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The baby’s first meal supplement can be said to be the best choice, easy to eat, comprehensive nutrition, and the rice noodles after the adjustment are liquid food. prepare.

But when there are so many rice noodles on the market, will the girls feel a little blank when they choose? Do you use water or milk when you eat? And do you have to buy a commercially available one? Can’t you boil porridge?

Today I will talk to the girls about the selection of Mi Fan. After reading this girl, there should be a spectrum. I hope that through this introduction, I can help the girls take less detours on the product.

Regarding related issues such as adding supplementary food, adding sequence and quantity of supplementary food, etc., I have already exchanged a lot with you before. Moms can not know that you can add WeChat public account to small Bao Ma Ma to reply to “complementary food” to read related topics.

The article is long. At the beginning, I first summarized the five points of picking rice noodles for the girls. This is only my personal suggestion. The girls can refer to it. The specific reasons have detailed answers in the article.

1. Select well -known brands.

2. Select the packaging with better sealing.

3. Select iron powder. If it is already deficient in iron, choose a high iron powder with high iron content.

4, ingredients do not contain sugar.

5. Try to choose rice noodles without milk.

The mainstream rice noodle brand (the ranking is not divided)

This time the purchase of 7 models currently sold in physical stores and online, namely: Hengz, Nestlé, Xiaopi, Jiabao, Earth’s Best and HIPP, and then each brand bought one, Jiabao I bought an international and domestic version.

In fact, I still want to buy a Happy Bellies. As a result, has been out of stock. Taobao bought a fake, and this time I can only be absent.


From left to right are Heinz Nutrition rice noodles, Nestlé carrot rice noodles, small grain powder of small leather quinoa, Jiabao nutrition rice noodles beauty version and domestic version, Earth’s BEST organic whole grain brown rice noodles and HIPP milk biscuits oats night An rice noodles

Earth’s best

The name is very clever. It was the best translation of the world or the best earth. When others asked, it can be said that my family eats the best rice noodles in the world. Essence Essence However, after the new advertising method, the Chinese name has been translated into Aisibei, and it seems less high -end haha.

Earth’s Best is a well -known infant food brand in the United States. Its main feature is natural and organic, and it is organic. It is strictly required to use pesticides without herbicides during planting. Containing refined sugar, excluding starch, no salt, no preservatives, it is not messy, it contains only organic grain ingredients, and has obtained national organic certification recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture of the United States.


Happy Bellies

The Chinese name is Xibei, and it is also an American brand, but the opposite of Earth’s Best. In addition to the main organic organic, it also focuses on various additives. You want the child’s probiotics and DHA to add Essence


It must be specifically explained that its rice noodles have a special taste of probiotic bacteria. After opening the can, there is a taste of deteriorating oil. Many new users are not adapted. Once relatives smell it, it is said to be deteriorated. We feed the children, and even get the mall to ask the promoters if they are all like this. If your family cares about this, it is still choosing something else. In fact, it is only the moment when the lid is opened. Most babies will accept it.


The Chinese name is Xibao. This is the first brand of infant food in Germany, the world’s largest organic food producer. Almost every German child grows up with Xibao products. If you don’t like American products, you can choose its home. Essence This brand has also entered the country. It has a licensed version. It is also the main natural and organic. It does not add any unnecessary ingredients. It simply retains the most primitive taste of the ingredients and has a good taste.

Little freddie


The Chinese name is Xiaopi, which is a very popular food supplementary food brand recently. It has also passed the double organic certification of the European Union and the United Kingdom. It does not include any additives.


The Chinese name is Hengz. This brand has exceeded a century. In the domestic Heinz and Jiabao, it should be the two most common supplementary food brands sold by physical stores. Heinz and Garma.


The Chinese name is Jiabao, and Jiabao has nearly 90 years of history of American infant food brands. This brand has also carried out domestic localization very early, and sales have always been good.



