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Wu Xiaobo, who advocated eliteism, turned over again.

Recently, financial writer Wu Xiaobo was a show of “Caixin Time”. His “elite theory” made many people look great. Wu Xiaobo claims to be an elite in the show, and believes that most people in society are useless people, because the world does not need many people to think about so many problems at the same time.

Wu Xiaobo also said that he only served hundreds of thousands of people across the country. He made a precise portrait for these hundreds of thousands of customer groups: the eliteist who advocates the beauty of business, is willing to dedicate and share, and oppose the silk culture.

In fact, for a long time, he did not hesitate to show his “elite” attitude in public in public. As a “some means” on the road of business monetization, he attracted people who wanted to enter the elite group. But this time the difference is that Wu Xiaobo’s elite image seems to be less stable.

As a financial business writer, Wu Xiaobo has a very high status, and has published well -spread books including “Thirty Years” and “Deadial”. However, as a businessman, Wu Xiaobo did not go so firmly. First, he wanted to sell the “Wu Xiaobo Channel” to the listed company. Later, it was sold for a live broadcast of the car.

Like Luo Zhenyu of “Knowledge Merchant”, Wu Xiaobo also followed the route to sell chicken soup and elite people, and also faced huge controversy. They package themselves as business thinkers, but they remember their own business behind them. Making money was a natural thing, but in Wu Xiaobo’s words, he had to make money and go back to step on a lot of “reeling”.

Just as a netizen commented on Wu Xiaobo’s elite theory: a serious nonsense, cutting so many people’s leeks, and sorry to claim to be an elite. Originally, it was a rough person who worshiped money and polarists, how to talk about the elite.

“Standing in the rich pile”


Wu Xiaobo’s earliest became famous because of writing. In 2001, 33 -year -old Wu Xiaobo wrote the failure case of ten companies in the failure of the closure enterprise in the Asian financial crisis two years ago. Caused a great response, and sold 1 million copies that year, and he became the best writer in the financial industry.

Seven years later, Wu Xiaobo, who had tasted the sweetness of business history, published “Thirty Years of Stir” and harvested millions of sales. This book has made Wu Xiaobo’s reputation reach its peak, and the fame and fortune are not only an important guest of major TV stations and media activities, but also the guests of entrepreneurs. Two years later, he received an invitation from Ma Huateng to write “Tencent Biography”.


But writing did not become his main line, and he quickly turned his focus to money. In a speech in 2015, Wu Xiaobo said: No matter how poor he is, he must stand in the wealthy pile. Because it is more important to do business, that is, to establish the correct state of wealth.

This split is also very obvious in his writing. The outside world’s perception of him mostly stayed in “Dead Dead” and “Thirty Years of Stir”, so when he was written in the book “Ten Years of Stir, Water Fish Big”, he wanted to change a way of writing. But in the end, I returned to the familiar routine and style. Repeated destiny is difficult to surpass, and his subsequent works have not been able to harvest the sales and reputation of early works.

But many of his friends think that he puts more energy on business rather than writing, and the price paid is not worth or even tragic. Wu Xiaobo also confessed, and it was unlikely to have higher achievements in writing, so he turned to pursue greater business success.

In fact, he also made a lot of money.

With the two books, “Dead Dead” and “Thirty Years of Stir”, Wu Xiaobo appeared on the “Chinese Writer Rich List” in 2009 with a tax income of 7.5 million yuan, ranking fifth.

The manuscript fees he made in the early days basically invested in real estate. According to himself, “In 1996, he started writing the first book” Farmers Genesis “. At that time, I gave myself an order. From this year, I want to write a book every year and buy one house.” For more than a dozen houses, he regretted not buying too much. Among them, the most talked about was that he bought a small island in Qiandao Lake in 1999. At the beginning, the cost of 500,000 costs has now exceeded hundreds of times.

For businessmen’s thinking, he also used his personal IP to hire a bayberry planted on the island to make bayberry wine, named “Wujiu”, and sold it on the Wu Xiaobo Channel.

In 2014, with the encouragement of Luo Zhenyu, Wu Xiaobo began to be the media “Wu Xiaobo Channel”. Later, as a business instructor, he worked with various knowledge payment projects.

Two months later, Wu Xiaobo, as the only invited financial writer, walked into Zhongnanhai with the heads of Netease, ZTE, Haier and other companies to participate in the economic situation for the Prime Minister. Taking this as the division line, Wu Xiaobo has since been a business mentor, and is busy establishing a variety of paid projects to realize the realization of the business in the business.

The year he returned from Beijing, he successively launched a number of “transformation” thousands of people in Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Foshan. The tuition fee for each class was 9,000 yuan, and the tuition fee of Shenzhen Field was as high as 9.08 million yuan. Wu Xiaobo’s realization is getting faster and faster, and tuition is getting more and more expensive. In 2016, when the “craftsman spirit” proposed in the work report of the two sessions, Wu Xiaobo also carried out the selection of “Strange Craftsman” and founded the new craftsman college for 49,800 yuan per person.

