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Two days ago, I saw a very interesting access to street.


The host stops, and how much is her body today.

The sister said, 100,000.


The bag, the GG’s T-shirt, Prada’s skirt, just blown hair, fragrant grasmented perfume, and the highest etiquette.

After reading, Li Tianhua sighed:

“Good-looking girl, all will breathe the RMB”, because every minute is beautiful, it is piled up by the money.

So, the beautiful, behind the eyes, there are burn in their own.

Inner beauty, you can give good temperament and conservation, and external beauty, you can bring people from the heart and confidence.

More and more sisters, can make money, can also be beautiful.

They have strength, eligible, and live themselves to breathe the RMB.

Speaking of burning money, I have to mention it to buy tea.

Many new tea friends complained to us, “It is not easy to cross the Kan to buy tea. I didn’t expect tea sets than tea!”

Drinking tea to buy tea sets, a part is because a suitable tea set, it is possible to have a good cup of tea finish.

Second, it is a tea seat, so that the whole tea is beautiful.

The so-called drinking tea is loved, not only is the taste of the entrance of tea soup, but also the beautiful time when tea.

So, the problem is coming.

How can I prepare a set of tea makers, which are neither complicated, and have a sense of ceremony, and can it be convenient for newcomers?


First, water purple appliances

Under normal circumstances, it is good to select an electromagnetic kettle.

Its advantages are very highlighted, convenient and fast, now some induction cookers on the market, the water, water, and heat the water, it is simply the gospel of the tea.


In the choice of the kettle, it is recommended to buy a crane pot.

What is a crane pot?

As the name suggests, it is a pot of kettle, and it is like a crane’s mouth.

It is the advantage that the pot that is designed to gather the impactful high water flow so that the water is more accurate.

Also, it is also not heavy, hit on the tea, and can easily infiltrate them faster and better.

In addition, the long potting mouth can close to the edge of the bowl as much as possible, and more close to the tea when water is injected.

In this way, the water flow will flow into the bowl, flow into the cover bowl, and will not splash and scalvers.

It can be seen that the crane pot is beautiful and practical.

Used for tea, it is better to choose.


Second, tea utensils

There are three common in the market: cover bowl, teapot, glass.

These three kinds of tea sets have their own advantages, as well as compare tea.


White porcelain cover is “all-round” players.

Regardless of white tea, black tea or Wuyi rock tea, a white porcelain cover, you can easily get it.

Cover bowl, and also known as a bowl.

There is a cover, there is a bowl, there is a bowl, used for tea, it can adjust the size of the water in accordance with the sizes and thickness of the tea leaves, and reasonably adjust the size of the water.

You know, for a good tea, it is important to go out.

In just a few seconds in the tea and water, there is already a sufficient endody, let the tea soup are saturated.

And why, we don’t recommend the reason for the teapot.

It is undeniable that the teapot is really friendly for the newcomer, so you are not afraid of hot, and the skill is 0.

But the sacrifice, but the flavor of the tea soup, it will become strong and bitter.

In addition, white porcelain covers the smart glaze, which also gives it not fragrant, unhable.


Even with white tea, it is delicious, pay attention to the original tea, and can perfectly show its aroma and taste.

Throughout the white porcelain cover bowl on the market, the price is not too expensive.

Pursuing cost-effective tea friends only need to purchase a standard cover of around 110 ml.

There is no extra pattern, Su-Yahiki, natural beauty, with any style of tea room, can be easily integrated.


Third, tea equipment

Tea equipment in the tea set, also called the fair cup.

The role of the fair cup, naturallyses the word “fair”.

After injecting boiling water into the bowl, quickly out of the soup, let the soup are all in the fault cup.

At the end of the soup, next, the action of dilating.

In other words, the fair cup has undertaken from the soup to the soup and play a transition.

If there is no fault cup, go directly into the cup, because the opening of the bowl is large, and the cup of the cup is smaller.

The average person is unskilled with a cover bowl, and even the soup is even sprinkled.

Also, it is impossible to ensure that the taste of each cup is average.

First, the taste of the soup is justified, and the soup is strong, and the last cup may be “bitter”.

As for the material of the fair cup, most people choose glass, and some people choose and cover the bowl with white porcelain.

The glass fair cup has an advantage, easy to observe the color of tea soup, and there is no impurities.

Tea soup that is good for tea, clear and translucent, and some are also aperture.

Take white tea as an example, look at the sun under the sun, the crystal soup, floating finely dense white, such as the Galaxy shines.

Imagine, a cup of tea into the belly in a leisurely afternoon.

On the side of tea, enjoy tea, people are extremely intoxicated.


Fourth, the tea equipment

Tea cup is the soul of the complete set of tea.

The material of the teacup will also affect the taste of the tea soup.

Like some of the pores, such as purple sand, thick ceramics, etc., they will absorb the aroma and taste of soup, it is difficult to feel the initial flavor.

Under normal circumstances, or

It is recommended to buy a ceramic tea cup.

You can choose and cover your bowl, the simplete simple white porcelain cup.

The internal color of the tea cup should not be too gorgeous, so as not to “the color of the heavy), and forget the soul of tea.”

Simple and squeezed white porcelain cups, it is best to observe the most true color of tea soup.

The mouth of the tea cup is preferably smaller.

Some teacups look like a small bowl, flat, wide, and it is not easy to easily, the cooling of tea soup is faster.

As long as the above conditions are met, the remaining, you can see it.



Fifth, tea tray

The tea tray is a place where the tea makes.

Generally, we divide them into two, one is a dry bubble table, one is a wet pad.

The dry bubble table, that is, the whole tea table is basically dry, and the space is small.

The wet pad is to clean the tea set directly on the tea station, as well as dumping wastewater.

For beginners, it is recommended that you prefer to exercise the way of dry bubblestones.

Because of this, practice the water in the water, the grasp of the soup, and will not sprinkle too much tea soup.

The tea tray on the market, the material is five flowers, the price is high.

In this regard, new tea friends can compress overhead and choose some cost-effective tea tray.

The rattan tea tray, bamboo tea tray, etc. are a good helper for beginners.

Meet the daily practice, wait until you have a certain understanding of the tea, slowly add bricks to yourself.


Sixth, tea, tea towel, tea clip, tea cut, etc.

Since the dry bubble table is selected, the tea is essential.

In the process of brown tea, drinking tea, the wastewater and cold tea produced can pour directly into the tea.

In other words, it can also be considered a small “trash can” on the table.

The tea towel is that we can see a piece of cloth on the tea table.

Many people think that it is just a piece of rag, wherever you can rub.

actually not.

It is specially in the tea, and there is a tea soup, and the tea tissue is more likely to use the paper towel.

Therefore, from a certain extent, the tea towel can bring a sense of security to the tea.

It is conducive to maintaining the tidy of the desktop, giving guests tea, and also avoid some little embarrassment.

Other gadgets, you can purchase according to demand, not essential.



The tea sets mentioned above can basically meet the needs of a cup of tea.

In addition, there is a lot of auxiliary tools used for blister tea, tea tiles, or bubble tea.


In fact, it can also be seen that the choice of the tea makery is not much, but is fine.


Not expensive, but is practical.

Even delicate tea makers, but it is very “chicken”, then we should also give up early.

Otherwise, it is alive but it is.


Based on personal preferences and demand, it is the most real, most comfortable way.

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