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Wang Ye, the author of “The Secretary of the Foreign Taiwan”, is a famous medical scientist in the Tang Dynasty. Previous medical works. The book has a large number of sorting work on medical literature, which combines the theoretical research of the predecessors and the healing prescriptions. Today, according to relevant information, Wang Ye’s family and individual students have been verified, and the meaning of the outer platform is slightly described. Wang Ye and “Outer Secretary”

1. Family

“New Tang Book · Wang Yan Biography” cloud: “(珪 珪) Zizhi, Shang Nanping must master … 珪 Sun Ye, Xu.” : Wang Yujing, known as the three ancestors of the ancestor of the Wang family, is Princess Nanping, the daughter of Tang Taizong. Wang Yan is the only son. Wang Yujing is Wang Ye’s father. He is undoubtedly. His mother is Princess Nanping, and Wang Ye is naturally the grandson of Tang Taizong. But in fact, Wang Ye’s life is not so tall, Princess Nanping is just his uncle and grandmother. Wang Xun was the great -grandson of the prime minister of the Tang Dynasty. According to the “New Tang Book · Prime Minister’s World Table”, Wang Yan had two sons: the eldest son Chongji and the second son, the Tang Taizong dynasty, and the princess of Shang Nanping Feng Nancheng County. Chongji official lord Wai Lang, there are four sons: the eldest son, the official dynasty, the doctor of the sons, the second son Shang Yi, the word Boyi, the history of the governor of Ding, the three sons are the history of the Tongzhou, Speaking of official positions. There are two sons in Mao Shi: the eldest son is big, the lawsuit Xun Lang, the second son, the official to the event, the author of “The Secret of the Foreign Taiwan”. As for the “Sun Sun … Xu” in the “New Tang Book · Wang Yan Biography”, it is also the great -grandson of Xun, the son of the three sons of Chongji, and the official Zuo Sirlang. 》 There are rumors. Based on this, it is obvious that Wang Yan is the great -grandfather of Wang Xun, Wang Jingzhi is the uncle of Wang Ye, not his father. “Biography of Wang Yan” contains, after Wang Jingzhi “Sitting on the Emperor Prince inheritance and Migration outside the ridge”, “Princess Nanping even married Liu Xuanyi” has nothing to do with the Wang family, and it has nothing to do with Wang Yan). Wang Ye is not Tang Taizong. The grandson. Although Wang Yan is not the grandson of Tang Taizong, he has a prominent family.

Most scholars believe that Wang Yan jumped into the career from an ordinary student and merged into the North Administration. He was appreciated by Tang Gaozu, Prince Edward, and Tang Taizong. With the promotion of Wang Yan, the family relatives in the family also moved from Weishui to Beijing Changan. If you are in -depth, Wang Xun’s Raiders, it is not difficult to get from the books such as “Southern History”, “Liang Shu”, “Old Tang Book” and “New Tang Book” and other books: Wang Xunzhi’s family was originally the famous “Taiyuan of the Han and Wei Dynasties” “Wang’s”, since the eighth ancestor Wang Yan, in the post -Wei Shi, the officials of Shangshangshi and Huwu Maru, this one is “Wu Wan Wang’s”. After Wang Yan’s ancestor, Wang Yan migrated for thousands of years after the death of the Northern Qi Dynasty and settled here. Wang Shi, the grandson of Wang Xun, was buried in the god Heyuan of the Wannian County. Wang Xunzhi should be Wannian County (now Xi’an).

2. Personal life

Wang Yan’s life, all kinds of medical history books have only served in Hongwen Museum for more than 20 years, and then degraded to Fangling. For historical materials for inspection, we believe that although there are very few historical materials, it can still outline a rough outline for Wang Xun.

In the eighth year of Kaiyuan (720 years), Wang Ye was the judge for the officer of Huayuan County, Huayuan County. Historical materials are contained, “The Old Tang Book · Weizhi”: “When the Anti -Gyeonggi was approved, he was served as the captain Liang Shengqing … Hua Yuan captain Wang Xun was the judge and branch, and then Sheng Qing and other names were all displayed …” According to “Wei and Anti -Biography”, in the eighth year of Kaiyuan, Wei Kang “On behalf of the king as a doctor of the royal history, and according to Gyeonggi.”

In the twelfth year of Kaiyuan (724), Wang Ye advised the agent to adapt to the agent of the Chang’an County. Huayuan County and Chang’an County belong to Guan Nei Daojingzhaofu, but Huayuan is a county, the county captain is under the nine grades, Chang’an is Chi County, and the county captain from the eight grades, and the Huayuan Weiqian Chang’an Wei. Essence Historical materials are contained, Volume 85 of “Tanghui Yao”: “In the nine years of Kaiyuan, the monitoring of Yu Shiyuwen Rongqing Qing Qing Qing Qing Qing Qing ductive pseudo and residential escape, so he persuaded the farmers’ judge … to twelve years , And the captain of Chang’an County Wang Ye … All the celebrities at the time, the judge got the person, and was prosperous here.