The Chinese name is Nestlé, and it is also a well -known brand. There are many product lines. It focuses on the starch hydrolysis process. This process can decompose the starch of the macromolecules into small molecular starch and glucose, so that the baby can get a variety of nutrients while absorbing more nutrients. , Reduce the burden on the intestinal tract.


The precautions for introducing rice noodle selection for the girls will be introduced below.

Choose a better sealing packaging

The packaging is related to the storage problem of rice noodles. The current commercially available rice noodles are mainly carton and barrels. The carton is usually packed in the aluminum film bag inside to avoid moisture. The barrel is seal better.

Heinz is 400 grams a big bag. After opening, you need to pay attention to the sealing


Compared with the big bags, the small bag is very portable, and it will not make the remaining rice noodles moisture because it can’t be eaten at a time, and it is easier to carry the small bags. It is more convenient to bring it out.

It is worth mentioning here is the Earth’s Best brand. It is also a carton packaging, but there is no inner packaging bag inside. If the home is more humid, it is recommended to save it separately.

Earth’s Best is a short box, which is directly rice noodles

The two of Jiabao are buckets, the left side is the domestic version, and the right side is the US version


From the perspective of the packaging this time, the cans of Jiabao and the pocket packaging of Nestlé are more convenient and easy to store. Hengz, Xiaopi, and Xibao carton packaging are all packed in the packaging. Pay attention to sealing and storage. EARTH’s BEST is simple in a carton, which is unsatisfactory.

Try to choose to strengthen iron, or calcium iron and zinc zinc


I know that there are a lot of rice noodles that are not assured of being available. I want to make rice noodles for my own.

In fact, it is recommended to buy commercial -selling rice noodles because the nutrients needed by children such as iron. The iron deficiency can easily cause anemia. When the child was born, the child had a large amount of iron stored in the body. However, because the iron content of the breast milk was very limited, the iron stored in the body would be slowly exhausted. Therefore, the supplementary food was selected as much as possible.


Of course, the nutritional content of different rice noodles is also different. You can pay attention to the nutritional composition table when selecting.

The content of iron iron per 100 grams of rice

Calcium, iron zinc content per 100 grams of rice flour

Try not to contain sugar in the ingredients


In addition to the nutritional ingredients of calcium, iron and zinc, the girls should also look at the ingredients table when choosing. Some manufacturers will add some sweet ingredients to rice noodles, such as white sugar, which is not good for children. I love to add rice noodles with sugar, but it will only increase the dependence of children’s dependence on sweetness, interfere with the child’s taste prematurely, and affect the child’s acceptance of light food.

See if there is white sugar in the ingredient table

What needs to be distinguished is that some rice noodles are added with low polycoglys, which regulate the intestinal flora, so you don’t need to look at the sugar change.

Try to choose rice noodles with no milk ingredients

Compared to whether it contains sugar, whether milk contains, and milk -containing troubles that may cause many numbness to be ignored. Now many rice noodles will add milk or grain protein to the ingredients. The protein content.


See if there is any milk in the ingredient table

But it is worth mentioning that rice noodles containing milk raw materials may cause children to have discomfort and stimulate allergic reactions, because this is equivalent to contacting a new milk powder. In addition Try to choose rice noodles without milk. If you want to improve your nutrition, just use your familiar milk powder to adjust.

The theoretical knowledge introduction part is over here. Next, let’s take a look at the actual performance of these rice noodles together.


Look at the tone and taste


After reading the packaging and nutrition parameters, let’s take a look at the tone and taste:

Ignore the color ha, because the ingredients are different, it is not contrasting

The particles of the small skin are large because of the taste of quinoa, and the large particles are quinoa

Heinz rice noodles are the whiter color, and it is beige -white, which smells the sweetness of milk

Nestlé is milky white powder, the powder is more delicate, and there is a faint rice fragrance.


Hipp Xibao is a delicate granules of rice, and the rice fragrance is not very strong

EARTH’s BEST’s color is also relatively white, the particles are thicker, and the ordinary rice tastes

Want to know what is the difference between the same brand domestic version and international version? This time, I bought Garbo’s domestic and international models. From the rice noodle traits, the international version of the rice noodles are obviously whiter than the domestic version. It really looks more delicate. It smells fresh rice fragrance. shallow.

