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Spring gentle breath is really rich!

Many bloggers have begun to have a variety, the spring atmosphere is full of soaps ~

I also found it when I collected the material, everyone

Small skirt

The heat, rising to a peak! After all, the dress is worn by the dress, …


Show meat is also thin, visual seconds thin ten pounds!

Can be smashed in a superimposed, one hundred and not picking people!

The atmosphere is full, and the camera is high!

The female stars who walked in the fashion front end were no exception, and they were struggling to do hipster queen.

The most popular small skirt this year,

It was taken out to take a battle! Summer is slim

POLO skirt

, Very friendly for all your body



, Atmosphere



And full of emotions

College wind cover skirt


So, adhering to the mission of planting grass, I have four most popular

Star with paragraph,

Amway gives you ~

First of all, it is my most heart

Beyond your sister with Polo skirt


! Its whole version is very wonderful,

I can wear the paper people’s Feel!


Especially the design of POLO, the pointed line feeling, instantaneous neck


There is wood! !

The entire head ratio is very good instantly!

Not only surpass sister, juice girl Joy is also PICK with the same paragraph!

Micron A word of the skirt and the design of the waist,

Can make people look more tall!

Bao blue and white are more classic color matching, blind selection, they are not wrong ~


Black and white color matching is more Max!


Want to wear

More refreshing feeling,

Spring and summer must


I have to give it full! The atmosphere is angry, it’s going ~

Have to say, POLO skirt

Simple and comfortable

Stylish single product,

It is really especially suitable for the student party.

Vitality is full, save time and effort, don’t match ~

Good sister, bold Pick


. The POLO skirt of repairing is self-contained in a GIAO level, but also better

Outline our body,



Thin ability

How much is it? Who is wearing who knows!

One Piece is really not wrong,

But how can I be satisfied here?


Try to match a pair of small leather shoes, then carry a small bag that can only install a cute small bag, the vitality is energetic, go to the appointment


Absolutely eye-catching


You can also step on a pair of sneakers, a small cardigan, or picking a uniform bag, youthful exercise Girl Raise!

I still have a little tips ~ choose this

Cotton fabric


It will be more slimful JIO.

Common knit fabrics will be more chaired!


Article 2 I want to share the small skirts that I am looking at you, I am growing grass in Zhou Yi, I am watching the “Shanhe Orig” interview.

Goose yellow vest skirt


The princess of the milk is full of flavors.

The first eye saw, my blood is solidified 555!

Vest skirt

Single, superimposed

Single item,

Just match several patterns!

Like the week, this set of lace shirts, the incense of fragrant milk is true ~

To say the biggest advantage of the vendor skirt, that is:


Get easy



~ In the visual, the shoulder will become narrow. Plus a ventricular


High waistline design

A set of on your body, you are not thin!

But, the styles of rough flowers are inevitable. Usually go shopping, I will wear it when I date, I recommend it.

Shirt fabric

Drape skirt!


Hundreds still don’t pick people!

The style of the waist will be more formal.

Want to wear a lazy feeling,

Try this

Oversize design

Dress. A cute loveless shirt is simply sweet!


The feeling of wide shoulders will be too high, I want to wear more fashionable, I recommend it more



Stack shirts, salt can be sweet.

This body wears to work, you can drop a lot of colleagues ~

Commuter party babies, fast rush! !

Every time I write a single variety, there are many sisters who want to see in the message area and I want to see.

! Also true, to say


The most spring and summer in a small dress

, Non-holiday skirts!

When I was brushing INS,

This holiday skirt that is juice girl Joy is killed!


This version of this version, this pattern, I feel that I came to Hawaiian seaside ~


Especially this kind of skirt

Small-pork design

This year is really popular!


Something is not said, wearing a dating, men have nine, can be taken ~

Not don’t say as classic design elements

Grily pattern

I have always been in the front end of the trend ~ this grass green grillat design like Joy, with full youthful breath ~

However, Joy’s grass is good looking good, put it on our ordinary people.

It will be very dark if you can’t wear it!

I will recommend safe

Low saturated color

! The chance of turning into the car will not be too big ~




It will also have a sense of layering. Let’s so on the whole set of Look.

The effect of slimming black meat is!

In addition to the style, sweetness


Small floral vacation,

Spring and summer is also indispensable! Don’t say anything else,

Small floral is too sweet! !

Of course, the floral skirt can also be very SLAY! Feet step on a pair of sneakers, instant cool again ~


Many MAN Balance Dafa is very easy to use!

If you want to put the floral dress out of the SEEL of Sexy,



Will be more suitable, upper body super body ~ the wrinkles of the waist can be


Cover the meat on our belly,

It’s a treasured girl’s treasure skirt ~

Sisters who wants a strong spring atmosphere.

Bubble cuff

you deserve to have! Wuhu ~ This is a romantic girl who comes out from the oil painting!

In addition to wearing a FAFA dress, there is certainly less than going to a museum! This is not, our fashionable small flower nabye, wearing a front time.


Go to Disney. How beautiful, ask my heart it know ~

This set is put on weekdays, I will feel some official, boring. BUT! Nabi is very angry with a small tie,

Instant vitality four shots!

Then the Messenger bag of Dafi Bear, oh, oh,

Another sweet college wind is really too much!

Cute, I want to Rua!



Pure color

College wind suedprine,

It is really suitable for lazy people to wear ~

Don’t think about how to think about it, you can wear trendy feelings easily!

After that, in addition to the foundation, I suggest you can still start.


! Spring and summer is more refreshing, Yuanqi ~ At the same time,

Wear the official feeling!

Grilled style

It’s more in the British girl!

Ultra short paragraph,


Spicy and want! Beyond my sister, Po is a set of LOOKs, put me, don’t want it ~

Solid color suit jacket + grilled short skirt is also very good, neither sailing whistle, nor is it tone.

Let you get rid of the passing people in a second ~

However, the temperature in most areas is gradually rising.

Directly change the suit outside the suit into a small vest,


Will be refreshed, and also more retro school style!

I can’t wear the vest, I recommend direct

Shirt + pleated skirt

OK is OK. Plus some small accessories, you can also wear the same effect.


Dress breeding grass

It is over here! to be honest,


The charm of the small skirt is the privilege of girls enjoy!


It’s going to be in summer, and your sisters, let the skirts pick together!


College wind cover skirt







Drape skirt!