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Fan said: What brand of female elites love to wear?

Recent popularity


“Elite Lawyer”

These two days have also entered the final stage. In the latest episodes, Luo Chang became the director of the law firm, and Li Na also repaid as expected, upgraded from the secretary to the administrative director, and also had his own office.

After promoting Li Na, the style of dressing has also changed. From the unchanged wrap skirt, it was replaced with a white suit+black skirt. This white suit still looks very waist.

When attending the meeting of the Management Committee, she changed into a small incense -style skirt, and felt that the style has changed greatly after being promoted.

The first love played by Yuan Quan was also online. Black shirt+simple earrings, with a short hair, thought that Tang Jing in “My First Half Life” was back ~


Especially when I was with Luo Peno, it was all He Han vs Tang Jing, the CP came out again ~

Last week we just wrote a men’s article and found that no matter what the show was evaluated, many Fan You was actually chasing, and strongly called for a writing of Li Na.


Today, if we send it to the female lead, let’s take a look at Li Na, Dai Xi, Lan Hong, and Gu Jie in the play. What are the brands wearing everyday?

———- I am an elite segmentation line ————————————————–



The female elites supported the “half of the sky” of the whole drama. Whether it was a lawyer, assistant, administrative or secretary, there were really a lot of clothes changed in this play.


多 ☞ ☞: More than 50 skirts are not heavy every day


Li Na played by Zhu Zhu is very popular in the play. This information is extremely spiritual, the emotional intelligence is extremely high, and the loyalty has a strong law firm, “an administrative sister”. It has a beautiful appearance and professional core, which is by no means an ordinary vase.

She has exquisite makeup, and she is a meticulous red lips every day.

The position of “Ten Thousand Fan” can be called a scene in the office. The cameraman likes to give her various close -up lenses, so whether it is too eccentric or not.


Li Na is a high -scoring player in her body and posture. In addition to the swaying style, her head -up gesture also makes her look proud to fly ~

However, Li Na’s highlights are more concentrated in her dress. According to incomplete statistics, she changed a total of 50+ skirts in the play. Fan did not discuss her in the law firm in reality today. This way it is not appropriate to wear it.

① Favorite One-PIECE, prefer big printing

Li Na’s style is mainly charming and mature women. She is an administrative. Although she is very different from the style of a suit shirt, most of them are one-piece models that are not complicated in style. The sense of design makes her more charming.


Even the basic black and white, Li Na must be distinguished from ordinary One-Piece, but the extra small decoration and hollow lace of the waist are a bit redundant in the workplace.

She also likes to wear pink, but this color will slightly weaken the sense of workplace. It seems a bit out of the office in the office, as if just changed to clothes before get off work ~

In addition to color preferences, you should find that she is more affectionate about the printed skirt, and she is not wearing the simple print of the small fresh and small pastoral, but the colorful, exaggerated flowers, birds, fish and insects. Essence

Others may be tacky, but wearing Li Na seems to have a kind of “one -man clothes” effect, without any contradiction. Many of her printed skirts in the play are from


Ted Baker


, Printing a variety of big prints on the skirt is one of the styles of Ted Baker women’s clothing ~

② The thin V -neck is not heavy, and the net red skirt is also


The V -neck skirt can be slim and thin, and it can highlight the perfect neck lines than the round neck. Li Na often wore some lotus leaf edges and lapel design in the play, highlighting the feminine femininity ~

When it comes to the V -neck design, I have to talk about Li Na in the play

Dvf wrap skirt

The classic encirclement+print design will magnify the charming infinitely. The tailoring is as suitable as the One-PIECE.

In addition, she also wore a French brand



The tea break skirt is still the encirclement of the V -neck style. It is designed with a retro French style. Wearing such a niche brand makes people doubt whether Zhu Zhu has brought a private server into the group.

Founded by French blogger Jeanne Damas (left), this skirt was almost one before the bloggers and celebrities. It is a proper net red skirt.

In addition, it can be seen that Li Na likes to make articles on the neckline. This skirt with irregular CUT-OUT uses the same style, but because of different colors and materials, they can wear them to “dating”, one to wear, one to wear Go to work ~


There is also a rose red dress with a coloring and cutting design on the shoulders. Fanzhu’s impression is also very deep. He made an article in the details, making the original simple skirt more recognizable.

