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Pu’er tea has been named in ancient times.

The Tang Dynasty Fan Wei “Blue Book” “Tea out of the silver city” Zhu Mountain. Displet collection, no harvesting. Meng She is branched with pepper, ginger, Guihe cuisine. “

Pu’er cooked tea is gentle and stomach, and the fat is greasy, and the taste is stable, and loves many tea friends. Then let’s take a look at what aspects should be distinguished from cooked tea.


High quality Pu’er tea



Targeting, reality


Color brown, moist

. If the color is black or more, there is a phenomenon in Qing Zhang, the shackles, indicating that the process is poor or not, it is generally a bad cooked tea.

In tight cooked tea, take the cake tea as an example, mainly see if the strips are clear and uniform, not lack of small corners, thick, and moderate, the profile is neat tight; the color is black, brown, brown, brown normal. If the surface is mold, Pu’er cooked tea is inferior.



From the soup, Pu’er’s soup requirement

Red and bright

Dark red is normal. Huang, orange or dark, turbid soup is inferior tea. Such as soup color orange or dark is generally a “fermentation” process, the fermentation is not good, the fermentation is not good or the fermentation is caused.


From the aroma, Pu’er cooked tea has to be mentioned.

Chen Xiang flavor



. Chen Xiang is the most basic aroma of cooked tea. “Out of the Out” is due to the technology of Pu’er cooked tea using the technique of oskaramount, this is inevitable. But “Out” is reduced and even avoided, and after the conversion of two or three years, the oskaica will fade.

High-quality Pu’er cooked tea will have camphracence, medicine, jujiang, Chen Xiang, etc.


Tea soup

From the taste of tea soup, high quality Pu’er cooked tea, its tea soup tastes

Alcohol, slide mouth, raw throat, glycol.

On the contrary, Pu’er cooked tea with poor quality is plain, the sliding weight is low, and even “scholasticity” feels obviously discomfort when drinking.

View of the bottom

Cooked tea is present after fermentation




, Good Pu’er cooked tea bottom

Small tea, no debris

Pu’er tea with poor quality, the bottom is incomplete or even mixed some debris. Pu’er cooked tea can have a certain degree of crushing after the fermentation, so it is mainly to see if there is a debris in the leaves in the veneer.

The method of distinguishing cooked tea is not absolute in general. For example, some cooked tea appearance look very general, even very ugly, but it is really indulging. Therefore, we should conspend the good and bad of a tea, not just a little or more, it is easy to judge.

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