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The table and dining chair are a set of big furniture, which is essential, usually posing in the middle of the restaurant, and according to the size of different apartment, and considering that it needs to retain the life line channel next to the table and chairs. Therefore, there will be different choices when choosing a table chair. Let’s talk about the placement and size of the dining table and chairs, you can refer to the table, avoiding the dining table, too big.


1, dining table and chairs and wall distance: reservation 80cm

Although the table and dining chair are independent individuals, but during daily life, the table chairs are a whole, so when they arrange the table and chairs, they are generally based on the table.

▲ The table and chair combination is a whole in the design.

If the table is not placed on the wall, the rear is still needed to stay in the wall, then you need to leave a seat in a seat, and the size of the white chair is left around 50cm, and then there must be A certain activity space, so it is generally recommended – the table is required to reserve 80cm from the wall while the table is needed. Of course, this distance is also for reference only, you can do some adjustments according to your own apartment.

▲ 80cm between the table and the wall.


2, after the table and chairs are there: reserved 1 meter


If the table is reserved behind, then the aisle of the life movement is to stay in the way, if the space is reserved, if the space is compact, then the table is reserved next to the table, also It is more than 1 meter, although the movement is crowded when dining, but it can be pushed into the table below, and enough moving line size can be retained.

▲ The aisle next to the table is 100cm.

3, put a 1.2-meter table, need to reserve how big space?

1 The dining table is placed in place


It is assumed to be 1.2 meters of a dining table. Since the dining table is generally needed, then consider the size of the dining table and the wall and the wall is 80cm. The aisle reservation size after the table and Chairs is 1 meter, plus 1.2 m table itself size, then at least 3 meters here;

▲ 80cm dining chair activity + 1M aisle + 1.2M table = 3M space.


After the two sides of the table, it is not left on the short side of the wall, then the size of the table and the wall and the wall is needed, equal to 80cm × 2 = 1.6m, plus the table itself 1.2 meters, That is 2.8 meters.

▲ 2 × 80cm dining chair + 1.2M table = 2.8m space.


So you want to place a 1.2-meter dining table, then at least the required space size is 2.8m × 3m. Of course, the above size is for reference only, and it is also necessary to consider comprehensively according to the principles of the apartment, the body of the occupant.

2 area small recommended use of the table

If the house is not large, I personally compare the use of a meal table, the square table, the square table, the square table, the square table can be placed on the wall, and the more relaxed aisle, people can move out to add seats, more flexible and convenient. And practical.

▲ Plant’s reliable wall is more flexible.

The same is 1.2 meters long dining table, as long as 80-90cm in the short side, add the wall placed, the usual dining table only needs to take the size of about 90cm, and the remaining space can be used as a life line, which will be very spacious. More suitable for small space.

▲ Plant is placed in the long side of the square, just 90cm space.

Of course, according to the apartment, if the space is intercepted, the aisle is getting enough, you can also take the table to swing, which will give the living room to be more wider space, and it is more convenient when you usually eat.

▲ The square table is placed on the wall, comfortable and convenient.


In summary, when the table and chairs are arranged, the table and the wall are 80cm, the aisle after the table is to stay 1M size, but also consider the unit, the placement of the side cabinet, the placement of the living Wait, if you have no grasp, you can also find a designer to make an arrangement plan.