However, the style of this lace+small -tip neck skirt looks slightly Taobao. Fortunately, she only passed through this style …


太 Blue and Red: wide too+elite, workplace fashion essence


The “ex -girlfriend” played by Wang Ou, although the role is not very pleasing in the play, but turned from a lawyer to become wide, it was quite amazing when he appeared ~

The powder and white striped dress on Blue and Hong’s body are very textured, suitable for her thin girl ↓

She is too daily, and most of her white shirts look, retaining the professional sense of the lawyer.

After returning to the workplace, the blue and red appeared in the law firm changed to the non -black and white look.


小 Dai Xi: Xiaobai in the workplace, shirt with shoes

Compared with Li Na and Lan Hong, the heroine Dai Xi played by Lan Yingying has a weaker presence in dress. As a small white in the workplace, although her work is highly talented, her newcomer identity has not yet made much capital of the elite style. Therefore, the salary and dress must be proportional.


I usually run around at the law firm, and the time is the norm, so comfortable sneakers, without losing the professional suit, can be worn more than skirts. After all, the heel case must be used to run ~


From the first day of employment to the reason for the law, in addition to straightening her hairstyle, her shirt look has basically maintained -refreshing thin striped shirts with western pants, how can it come?


Occasionally, she will also wear a little design shirt, such as color fighting, contrast, and style of articles at the neckline and edges of the shirt, but it is also simple and not exaggerated.

Her suit is also mostly tender green, mint blue and other colors, and has a feeling of youthful vitality ~


☞ Other female boss

There are also two characters in the play. The first is Gu Jie played by Liu Mintao, “Big Sister”. She is the founding partner of the law firm. The city is extremely deep and has a capable short hair. Wearing satin, silk suits and shirts most often, with a thin figure, don’t feel like it is ~

Liao Jiamin, played by Jun Junmei, is a female boss who is cold and inside, a little strong but indifferent. Her dress style is a little feminine, gray -blue, rose red, and black can hold it.



Whether it is a big name or a light luxury, if there is no bag that can make people recognize the LOGO, I am embarrassed to say that they are workplace dramas. Especially in the drama of all elite women in Yishui, it is fun to “see a woman to know a woman” ~


☞ 包 包 ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Li Na with the most clothes and the most bags. She is



The loyal fans, the new classic models are available.

This Rajah series white bag is a new style of Gucci. The envelope flip design has horses and tiger head decorations on the bag, which continues the consistent gorgeous retro style. The price is 22,800 yuan ~


Later, she carried another time when she was paired with a taro dress ↓

Li Na also has a classic bamboo handle bartender bag with a red and green nylon shoulder strap, but she will remove it when she goes to work every day. It is very commute and the price is 20,770 yuan.


This Sylvie is also a new model. At dinner dinner, it can be used to play with evening skirts to play its sense of exquisiteness. MINI SIZE costs 18,400 yuan ~

Needless to say, GG Marmont’s bags should be known. Earth people should know. The price of Li Na has risen a bit this year, and now it is 14,200 yuan.

In addition to Gucci, Li Na’s other bags are also big names -as far as the secretary is concerned, it is quite stunned ~

Such as this one

Roger vivier

Très vivier chain handbags, black gold matching, iconic generous buckle is very workplace, with a price of about 19,000 yuan.



The black flip bag, the shoulder design is relatively conservative and low -key, priced at 17,900 yuan.


Naturally, the big -name bag is not the patent of Li Na. Elites such as the female boss and female lawyer in the play must also use a big -name bag to support the scene. For example, Zuo Xiaoqing’s female BOSS Bai Jinghong, although there are not many appearances, but this 10W+camel color


Hermes Platinum Bag


But it is quite eye -catching.


Luo Qi, played by Wu Yue, usually takes the child to the ballet class.

Hermes Lindy 30

The bag is unique and the capacity is large enough. It is the low -adjustment of Hermes. The most expensive color is 63401 yuan ~

Lin Jingwei, a female lawyer played by Jiang Xin, also joined a guest appearance, but her purple -red suede

Fendi peekaboo

Handbags are also impressive, priced at 34,500 yuan ~


This Peekaboo is XL SIZE, which is used to install files, red wine or something ~

In addition, Wang Ou first appeared when he debuted


Lady doror

Handbag, as standard as a lady, the material and exquisite shape of the lambskin are very suitable for her, selling the price of 3W.

