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Source: People’s Network – Hainan Channel

The variety of construction robots developed by Country Garden have settled in the construction site.

People’s Net Haikou September 15 (Reporter Mao “” Tick, Tick, please pay attention, work … “Recently, Country Garden Haikou Messensians came to a smart coworker – floor cleaning robot. This wipes “fashion powder” into a special landscape on the work site of the gray-tone, and the efficient and high-efficiency work has attracted attention.

It turned out that since the end of last year, Country Garden introduced into the robot building in Hainan, inserted “intelligent” wings for the industry, leading the innovation of the local construction industry, opened the new chapter of the intelligent construction industry in Hainan construction industry.

High level cleaning machine cleaning efficiency.

“Small” body “big”

On the afternoon of September 14, a pink, chubby floor cleaning robot “” has two big eyes, 4 layers in Haikou Messensianship Project.

With the robot operator Zhang Rui clicks on the system issued, after the crisp “drip” sound, this cleaning robot lit up, the head is flashing red light, enter the job mode: there is law to clean up the building ground, small The stone, the dust in the gap is easily inhaled “intrauterine”. “It is simple to operate, can climb, can override, can dump the garbage, and there is no obvious dust during the cleaning.” Introduce his own “small partners”, Zhang Rui praises.

The traditional cleaning method requires cleaning staff to rely on the tools, and the dust, etc., not only dust is flying, the dust in the gap in the potholes is difficult to clean, which is in a sharp contrast with the neat and efficient formation of the robot.

In Zhang Rui, this “pink and chubby” is the best cleaning expert on the site, which can be “one ten”. Floor cleaning robots only need to introduce a good-planned room cleaning route, they can work automatically, operators only need to do “supervision” on the side, timely handling battery, encounter impairment, etc., ” The area is 500 square meters, and a worker manually sweeps 10 hours, and the robot takes only two and a half hours, the efficiency is 4 times. “

Measuring robot in operation.

Looking at the floor that has entered the work status, the robot is cleaned, and the measuring robot of Zhang Rui is moving toward another room while launching construction quality inspection work. Don’t look at this robot only has a notebook size, but the ability is not small.

In the traditional process, the construction quality inspection of a single room requires three or four people to take a point of measurement, with the measurement of the roof, the worker needs to step on the ladder, at least for more than an hour, the whole process not only repeats, consumes not only There is still a security hazard.


The same work, this robot only takes 2 minutes, and the production data is more than ten items, including the verticality of the room, the floor flatness, square heritage, yin and yang corner, etc., can also analyze the automatic generation of ceiling, wall Facial lack of repair information and construction environment navigation map, guiding screw cavity, concrete wall grinding, concrete ceiling and other robots for accurate operations.


Putty grinding robot in construction.

From “Construction” to “Zhizhu”

In recent years, in the field of construction robots, through the promotion of new technology and robotics development, Country Garden has created a full cycle of intelligence construction system and has successfully landed in multiple projects.


In September last year, the first batch of construction robots in Country Garden was delivered in Shunde Country Garden Feng Tong Garden project, and Bo Zhilin cracked by the construction robot, the construction system of the core, the construction system, also used. At present, Country Garden is 46, as of July 2021, there have been 18 construction robots to invest in commercial applications, including nearly 70 projects in 14 provinces, accumulating more than 300 sets, accumulating application construction over a million square meters.

At the end of last year, Country Garden was in Haikou Messensianship, Hainan, and the second phase of Wan Ningxing Longhu Board Issue II, Yangpu Fengming’s reading sea and other intelligent construction projects have introduced robotics. Among them, in the construction of Haikou Messensians’ project, Country Garden Hainan Region and Country Garden Group subsidiary Guangdong Bojiao Building Technology Co., Ltd., using the construction robot to actual buildings, cooperate with the use of government vigorously advocated assembly Building crafts, building a resource, reducing pollution, protecting the environment, leading the Hainan construction industry to intelligent, assembled transformation.


On August 27th, the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress was in the Haikou Messensians’ project to carry out the legislation of Hainan Free Trade Port Anhambition. During the period, the members of the research team were highly concerned about the use of robotics, and after watching the project entity standard robot construction, the construction robot developed by Country Garden was praised, and the construction and quality of the project on-site safety and civilization were praised. .

As the “big housekeeper” of the Country Garden in Hainan, Senior Technician, Guangdong Boba Tuo Building Technology Co., Ltd., is introduced. As of September this year, Hainan has entered 14 construction robots, including Haikou Messensianship as Hainan. The first robot intelligent construction project in the province has taken the lead in using the “Building Robot BIM Technology Assembly” to carry out construction, currently the number of operations, a total of 8 units.

He revealed that the current Guangdong Boba Tuo Building Technology Co., Ltd. is expanding the layout of the construction robot in Hainan. The next company will use Haikou as the transfer station of the construction robot, according to the progressive needs of Country and county project in Hainan, in accordance with the principal needs of the county projects in Hainan. It is comprehensive to help promote the transformation and upgrading of Hainan Construction Industry.