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Crystal lamps are one of the relatively hot lights on the current lighting market. At the same time, it is also a relatively difficult lighting lighting. This is because its pendants and materials are relatively many, so it is relatively troublesome to install. Therefore, many consumers are for many consumers. In the case of installation, a very headache is a very headache. Today, let Xiaobian recommend the crystal lamp installation skills and requirements for your popular science and recommendation of the crystal lamp in the living room.

水晶灯安装技巧和要求 客厅水晶灯新品推荐

Crystal lamp installation skills and requirements

1. Before installation, the lamps and its accessories should be complete, and there are no defects such as mechanical damage, deformation, paint peeling, and lampshade rupture.

2. According to the installation venue and use of the lamp, the minimum cross section of the wire core of each lamp should meet the requirements of the relevant regulations.

3. When the electrical lighting device is installed in the masonry structure, embedded hooks, bolts, screws, expansion bolts, nylon plugs or plastic plugs should be used; wood wedges are strictly prohibited. When the design is irregular, the carrying capacity of the above fixed parts should be matched with the weight of the electrical lighting device.

4. In large risk and special dangerous places, when the height of the lamp is less than 2.4 meters from the ground, a lighting lamps with a rated voltage of 36 volts or below should be used or protective measures. The lamps shall not be installed directly on the combustible objects; when the surface of the lamp is high -temperature parts*nearly flames, heat insulation and cooling measures should be taken.

水晶灯安装技巧和要求 客厅水晶灯新品推荐

The wiring requirements of the snail mouth lamp head

1. The wiring should be connected to the terminal of the center contact, and the neutral line should be connected to the terminal of the thread.

2. The insulation shell of the lamp head should not be damaged and leaked.

3. For the light head of the switch, the switching handle should not have a naked metal part.

Installing lamps must be combed

When a variety of lamps are in the flammable structure or installed in a wooden ceiling, fire prevention or heat insulation should be performed around the lamp. Boured tungsten lamps cannot be installed on wooden or other flammable materials. Install lamps to make itself line with the indoor building lines. The side of the rectangular lamp should be parallel to the decoration of the ceiling. When the lamp is installed symmetrically, its vertical and horizontal axis should be on the same straight line. Multi -mounted light lamp combinations.

Living room crystal lamp new product recommendation

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水晶灯安装技巧和要求 客厅水晶灯新品推荐

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水晶灯安装技巧和要求 客厅水晶灯新品推荐

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After reading this article about the installation skills and requirements of crystal lamps and the new product recommended by the living room crystal lamp, I hope to bring some help to your work and study.