During the 12th to 16th year (724-728), Wang Ye supervised the history of the Royal History and turned to the palace to serve the royal history. Historical materials are contained. The “Test of the Test of the Title of the Tang Royal Shitai” Volume II Supervisory Royal History and the Title of the Emperor’s History in the Hall are Wang Ye. In the seventeenth year of Li Zhou, he served as the history of the palace. The monitoring royal history, from the eight grades, served the royal history in the hall, from the seven grades, it was also promoted normally. Wang Ye and “Outer Secretary”


From the seventeenth year of Kaiyuan to the five years from Tianbao (729-746), Wang Ye has successively served as a member of the Ministry of Households Wairo, the official minister Langzhong, and it is given. “Outer Secret Preface” cloud: “Seven ascending Nangong, two worshiped Dongye, and more than 20 years of Fantai Pavilion. “Nangong, that is, Shangshu Province, Wang Ye was once Shangshu Provincial Langzhong and Yuanwai Lang. Historical materials are contained. In the 29th year of Kaiyuan (741), Yang Zhongchang, who ranked before Wang Ye, died. This can be pushed. Prior to China, among the 24 Cao Lang officials in Shangshu Province, the official minister Lang was the clearest. During his position, but the government affairs is idle, no wonder you can have a lot of time to explore the secrets of the Fangshu. The great book “The Secret of the Foreign Taiwan” was born. “Two worship of Dongye.” Dongye, the province of the door, and the province of Xiyu Zhongshu Province. Because the province below the door was outside the left Yanmingmen, and Zhongshu Province was outside the right Yanming gate. “New Tang Book · Wang Yan Biography”: “焘 ​​… Give it to the matter.” In the province of the door, the five grades, this is “one worshiping the east”. “New Tang Book · Bai Guanzhi”: “For four years, the Museum of Xiu Cultural Museum is provinced below the door. In nine years, it is changed to Hongwen Museum … Yifeng Zhong, Introduce the Bachelor of Bachelor, School Management, Wide, Five Pin, Five Pin, The above is a bachelor, and the sixth grade is said to be a straight bachelor, and there is a literary straight. It is all the officials. After the emperor’s arches are arched, … the museum is sentenced to one person in the event. ” Bachelor or Bachelor of Bachelor of the Museum of Hongwen Langzhong or Lang Zhongzhong. When Tianbao was in the beginning of the incident, the Fang Judging Museum was “more than 20 years in the fellows of the Taitai Pavilion”. Between load.

“Outer Secret Preface” Fuyun: “Defense Fang Ling and moved to Daning County.” “”. Tianbao three years take the state as the county as the county, the stabbing history as the eunuch, and the first year of Qianyuan. The name of the preface and Zhiwu Yunjun, so these four assassination history are all in Tianbao. Fangling is Fangzhou (prefecture in Fangxian County, Hubei), Daning, Dazhou (prefecture in today’s Shanxi Province), Pengcheng, Xuzhou; In the above four positions, the year of Ren Yingjun can be confirmed. “Outer Taiwan Secret Preface” is the “Tang Yin Qingguang Lu, the military and the founding of the military and the founding of Qingyuan County, the founding of the army and the founding of the army in the history of the thorns”, “it is the year old Tianbao eleven years (752), who is holding Xu Yuezhi. Those who are born again. “Tianbao eleven -carried Ren, Chen’s” Eria Shitian “.” Tai Sui holds Xu in Chen Ri. “In this year, Wang Ye was indeed the eunuch of the county. “New Tang Book · Yan Zhenqing Biography”: “Out of the prince of the plain … Lushan anti, Heshuo is trapped, the only plain city defensive … Rao Yang’s eunuch Lu Quancheng and the prince of the county prince Wang Ye each return.” “Yi Yun:” After the fourteenth year of Tianbao (755 years), after Anlu Mountain was trapped in Luoyang, the prince of the county was shot by Lu Shan, and the official Li Langzhe, the pseudo -Chief Hejian Shi Du Mu Mu , Hejianzhong is attributed to the public. “Tianbao’s fourteen years of Wang Ye was still the prince of the county. At the end of the year, the fake camera Hetu County Taishou, but because this is the pseudo -life of Anlu Mountain, the epitaphs and historical books of the descendants of the future generations Of course, it will not be recorded, not to mention that Wang Yan cuts the river Sima and led his part to Yan Zhenqing, who was attributed to his righteousness, and made a significant contribution in blocking the split activities of Anlu Mountain. At this point, I suddenly felt a sense of respect. Wang Ye is not only a great medicalist, but also a national hero, a resourceful militaryist! However, unfortunately, he should died in this war, so the Biography Monument’s final official was the eunuch of the county. The year of his death was about the fifteenth year of Tianbao, that is, Suzong to De Yuanzai (756).

