind of shoe design that has got a lot of sisters.


Color boots match guide


Color boots are matched above, and there are many different, the upper body is not the same. Together with a variety of different single items, the fashion taste of its display is also different, and the specific different matchs, let’s take a look.

Dress + color short boots

Light dress,

Fashion and elegant feel

The upper body is full of gentleness. Autumn and winter season is generally a long-term style, with a pair of colored color short boots,

It is fashionable to wear

. Take your favorite bag or dotted some extra accessories, you can wear your own unique temperament.

Where is it looks fashionable?


Fashion elements modified dress,

The layering is full, and it will not look a single and boring thing at all.

The skirt is a long shape design, then mature sisters are also very like, combined with a pair of color boots,

The overall fashion is very easy to increase

And like this is also a lot of sisters like it.

The sisters who are tired of the solid color, can be used with some print modifications, like a wave of floral lattice or stripes, which seems to be more enriched. In conjunction with the smashing position of the smart skirt, it is combined with color short boots.

With full stylish beauty, out of the street or the party scene is very beautiful


Dress can also use a superimposed design,


Come to create a full level,

If you want to fashion, you can also directly select the layered dress. And change a pair of color short boots,


Fashionable and the ocean is 100%,


In many scenes, you can still wear the fashionable taste you want.

Easily creating a full trend


Top + pants + color short boots

Medium-long style tops and shorts combinations can easily wear the lower body disappearance,

It seems that the leg is slender, and it can also pull the height.

. If the version of the clothes is relatively loose, then it is also suitable for the microves and sakes, and puts up the color short boots.


It seems fashionable and morality

It is also common in the daily life of the daily life.

The integral visual sensation will become very fit,

It is also very strong in conjunctivity.

It is a super classic, which is a super classic. Whether it is in which scene, it can be seen very easy to see, and finally replace the color boots.

It can wear a different trend.

The suit jacket should be one of the items that should be a look at the autumn.

Wearing fashion, but also simply atmospheric

Formal feelings with workplace. You can choose to compare fashion, this seems to weaken the rigorous taste. Under the body with a slim shorts design,

Wearing is beautiful and beautiful, not enough to fall,

Joining a pair of colorful boots, you can easily wear your own unique temperament.


Atmospheric elegant windbreaker coat, fashion and classic,

Wearing looks like sexuality

, Under the lower body, the casual trousers are wearing,

Show comfortable


. Then match the previous pair of design full and super-personal color short boots, then the whole wearing trendy will naturally improve. And like this, it is also a lot of sisters.

Fashion lattice windbreaker with plaid scarf, the overall coordination is enough, and the lower body is worn with a classic casual trousers.


It seems fashionable and simple


. And the addition of color boots,

The overall fashion index is also easy to improve


, Like this, it is also a favorite of many sisters.

The sweater is unwell or bottom-up, it looks super-suitable, with classic casual trousers,

Simple and casual

. You can put it in the bottom of the trousers at the bottom of the pants.

Wear comfort and no waistline

, Replace a pair of color short boots, show the full trend of trend, on a lot of different scenes

Can wear your own unique temperament


Top + skirt + color short boots

Dark top,

Wearing and whispering

, You can add some contractions of the collision pattern,

Make the body more conspicuous

. The lower body is mixed with a skirt,


See elegant and sweet

, With the addition of color short boots, the overall shape is fashionable and the foreign is full, and in many occasions, it is free to upper body.


Wear your own unique style

Tongue’s wear, simple and generous, and don’t worry about it.

It is also very good to wear the overall effect.

It is one of the many sisters who love to wear, and use the package combination of semi-skirt design.

It seems to have a lady temperament

, Replace the fashionable color short boots,

It is very good to wear a sense of elegance and stealing.

And there are quite a lot of scenes

Black and white boots have lost favor, “color short boots” very hot this year,


. Trendy qi and colorful color boots

, Become a bright landscape of autumn and winter,

I got a lot of hipster sisters. Combine with different other items,

Can wear your own unique temperament

In different scenarios, performing your own different style