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Mam said in “The Moon and the Six Pooths”: “Carefulness and sympathy are originally charming skills, but they are often abused by those who know they have this talent. It will be greedily rushing up and showing all their skills, which is terrible. “

There must be a boundary between people to have a boundary between people. Even at first you were enthusiastic and flowed to the other party, and he no longer knew what it became like.

The same is true between the opposite sex, and if the care and consideration between the opposite sex have a certain limit, the other party will inevitably produce another layer of ideas.

In this way, you can explain all your enthusiasm and let yourself be relieved.

However, if they find that they are just wishful thinking, they will anger their own affection, and even transfer this anger to the good person.

Zhang Ailing’s novel “Jasmine Fragrance” tells such a story.

Nie Chuanqing, a young man in his twenties, was very unhappy. He could not get the pity of his father and his stepmother at home. There was no friend in school. No one likes to associate with him, except Yan Dan Zhu.

However, the enthusiasm of the girl in the end was in exchange for a punch and kick, and was finally abandoned in the night of the night.

Because Dan Zhu’s enthusiasm ignited his hope, but eventually he found that he was like a clown. He couldn’t stand such humiliation, so he vent his anger on the girl.

Can’t feel the person who loves, it is dry itself

According to Nie Chuanqing’s father, his son’s appearance “No one, no ghosts.” His stepmother even said that the child a lot of food was like firewood all day long, and he looked like a latter, as if he was abused.

In Nie Chuanqing’s view, he was abused. His mother died early, and it was said that her mother did not love her father at that time, and she was forced to marry. Therefore, my father did not love the son that she stayed in.

In addition, the stepmother often said her mother’s bad words, so that her father did not love the son.

In his impression, his father scolded him and said, and said, Jing was his words such as “no way out, shame to the Nie family”.

In his opinion, he was a wiring puppet that was manipulated. Without souls, his limbs were pulled. He lived a life without hope or purpose.


Nie Chuanqing appeared at home like a mouse who crossed the street. He shrank in awe, and saw his father and his stepmother scolded him. In school, he also shrank his head. The whole person was dumbfounded and his grades were countdown. In this way, he naturally had no friends.

The person who can’t feel the love is deserted inside. Like Nie Chuanqing, any sound and change will make him shock at a certain time, and another time he will make him numb.

His kind of hopeless gesture of life, in the text, was deeply revealed through a period of words from the maid Liu Ma:

“So hot sun, don’t feel it? The bigger the more confused, the more hot and cold, I don’t even know it!”

This is a kind of unpreparedness to himself, just like Liu’s mother said, and I don’t even know if it is hot and cold. His heart is obsessed with his sadness, so seeing everything is the same color, no matter how changing everything around him is, there is no meaning for him.

When a person no longer cherishes himself, he breaks his connection with this world.


In this way, it has nothing to do with his enthusiasm for his enthusiasm.

Of course, Nie Chuanqing also wanted to have his own life and autonomy, but he pinned this hope faintly after his father died. In this way, the Nie family was his.

When he thought like this, he could not help but sign the check -in,

When he wrote his name frantically, he got a kind of nothingness, and he believed that the family finally arrived in his hands.

That is, at that time, his father slapped him heavy, and he had a heavy start, with a fear, and even deafening his slap.

If you have no intention, don’t pick me up

Although this kind of Nie Chuanqing is youthful, it is not flattering. No one is willing to make friends with him, but except for a girl, she is called Yan Danzhu, a teacher of the teacher.

Yan Danzhu is a girl who is both beautiful and excellent. When she is ranked in the school, she is also a leader.

There are countless friends, and the boys who are pursuing her are also successful. Nie Chuanqing couldn’t think of it. Why should such bright girls be entangled with themselves.

Yan Dan Zhu always actively greeted him, found nothing, and encouraged him to make more friends and study hard.

No wonder Nie Chuanqing misunderstood, Yan Danzhu is really different from others. She will tell him about her emotional confusion. After their campus dance, she will take the initiative to ask Nie Chuanqing to accompany her home. It is a mountain road to go, and it is in the middle of the night.


In fact, Yan Danzhu did this, and some of them were due to the vanity of a woman.

Many boys like her and please her, but Nie Chuanqing is always very cold to her. If this boy also worships her pomegranate skirt, then her heart will be greatly satisfied.


Yan Dan Zhu’s feelings for Nie Chuanqing are not love. They are willing to share with him the emotional confusion, because she does not treat him as a man at all, but a feeling of a female friend. Moreover, Nie Chuanqing has no friends, and she doesn’t have to worry about him who will spread this kind of thing.


However, what she didn’t know was that Nie Chuanqing hated her very much because he knew that his mother had loved Yan Dan Zhu’s father. If his mother was with the man he beloved at first, he was Yan Dan Zhu, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, This woman occupies her position.

Over the years, he watched her with Zhou Duo’s boy, and he felt that she was not worthy of being a romance child, and she was too frivolous. However, if she loves herself and has a soft spot for herself, it is another matter.

On the night of the night, Nie Chuanqing showed his heart, but he found out that he was just wishful thinking. So he hit the girl angrily, and even wanted to let her disappear in this world when she started.

However, in the end he still couldn’t get liberated, because the girl was just injured, and she would sway in his world.

There is a man’s normal feelings and desires, but women often ignore this. Women like to be pursued by men, sometimes not because they love this man, but because they want to satisfy their heart alone.

The stimulus brought by this feeling is pleasant, but this approach is extraordinarily dangerous.

Because you are forcing men to recognize all of them, just like Nie Chuanqing’s anger in the text.

“You just see that I am a bad person! In the middle of the night, single and me on the mountain … if you change someone, you are not so relieved



Intersection You can see it, I won’t kiss you, beat you, kill you, right? “

Yan Danzhu’s trust in him has become humiliated in his eyes. He feels like a clown on the street. Everyone is laughing. Only the clown’s own mask is a sad expression, and no one can see it.

Love is a delicate, straight into the heart. This feeling is enough to awaken a person’s desire for everything, and it is enough to destroy the courage to look directly at the world.

Don’t arbitrarily deliver a person you are not love, because all kinds of consequences may not be able to bear it. In the world of emotional, there is no final winner, but there is often an ending of love that hurts the hearts of the two.

Zhang Ailing’s writing is delicate and closer, you will find some kind of resonance in her text. That feeling is like the text entered your inner world, helping you find out those vague emotions, which is enough to make you suddenly realize.

“Jasmine Fragrant Film” is included in Zhang Ailing’s novel “Love in the City”. The encounter with a good book, such as the knowledge of life, there is a thousand world in the text, and there are people who you don’t know if you don’t understand the warmth and warmth. Those are concentrated life, you, and me.


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