In short, Wang Xun’s life can be briefly described in the following: about the first year of the Empress Dowager Ruyi (692). His Langzhong, Giving the Emperor Fang Ling, Da Ning Taishou, Pengcheng Taishou, and the Emperor of the Junjun, and were pseuded by An Lushan, the Taishou of Hejian, died in the fifteen years of Tianbao (756 years).

Third, the righteousness of the outer platform


The earliest explanation to the “Foreign Taiwan” was Sun Zhao, the Confucianism of the Northern Song Dynasty’s “Secrets of the Foreign Taiwan”. He explained in the preface: ” Outside the outside, the name is “The Secretary of the Foreign Taiwan”. “Sun Zhao pointed out that Wang Xun was the prefecture of the county, and the book signed the” History of the Jiejie County Military and Stabbing History “. In the Qing Dynasty’s “Siku Quanshu” in favor of this. Japanese scholar Danbo Yuanzhang’s “Medical Test” pointed out that the exterior “its righteousness” Wei Zhi “,‘ Lan Terrace is an outer platform ’is also.” There are four meanings of ancient Chinese “Lantai” in ancient China. One is the platform, the Shangshu of the Han Dynasty is the Central Taiwan, the history of the royal history is the constitutional platform, and the people are the outer platform; the second is the history of the thorn, the state and the county chief, and the Sun Zhao said that “the appointment of the thorn history” is well -founded; For Lantai, “Three Kingdoms · Wei Zhi Wang Lang Biography Entrusted Wang Suling Biography” Note: “Lantai is an outer platform, the secretary is the cabinet, and the Taege Yiyi”. The fourth is the Supervisory Department of the Three Division. It was set up after Tang Suzong Zhide (756-757).


The word “outer platform” is trained as “Lantai”. In the second year of Tang Gaozong Longshuo (662), the secretary province was the Lantai, and according to “Wei Zhi”, Lantai can be called an outer platform. Wang Ye’s “Outer Secret Preface”: “Yu You has many diseases, has good medical skills, and has been in the Tao, then he Hengyu, seven ascending Nangong, two worshiped Dongye, more than 20 years in Fantai Pavilion. The museum, Fangshu, etc., is seeing Olympic Shengtang, and all explores its secrets. “According to Wang Ye’s own statement,” Polynism “and” Exploring their secrets “are exactly the basis of” The Secrets of the Foreign Taiwan ” Essence

Fourth, the ancient relics

Xu Dachun’s “Medical Streaming Theory” pointed out: “Tang Wangzhang’s” Outer Taiwan “book, compiled the party since the Han Dynasty, remitted the book, and the prescriptions of the past are prepared. The selection of the trial, thinking that refers to, is also a book such as medical and other books. However, the prescription of the Tang Dynasty relying on this book to save it, and its merits are also indispensable. “Indeed, the northern and southern dynasties to the Tang Dynasty” Shi Monki, Cui Shangshu, Sun Master Shi Shi Shi Shi Shi from the Northern and Southern Dynasties Ten dozens of people including Zhang Wenzhong, Meng Tongzhou, Xu Renze, Wu Sheng, etc., all of which have been included in the “Jihe Fang” and “Tip Fang” that have been inherited in this book. Later generations collected rich and informative information from “The Secrets of the Foreign Taiwan”, which is enough to restore the original book. However, Wang Ye is not a family of sutras, and its clinical level is also quite high. He is not just a recipe for recording the predecessor, but he uses his body to apply the sutra, and often adds the effect of this party after some squares. For example: After the dogwood fried prescription, the cloud: “The cars of the cars, Chen Gai, tried.” “Near -Effective” burning salt all the qi to treat the wind and the wind. Lile pills note the cloud: “The Ministry of Rites Xiao Lang is in the middle, and the cloud is effective.” Wang Xun’s relatives “offending the heat of the heat” on the way to Daning’s relocation to Daning. Fortunately, he wrote down some prescriptions, “depending on the sutra, only the person who had to be saved” cured the family’s illness.

Wang Yan donated the gravel of the sages, and the green feathers of the Qunqun talents were repeatedly in and out. “Terrace” 40 volumes. People of this life are the treasures of Jane, inheriting the heritage of the book, and studying the practice to improve medical skills and include the public.

Note: This article refers to the views of scholars such as Wan Fang, Cui Wei, etc., and I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to it!

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