In addition to paying knowledge, he also has a highlight of the New Year’s Eve speech at the end of the year. Like Luo Zhenyu, one theme is a theme every year, and he sells his business observation and trend judgment to the middle class. According to the statistics of the Times Weekly, Wu Xiaobo’s revenue of the year -end show tickets in the past five years has exceeded 30 million, which does not include the sponsorship cost of merchants.

And his closest to a large amount of wealth was in March 2019, Wu Xiaobo, who had less than 5 years of operation, was expected to be sold to listed companies in full education. If he is successful, the 26%of the Wu Xiaobo couple will receive 400 million yuan in revenue. However, the transaction was suspended by the Securities Regulatory Commission. Wu Xiaobo then declared that Bab Jiuling’s alone will be launched in 2020. But so far, there is no news.

Wu Xiaobo’s selling plan was also ridiculed by Luo Yonghao. Lao Luo said that relying on “Zhuge Liang afterwards” to write a few articles, he has an illusion and can you go to the market? The dream of making money is too big.

“Actually, I do n’t do so many things for money. I ca n’t afford it early? I do n’t think I am such a person.” Wu Xiaobo had justified himself in an interview with “Late”. But he couldn’t get rid of the desire for making money, as mentioned in his previous interviews: “I have always liked money.”


Prior to this remarks, Wu Xiaobo fell into various disputes.

As early as January 2010, Wu Xiaobo’s “Wu Jinglian Biography” was published, and he was trapped in the “plagiarism door”. Liu Hong, a nine -year -old columnist of Wu Jinglian, publicly wrote a criticism that Wu Xiaobo’s works are plagiarized and infringed on her copyright. Lives, random extraction.

The two of them were in charge of the book. Although the court finally sentenced Wu Xiaobo to the prosecution, Liu Hong never stopped questioning the lawsuit in social media. On April 26, 2020, Liu Hong stated on Weibo that “‘Wu Xiaobo Plagiarism Incident’ is ten years away. I will refer to Wu Xiaobo’s hypocritical and timidity in a year after year. Apologize to mistakes. “

This two -year dispute caused Wu Xiaobo to stand on the cusp of the intellectual world, and his reputation was damaged. He was even compared with Yu Zheng and writer Guo Jingming, who was compared to the entertainment industry, and began to be alienated by the cultural circle, and seemed to be more and more isolated. Wu Xiaobo laughed at himself, leaving only fans who were willing to pay for him and him.

If “Wu Jinglian Biography” is suspected of plagiarism, it is a fatal trauma to Wu Xiaobo, and the wind review published in 2015 may let him completely remove the label of the “literati” on his body. “Tencent Biography” is considered to be Wu Xiaobo for 5 years, a soft text written for Tencent, and has been criticized for “the materials that have appeared on the media in the past, which is full of the argument of the official view of Tencent.” The complexity of business.

In addition to writing word -of -mouth landslides in writing, Wu Xiaobo also repeatedly turned over in making money. The latest one was last year’s live broadcast. In the year when the new crown epidemic broke out, the live broadcast and cargo became the air outlet. From the local area to the people, from local to the folk, the trend of live e -commerce has been raised from local to the folk. Wu Xiaobo, who has always been very confident in his own business acuity, has no exception, and has invested in this live broadcast boom.

In June 2020, he wrote a special article “The Live Broadcasting E -commerce Maybe is the case” preheated for his live show. He said that live broadcast e -commerce has become the hottest new retail innovation campaign, and excitedly called “I saw the storm, excited like the sea.”

He soon devoted himself to the tide of the live broadcast. However, his first show of the live broadcast of the goods was very embarrassing. For a few hours of live broadcast, Wu Xiaobo sold 15 cans of milk powder and was retired for 3 cans. Someone helped the milk powder merchant calculate. Wu Xiaobo’s live milk powder paid 600,000 pits and sold 12 cans of milk powder, with an average of 50,000 milk powder per can.

This incident made the merchant call directly. Wu Xiaobo later wrote a self -deprecating “Fifteen Cans”, which tried to resolve the embarrassment of public opinion from the title. It is not difficult to see his careful opportunity behind him, and take the self -deprecation apology itself as a chance to re -exposure for the brand.

According to Wu Xiaobo’s friends, Qin Shuo, a senior media person: “Wu Xiaobo is always a currentist”, so he can try to try all kinds of business monetization.

Wu Xiaobo’s business has been using the elite settings to output the elite point of view, but everything he does has become very purposeful and utilitarian, which also makes him like Luo Zhenyu and it is difficult to be criticized. “Many people say that Wu Xiaobo is a liar, but this time, he finally told the truth.” A Weibo big V teasing Wu Xiaobo.

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