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[Securities Daily]

Big amounts of deposits, especially the 3-year product, has been favored by investors. However, since the deposit rate quotation mode, the long-term large amount of deposits has fallen sharply, and the large amount of small deposits in different thresholds is basically consistent, and the bank reducing the number of large amounts of multi-thresholds. In addition, the large amount of bank interest rates of different banks tends to be consistent, and the previous interest rates are gradually flat, leading to the difficulty of local small banking.

Yi Guan Senior analyst Su Wei said in an interview with “Securities Daily” report that banks reduce the number of issues, which are both compliant supervision trends, but also a timely adjustment of their business conditions. From the perspective of capital supplement, small and medium-sized banks need to have a variety of capital sources, optimize capital structure; from the perspective of the reservoir, small and medium-sized banks need to strengthen their refinement operations, enhance their own customers, operate.

The new special bond issuance is significantly accelerated. Oriental Wealth Choice statistics show that as of October 17, there have been a new local debt has been organized to issue a new local debt of 307.3928 billion yuan. Among them, the new special bond issuance size is 2390.542 billion yuan, the issuance is 65.49%, lagging behind the preface time; the remaining 125.58 billion yuan of new special debt is added this year.

Zhang Yiqun, deputy director of the China Finance Society Performance Administration, said the “Securities Daily” reporter, from this year’s release situation, new special bonds as an important part of the active fiscal policy and the important means of my country’s economic regulation, always maintained active , Moderate, effective, controllable issuance progress. On the one hand, effectively form a physical investment, promote the economic growth, and make a stronger foundation for my country’s high-quality development; on the other hand, the credit increment has not yet engaged in big water roaming, to a certain extent prevention and suppression. Local government debt risk agglomeration.

“Securities Daily” reporter inquiry the local power trading center officially discovered that the electricity price reform has started three days, Shandong, Jiangsu and other places have launched the first transaction after deepening the marketing of coal and electricity distribution, and the average price is more than the reference The electricity price “Upper float” (no more than 20% price maximum).

Experts interviewed by the “Securities Daily” reporter believe that the electricity price reform has expanded the upper scope of market transaction price, which is conducive to balance the contradictory conflict and interests of all parties in the power market, and mitigate the shortage of power supply.

[Securities Times]

Last week (October 11-15), A share of the major index fluctuated, where the Shanghai archway fell 0.55% and closed at 3572.37 points. Under the lighter market, the three quarterly reporting window period is superimposed, and the agency investigation heat is at a low level. As of the press release, there were only 43 Shanghai-Shenzhen companies disclosed the record of investor relations activities, and the survey content was more interpreted in three quarters, and the hotspot concept topics were less research.

There is a different performance of the stock market, and 14 companies have risen last week. Among them, the bicycle production and sales company Jiji Shares rose 12.06% a week, the maximum increase. In addition, the four companies in Xinlang Shares, Aikang Technology, Smitice and Ankuri were over 9%.

On October 16, Jiaying Pharmaceutical disclosed two penalty notices from the regulatory layer. Hui (the first major shareholder of Jiaying Pharmaceutics) The four parties in the real controller Feng Wei were taken by the Guangdong Securities Regulatory Bureau.

Regulatory letters, June 15 this year, Guangdong New Southern Medical Investment Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “New South”) actual controller Zurath and Shenzhen Tigerhui Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tiger Tour”) Feng Wei jointly signed 2 “memorandum”, which relates to major issues such as Nakaji Pharmaceutical non-public issuance, the drainage rights commission, the board seat and management personnel arrangements.

Recently, the world’s fifth largest steel enterprise, Japan’s largest steel manufacturer, Japan, open statement, said that the company’s electromagnetic steel plate related patents have been infringed and has filed a lawsuit to the Tokyo Local Court, and Toyota and China Iron and Steel Giants. Baoshan steel claims about 20 billion yen (about RMB 1.1 billion). For Toyota electric vehicles using Baosteel electromagnetic steel, Japanese iron is still applying for the temporary ban on manufacturing and sales in Japan.