Seeing Dai Xi carrying this one


When ISIDE sewing handbag, when it appeared in Luo Penang’s house, Fan Master thought he had read it wrong. After all, the price of this bag was 20,000+.


Xiao Kaeli played by Zhang Lingxin, a appearance is a


Celine’s catfish bag

As the classic bags of the Phoebe Philo period, their gray and milk coffee colors are all sold well, and the price is about 16,000 yuan ~

At the beginning of the whole drama, Fan also saw this one in the hands of the big boss Ren’s secretary


The iconic ring raises is very highly recognizable, and the hands and hands are good -looking. The price is 1,2200 yuan ~

奢 奢 ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

In addition to the big -name bags, there are many light luxury bags in the play. Not only newcomers like Dai Xi, but also female lawyers also prefer light luxury bags ~

In addition to the Valextra above, most of Dai Xi’s backpack is a light luxury brand. This Whitney shoulder bag adopts envelope bag -shaped+letter shoulder strap design, a branch brand from MK

Michael Michael Kors

The price of about 3,000 yuan is moderate, suitable for newcomers in the workplace ~


In addition, she also has a Sloan Editor shoulder bag of Michael Michael Kors. The shape of the bag is a bit like a Cambridge bag. The style of students’ gas reduction is 4200. Many colors on the official website now have a 50 % discount.


Yang Mi and Yuner and other street idols have memorized this red and black respectively ~

She has another another

Zac Zac Posen

The price of the shoulder bag is also around 2000 ~ 3,000 yuan. This brand is also one of the favorite in the workplace in the past two years ~

The female lawyer played by Jiang Xin also carried Zac Zac Posen. This is just a large Earthette double -layered shoulder bag. The value is simple and the design is practical. The original price is 4507 yuan.


Jewelry, watch

Finally, let’s take a look at the jewelry and watches in the play. Compared with clothes and bags, although the jewelry watch is not so grabbing in the workplace drama, it is also an indispensable gas -lifting item. Most of them need a small and delicate shape ~

Small and the finishing touch workplace jewelry


It is one of the love jewelry brands of the heroine of the workplace drama in the past two years, and many jewelery in “Elite Lawyers” has also been contracted. For example, the pair of Arlequin half -pearl earrings worn when Li Na appeared at the scene, which was very small and delicate, with a price of about 13,400 yuan.

The classic Balance Class series necklace and earrings, exuding exquisite and gentle wind, making a pair, the finishing touch is just right, the price is 14,300 yuan and 13,400 yuan, respectively ~

To say that the styling is more prominent, the pair of Refined Rebellion NEO series necklace+earrings. The pearl is embedded in the hollow geometric body. The design has a sense of unsatisfactory lines and a little rebellion. Li Na wore several times in the play. The necklace and earrings were priced at 11,900 yuan and 19,100 yuan, respectively.


Female BOSS Liao Jiamin also has a TASAKI necklace. It comes from the CHANTS series. It uses Platinum+Agou House Pearl+diamond design. The shape is soft and balances the edges and corners of the female strong woman.

And this bracelet that Lan Hong has always worn in the play comes from




For the Force 10 series, the design of the stainless steel twist cable and the chain buckle is very unique. The shape is not easy to collide with the ordinary bracelet, which is chic and unique.


The low -key workplace watch


In terms of watches, Li Na’s choice is mostly basic. This


Small watch, a capable style combined with the red strap, has her consistent charming temperament, but the price is only 18,000 yuan, which is not as good as her Gucci bag.

In addition, this watch she often wear comes from the American brand

Anne klein

The price is usually around 1,000 yuan. The brass dial is equipped with a brown thin strap. The shape is very retro, and it is most suitable for her daily style.


Gu Jie, the founder of the founder, often worn the 3348420 watch of this Jaeger -LeCoultre. The blue dial is equipped with a watch belt, and there is a delicate diamond in the outer circle, which is priced at 74,000 yuan. The brand and style are very suitable for people.


In addition, she also has a red flip, what brand still likes, just a variety of colors ~


Dai Xi, the newcomer of the workplace, wears an apple watch everyday, and still meets people.


Well, after watching Fanzhu Men’s and female brands, what else do you want to see about “Elite Lawyers”, welcome to leave a message to tell us ~

The picture comes from Tencent Video and iQiyi, and some of them come from Visual China

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