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You have seen claims

Can children grow taller milk powder?

Screenshot of a milk powder promotional chart


These manufacturers say

Added from the colostrum of the oxen milk to the milk powder

Extract alkaline protein

Can directly act on children’s skeletal cells

Can effectively promote skeletal metabolism

Promote bone growth and repair bone quality

Can it really increase children?

Hear what the experts say first:

No relevant clinical experimental evidence

Concept hype, suspicion of misleading consumers

Wang Dingmian, the former executive director of the China Dairy Association and the president of the Guangzhou Dairy Association, said in an interview with the China Consumer Daily:

Some milk powder manufacturers point the child’s height too much to the addition of bull -colostrum lactine protein, which is not rigorous enough to ignore other growth and tall factors. When making milk powder products claiming to have high characteristics to the market, manufacturers should come up with a clinical experiment report that is sufficient to prove that the product function is consistent with the claim. So far, it has not been seen that the production enterprise has issued children with milk powder that adds to the long lactine protein, which can significantly grow and grow clinical experimental evidence.

Wu Chongming, an associate researcher at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Beijing Union Medical College, pointed out:

Drinking more milk or milk powder during the critical period of children’s growth is beneficial to the height. However, here refers to all milk and milk powder, instead of so -called so -called high dairy products. Some companies add specific ingredients to milk powder and declare that high functional is suspected of violations of laws and regulations. my country is banned from the function of food, and the approval function of health food has not grown one tallest. This promotion is more of a concept hype, which is suspected of misleading consumers.

Height is determined by multiple factors:

One -sided promotion of a certain food has a long and high function

To be comprehensive and meaningless

According to the reporter’s understanding, many dairy companies currently have launched children’s growth milk powder to strengthen their concepts of helping children’s growth through various networks.

It is understood that the prostitutes originated from Niu Chumana. As early as 2009, it was approved by the former Ministry of Health and included in the new resource food list, allowing food production and processing. In the introduction of the product of adding colostrum proteins produced by many dairy companies, it emphasizes its role in enhancing calcium absorption.

Wang Dingmian emphasized that children’s growth is determined by multiple factors. Among them, genetic factors account for 60 % -80 %, and reasonable nutrition, sufficient sleep, and moderate exercise have also played a great role in promoting.

As far as dairy products are concerned, all milk and milk powder can promote children’s height, because dairy products contain trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, zinc, and nutrients such as protein and vitamins. Number of.

Wu Chongming believes that there are many factors that affect children’s height, including individual differences, health conditions, feeding conditions, exercise, mental conditions, various endocrine hormones, and abnormal bone development. The true situation of judging the height of the child should be compared with most children of the same race, the same age, and the same sex.

He said that theoretically, the lumine lactine protein has the effect of promoting bone growth, but many ingredients in milk have the effect of promoting bone growth, such as calcium, magnesium, zinc and many other trace elements. The nutritional value of milk is the result of the comprehensive role of various nutrients, and it should not emphasize the special effect of a certain element. If a certain element in food has a long -term effect, it is meaningless to promote this food one -sidedly to promote this food.


Blind increase may be counterproductive:

To ensure sufficient nutrition


Follow the normal growth of the normal growth

Some media have revealed that some companies have announced on their official WeChat public account: “Children’s growth milk powder can allow children to increase by 5-7 cm per year.”

In this regard, Wu Chongming pointed out that some companies claiming that the increase in children’s milk powder is a concept of stealing. In the period of children’s growth and development, as long as sufficient nutrition is guaranteed, it will generally follow the normal rules. The height increase in one year in some development will be far more than 5-7 cm. relation.

Each adult must go through the fetal period, infantile period, childhood, and adolescence, while the height is mainly determined by the growth of these periods.

Generally speaking, people have three critical periods of height growth, that is, about 1 years old, 4-6 years, and 13-18 years old. These three periods are called “developmental increases.”

Wu Chongming said that in addition to the dairy products with a gimmick, there are some health products that promote height. Although children may grow faster in the short term, it may contain hormone components, which will make the child’s bone line line Closing early, in the long run, it will affect the ultimate height of children and should also pay great attention.

Ordinary food claims to have a high function:

Suspected illegal!


The increase in functional propaganda should be rigorous and standardized


Zeng Dan, a lawyer of Beijing Xinnuo Law Firm, said:

Some dairy companies can propagate children’s milk powder to grow taller, but whether it helps to grow taller, it still needs scientific verification evidence to prove. If it is only used as ordinary food, it claims that it has a high function and contains false or misunderstandings.

At the same time, the concept of dairy companies to promote children’s milk powder long and high also violates Article 8 of the Anti -Unfair Competition Law: “The operator shall not have the performance, functions, quality, sales status, user evaluation, and honor of their products. False or misunderstanding of business propaganda, deception, misleading consumers. “

If some companies have conducted animal experiments on rats, it proves that the little rats can grow up quickly after eating a certain milk powder. Can this prove that this milk powder has a fast and high function for children?

In this regard, Zeng Dan said that the little white rats have many similarities in biology, and the little white mouse experiments have certain reference value. However, even if the mouse eats some kind of milk powder, it can grow up quickly, and it cannot mechanically think that it has the same effect on people. Only by conducting standardized human tests on it can prove its effectiveness. If it is simply concluded that children can also grow taller when they eat this kind of milk powder, and then promote and promote children to eat such milk powder, they are suspected of false publicity.

Source: China Consumer News


Screenshot of a milk powder promotional chart


Screenshot of a milk powder promotional chart