On the morning of October 17, Baosteel Shares (600019) said in the relevant claims issued by the Securities Times · E Company reported that patents should be established in the rigorous and scientific technical exchanges and date of issue of Japan, and Proposition, Baosteel Shares do not agree.

【Shanghai Securities News】

In Morgan Tatong, Citibank and other bank giants lead to good financial report data, US stock investors or welcome a bright financial period. However, the issues such as inflation pressure, supply chain interruption are becoming a new focus of Wall Street, which will make US stock companies’ future profit growth rate space.

Financial institutions FactSet As of last Friday, 41 companies have announced the actual profit data in the third quarter, 80% of the company’s actual profit data better than expected. According to the average earnings of 500 index, the average earnings of the 500 index in the past 5 years has increased the growth rate or exceeding 30% of US stock companies in the third quarter of this year.

SMEs are about to usher in a new round of policy support. The National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the central bank, etc., many departments, etc. aspect.

SMEs are the bodies and cornerstones of national economic development. SMEs have faced many difficulties and challenges since the second half of the year. The results of China’s logistics procurement joint investigation show that in September, small enterprises reflect the high cost of raw materials, tight funds and insufficient market demand, and some small enterprises have multiple difficulties.

A few days ago, the Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council issued the “Opinions on Promoting the High Quality Development of Modern Vocational Education”, which is no different in the vital education industry. “Opinions” clearly put forward, encourage listed companies, industry leading enterprises to hold vocational education to encourage all kinds of enterprises to participate in vocational education according to law. After the “Opinions” release, the A-stock market education sector rose.

In recent years, the vocational education industry has grown into a hundred billion market. Ai Rui consulting data show that China’s vocational education market has reached 26.8 billion yuan, an increase of 13.3% year-on-year; it is expected that the speed growth of about 13% is maintained in the next three years. The 2022 market scale will exceed 390 billion yuan. The reporter noted that with the landing of a series of policies since this year, including the new orientation, good future, high jigue, many listed companies announced their vocational education.

【China Securities Journal】

According to industry, the economic short-term fluctuations are still supporting the bond market, but the price factors and currency regulation have become a more critical influencing factor in the short-term market, and the pressure in the fourth quarter is increasing. The agency survey shows that in terms of large-class asset preferences, stocks have become the most popular assets of investors in the fourth quarter, and the bonds have fallen from the extent, and more investors believe that the lattice of stocks will be present in the next three months.

In the first three quarters of this year, the domestic bond market market will roughly divide two stages: At the end of July, the bond market came out of the bull market in cautious; from August to September, the debt market was entangled, and the national debt yield curve is flat, 10 The annual bond yield is narrow.

On October 18, MSCI China A50 Interconnected Index Futures Contracts were officially launched. This is the first MSCI index futures introduced by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as a shares of the mainland A stock. Observers believe that the future A-share index futures on the shore and offshore products, the market will achieve synergy, and China’s capital market attractions will continue to be enhanced.

In recent years, with the continuous increase in investment in the investment of RMB assets, the participation is continuously deepening, and the extensibility of the interconnection of the mainland and the Hong Kong market is continuously improved, and Hong Kong’s timely launch of the active significance of the A-share index futures is self-evident.

According to the data, this week’s A-share ETF has obtained more than 5.4 billion yuan of funds net inflow, and the funds are mainly concentrated on the pharmaceutical ETF, brokerage ETF, while the Shanghai Shenzhen 300, the above-mentioned part-based wide-based index ETF is net redemption.

Industry insiders said that in the field of funds, the ETF layout, showing the recognition of the value of the plate investment. The medical environment has become gradually friendly. In September, the pharmaceutical sector welcomes the rebound, and some sections that have been affected by policy are also slightly rebounded. Overall, pharmaceutical plates are good in three quarters than expected; in addition, in trillion days Under the establishment of a transaction, the establishment of the Beijiao Institute is catalyst, and the brokerage stocks are expected to usher in the fourth quarter.