Good rice noodles cannot just look at the ingredients and traits. The solubility of rice noodles is related to the digestive problems of the baby. This also needs to be caring. Each baby has a difference in digestion. , Rongjun -soluble rice noodles.

It should be noted that the adjustment of rice noodles does not need to be rushed strictly like milk powder. It can be adjusted according to the child’s adaptability. When it is first contacted, it can be thinner, and you can slowly adjust it.

Comparison of rice noodles with the same water volume with the amount of rice noodles

Many girls are tangled with water or milk. In fact, they really do n’t need to be tangled. Both of them can be used. There are more water in the country and more milk abroad.

Explain the effect after the adjustment detailed interpretation

In front of us, we look at the large granules in the small grain rice noodles in the small grasses of small grasses. The large particles are quinoa. The overall solubility is relatively easy to dissolve during the tune, but the quinoa will not be completely dissolved, but it does not affect the baby’s swallow. It is very in the mouth. Good turn. The taste is very delicate and has the fragrance of natural grains.


The small skin is delicate, and there is a natural grain fragrance


The dissolution speed of Heinz rice noodles is quite satisfactory, and the stirring of a long time can be completely mixed into a paste. The rice paste is thick, but it should be noted that Heinz is also added with white sugar to this ingredient, so the taste is very sweet.

Heinz rushes out very thick and the taste is sweet

Nestlé rice noodles have a good dissolution, but I tried twice and there were group phenomena. The taste is moderate, and the taste is very smooth and fragrant.

Nestlé has a group phenomenon, and the taste is good


Xibao’s dissolution speed is very fast, and it is quickly dissolved after adding water. It looks very heavy, but it tastes delicate, a bit like the delicate version of rice, and the taste is very fragrant.

Xibao mouth is really delicate

The world’s best rice noodles are dissolved faster and have no group. The rushing rice paste is very delicate, but it is relatively sparse and natural.

The best rice noodles in the world are relatively sparsely rushed out

As mentioned earlier, the color of the rice noodles of Jiabao International is obviously whiter than the domestic version and looks more delicate, but it feels that there is no domestic version of the dissolution of the domestic version. In terms of taste, Jiabao International Version is relatively sweet, and the domestic version of the taste is more delicate and lubricated.


The comparison of the domestic and foreign version of Jiabao and the foreign version

These models are pretty good. There is a tips here. Usually, the effect of tone -like rice noodles will be more delicate. Compared with granular, the sheet shape is more likely to penetrate the moisture into the rice noodles. Essence

These models are also more delicate and fragrant, because different brands of rice noodles are different, and the tastes are not the same, so I do n’t give you a horizontal comparison taste here. Finally, I focus on 2 points:

1. Girls do n’t have to worry about rice noodles do n’t be sweet, and children do n’t like to eat. In fact, children have just exposed to food tastes. It ’s just not to choose too sweet rice noodles, which will affect the child’s taste too early.

2. Some rice noodles (such as the world’s best and Jibali rice noodles) have just opened the box. The Harra flavor is not moldy, but an organic rice volatilizes the rice oil in the grain after grinding the high -speed and high speed of the machine, plus probiotics The taste of mixing has nothing to do with quality, and there is no taste after the adjustment.

Bao Ma’s words

Basically, choose rice noodles to pay attention to the above, try to choose the strengthening iron powder of the well -known brand, and then pay attention not to contain sugar in the ingredients, do not contain milk, and then pay attention to choose a single ingredient grain rice noodles. It is best to be rice noodles. Because there are very few children who are allergic to rice.


Of course, no matter what the product is, only the baby loves to eat. With the increase of the baby’s monthly age, you can choose a few more rice noodles for your baby. Rice powder is not as dependent as milk powder. It is okay to change eating often. Finally, I hope that the girls can find rice noodles suitable for their babies.

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