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Hello everyone, I am your Miss Ding. If you like my flowering skills, please pay attention to me. Don’t forget to appear on TV. This is a flower with the same color as the sky. It is often used by the male and female protagonists as a token of love. It means eternal and long -lasting commitment. I am a warm love for myself.

Don’t forget me a kind of popular flower, the flowers are small and charming, exquisite and elegant. It is not only good -looking at work and life, but also purifies the air and enhances personal taste. Don’t forget to adapt. Hi light and drought resistance. Like fertile and well -drained sandy loam. The color is bright under the condition of sufficient sunshine. Today I will introduce the cultivation methods that should not be forgotten.

1. Do not forget the soil requirements

We all know that not forgetting the soil is not very picky, but if there is fertile and loose sandy soil, it is the best. Pot soil drainage is good, and we cannot use strong water retention soil. Potted plants can be covered with some rotten organic fertilizers on the bottom of the pot, which is beneficial to grow in the future.


We can add a small amount of river sand and vermiculite in the corrupt leaves to configure the nutritional soil suitable for not forgetting and self -growth. What I usually see


Do not forget the cultivation of dew, and for the land with poor soil conditions, you should apply base fertilizer, and choose rotten organic and compound fertilizer.

2. Don’t forget the growth environment

Although this flower is exquisite, the requirements for the environment are relatively rough. It does not require a lot as other flowers, but like dry and cool places. Therefore, as long as it is placed on the balcony at home, or the window of the office, keep the temperature at about 20 degrees. Even in winter, when the weather turns cold and cold, you should not forget a little bit of cold, it is best to bring it back to the room for care.


3. Do not forget the fertilization skills


Before planting, don’t forget to add sufficient base fertilizer to the soil. In general, we can apply 50 kg of base fertilizer per mu. Remember to turn it deep into the soil. When the six leaves grow, the urea solution is added once, so that the speed of its long leaves will also accelerate.


Flowers, and in mind about fertilization, one -time fertilization should not be too fierce, and it should not be too fat. Otherwise, the phenomenon of burning the root of the roots will occur, causing the entire flower to rot and slug.

4. Do not forget the method of watering


The basics of raising a pot of flowers are basically looking at. What is the requirements for water for different flowers.

Do not forget the high requirements for watering, do not accumulate water, nor drought,

Don’t forget to keep the soil in a slight tide as much as possible.


Pay attention to the combination of water and fertilizer. Before the flowering period comes, you need to apply fertilizer water to make flowers more and beautiful.

Don’t forget me a kind of plant that prefers dry. Once watering is too much, waterlogging is formed, so that the quality and quantity of flowering will decrease. Therefore, it must be controlled when watering it. Water, it is always wet without mud, as long as it is poured in a few days, so that the soil looks like moisturizing.

5. Do not forget the demand for light


Forget me, I don’t like the glory

It is all -day flowers and plants. When placing planting should not forget the potted plants, it must grow normally under enough sunlight.


We need to put the plants in a well -lit place for maintenance, and the light time can be extended appropriately in winter. Successful light will make me forget to bloom and color, so try to let me forget to accept more light at least 4 hours a day.

If you want to make a beautiful flower from forgetting me, you must give enough light. In summer, you need to forget the shades of messenger, otherwise the strong sunlight will easily burn the leaves and petals. In winter, the light time is short. We need to artificially increase the light time to the plant, and insufficient light will affect flowering.

6. Do not forget the way of pruning

Sister Ding told the flower friends here that in order to ensure the growth of the plants, we must often pruning the leaves for the sake of selfless branches. Each plant can leave four or five flower branches. Too many flower branches have more nutrients. Causes the number of flowers to decrease. In order to make it bloom better, when breeding flower buds, if the plant is not strong enough, you can trim the flower branches appropriately.

Forgotten the plants are too weak. Even when the seedlings are very young, they must be removed in time to avoid consuming too much nutrients. In other places, you should pay attention to keeping the plant ventilation and light transmission to avoid the leaves of the leaves, which can prevent the breeding of the bacteria.

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