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Do you still remember Obama to play a flies on the white honesty, and taking the photo of the boy laughing? Summer is here, flies fly everywhere, are you ready for a magazine ready to make a trick? Recently, “Jinghua Times” reported a well-known chain hot pot restaurant flies out of the fly, so that the consumer of the meal is unhappy, and the brand has been affected.

Although the flies are small, “influence” is not small, then have there be a stroning trick in the summer’s fifting battle?

Obama President Help Invasive Oval Office

“In addition to playing with magazines, there are many ways.” Professional to mosquito, the brand Green of the insecticator, “You can choose different fly methods according to your different fly demands.”

The reporter learned through an interview that everyone is the most commonly used method is to use flies to shoot mosquitoes. Electric mosquito shot has occurred in recent years. This method is low, but the actual effect depends on the technique of insecticides. Obama has a magazine to shoot flies, and there is a different effort with the fly. It is not that everyone has the same fly as the fans of Obama.

The reporter also saw a recruitment on the network, such as using vinegar, tomatoes, onion, etc., these things can exude the taste of flies, and drive away flies. The person in charge of Greening product said that this method is really effective, but the effect is limited, and the flies cannot completely solve the flies, and they can directly destroy the flies to prevent them.

There is also a method of fly fly by the user that it is believed that the fly is used is used insecticides. Its advantage is that the fly is fast and effective. However, relevant experts say that the disadvantage of pesticides is to contain toxins, not healthy and environmentally friendly.

火锅涮出死苍蝇 捕虫器或可报“一锅之仇”

According to the consumer reaction, the cheapest fly method is to use a floral paper. It can be viscous, sticking to the fly or misconduct. This method has the advantages of being inexpensive, safe, but according to the user’s reflection, its disadvantage is that the randomness is strong, and it is suitable for many flies that need to be strictly eliminated.

“These methods are passive to eliminate flies: flies are flying everywhere, they will go to stick, in fact, it is likely to have contaminated many foods before you see it, even producing ovity above.”

The person in charge of the Greening product department said, “Eliminate the flies to take the initiative. Use the insecticator to attract it, and then eliminate it, it can effectively solve the flies.”

The reporter learned by searching information on the Internet, and the common tramper insects on the market is divided into two kinds. One is a grid type, that is, mosquito flies are attracted to high voltage electric shock, there is a certain safety hazard, often in public places. Electric shock, affects people around. The other is to hurt, viscifiable by viscous paper. In this regard, the person in charge of the Greening product department explained: “Greening’s new pupported insect is a second type, which is different from other viscous insectic artifacts. It uses double tube design, which greatly enhances trapped effect. , Silent, safe and environmentally friendly. Especially for the restaurant, the coffee shop, can achieve a very ideal arrest effect. “

“The personalization and diversity of consumers demand, determines our product needs constant innovation,” The person in charge of the Green Yingdom product department said that “the viscous tray is a multi-purpose product, can solve the growing demand for consumers. In addition to flies, it can also destroy mosquitoes, moths and other pests, and a contractor can solve many kinds of small insects. “

The viscous tray is not lost in a new weapon in the Flyfi Wars, but its effect is exactly, it also needs to be verified.

The magazine is also good, the insecticer is also a method of fly. Which, do you choose?


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