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jump rope


Physical and mental development

It has a very important role. Frequent skipping rope is conducive to children’s lower limbs

Power, speed, endurance, coordination

The development of various physical fitness is also conducive to

Improve children’s sense of disorders

, Especially for children

Passion -consciousness, body consciousness

The development of development has a very good effect. I often participate in rope skipping exercise to effectively improve children’s physical fitness and cardiopulmonary endurance, prevent overweight obesity, and help children shape a good body shape.

Jump short rope with your feet

It is the most basic action for children to learn skipping rope. Only after this action is well practiced can they help children learn about skipping rope. Children learn skipping rope


The best age is 4-6 years old

It is best to learn to skip rope before the beginning of elementary school, which can play a very important role in the rapid adaptation of children’s life.

Rope skipping is a must -have test for national physical testing in elementary school, and it is the only project with extra points. In many places, skipping rope is a sports entrance examination project. Hope to attract the attention of parents.

Below I will share the correct methods and skills of learning skipping rope, and share with you, I hope to help your children learn to skip rope quickly.

Before learning the skipping rope, you must first buy a jumper rope for your child. The choice of rope skipping may not work well, so that the child will lose his interest in skipping rope. Therefore, choosing a suitable skipping rope is particularly important for your child to quickly skip the rope skipping. It can also stimulate the child Interest of skipping rope, the best skipping rope for beginners is

Bamboo rope skipping

Essence Bamboo skipping rope is not easy to knot, and it has a certain weight, which is very suitable for children to quickly learn to skip rope.

After buying the skipping rope, help the child to adjust the length of the rope. Don’t be too short or too long. The method of adjusting the rope in moderation:

Hold the rope handle with both hands, then step on the rope with both feet, and hold your hands on your chest.

Essence Take the excess bamboo knot down, the extra rope can be placed in the handle. Do not cut the rope short. When the child grows taller, you can adjust the length of the rope, which is conducive to continuous use and avoid waste.

Key points: The timing of skipping rope must be remembered that at the moment of the rope ground, quickly take off and complete a skipping action.

Difficulty: The combination of jumping and shaking rope is rope -skipping rope.

3 steps for children to learn skipping rope

First, jump rhythmicly

The first action jumps in place. Children can take their hands on their hips and practice in place. Children can start practicing from the age of 2. From 0-1 is the most difficult. At this time, it needs to go through about 2 months. It can help children learn to jump in place. Most children can do this movement in place at the age of 3 or 4. If a child who lacks exercise, in severe cases, you will not jump in place at the age of 6. To practice frequently, to help children make a coordinated and rhythmic jump, they can jump while shouting slogans.

Second, shake the rope rhythmically


The second action is to shake the rope rhythmically,

The method of shaking the rope: the big arm and the body are tight, the arms open naturally, shake the rope with the wrist, and the wrist rotates the rope near the waist.

Remember not to rotate your arm with your arm to drive your forearm with your shoulder joints. This will be very tired. Many children often make a mistake when jumping rope.

Turn the rope and shake the rope with wrists, which can be divided into two types.

Shake the rope with one hand and two hands in place


Shake the rope with one hand in place: Use your right hand to hold the two handles of the skipping rope, and practice according to the method of shaking the rope. The main exercise will learn to relax the rope with his wrist, and repeatedly practice left and right hands.

Shake the rope with both hands: Put the middle section of the rope on the neck, hold one end of the rope with one hand, a distance from the handle, and the hands of the rope at the same time to exercise and coordinate the unity.

Third, the combination of jumping and shaking rope

In the first step, the combination of one -handed rope and jump in place, when the rope is one -handed in place,

When the rope hit the ground

, Quickly jump, repeat.

In the second step, the combination of shaking the rope and jumping with both hands in place, jumping on the basis of shaking the rope. When the handle rotates a circle, jumps to exercise the sense of rhythm.

The third step is to put the rope behind you, shake the rope from behind, practice strictly in accordance with the actions you learned before, shake the rope in front of you, then jump over, repeat it, slowly, then fast, step by step, keep constantly, keep constantly, keep constantly, keep constantly, keep constantly, keep constantly, keep constantly, keep constantly, keep constantly, keep constantly, keep constantly, constantly, constantly, constantly, constantly, constantly, constantly, constantly, constantly, constantly, constantly, constantly, constantly, constantly, constantly, constantly, continuous, and constantly, constantly, continuous, and constant, and constantly continue. Reinforcement exercise. Strive for a fast, rhythmic, coordinated skipping rope.

Three stages of children’s learning skipping rope


The first stage,

From 0 to 1 stage, that is, the process of never learning to the society. For half an hour a day, normal children can learn for 2 weeks.

The second stage,

In the continuous skipping stage, strive to jump 100 times per minute, 10 minutes per day, and can be achieved for one month in a row.

The third stage

, Quickly skip the rope, strive to achieve more than 150 ropes per minute, 10 minutes per day, and can be achieved for 2 consecutive months. It is best to meet this standard in the first semester of the first grade of elementary school. Standards for full and bonus points. After reaching this standard, the national physical test results can basically meet the excellent standards.

If you have any questions, you can leave a message. Click the video link below to learn more intuitively. More rope -skipping videos can be watched and learned in pattern skipping collection, and you can also see the skipping display of first -year children to communicate and learn.

The trick skip rope series 02, and jump short rope with your feet, practice it