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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Since March, in order to prevent and control the epidemic, there have been a square -cabin hospital and a centralized isolation medical examination center in various places. On the front line of this “war”, a company is always “present”, that is, Changhong TV.

According to statistics, since March, tens of thousands of Changhong TVs have been issued, and they have quickly assisted in many provinces and cities across the country. The first batch of 1,000 units entered Shandong Weihai Fang Cabin Hospital, more than 1,200 units were sent to Shanxi Changzhi Centralized Isolation Medicine Observation Center, more than 1,000 units of Fujian Xiami Hospital, more than 1,000 units to Changchun Related Card Hospital, 2500 units arrived in Zhengzhou, Henan Province The centralized isolation medical observation center is also supported to centralized medical observation centers in Nanjing, Suqian, Chongqing and other places in Nanjing, Suqian, and Chongqing, respectively … It is reported that many production lines at Changhong Multimedia are working overtime to sprint relevant order tasks in various places, and have coordinated logistics transportation and installation services. After Changhong TV is delivered to the designated location, the installation and putting it into use can be quickly completed as required. Changhong TV can become a member of the “war and epidemic”. It is the pride of the enterprise, but it is also the embodiment of the comprehensive strength of the enterprise.

Since the establishment of the factory in 1958, the first important electronic product is TV. After decades, Changhong has become an important force for the global television industry. In recent years, Changhong TV has seized policy opportunities, relying on the foundation of scientific and technological innovation in the past few decades, first trial in the 5G market in the industry, actively create new scenarios of smart home applications, and actively build products to create the terminal entrance to smart home equipment The controller provides a new path of reference for the development of the industry, and also leads the industry to set off a new round of technological revolution.

In terms of technical perspective, Changhong TV’s technical strength is powerful. Each TV technology upgrade is inseparable from the launch of Changhong. Now on the latest 8K TV, Changhong is even more proud and leads the industry to brave up bravery Forward.

In terms of efficiency, Changhong vigorously promotes the “C+3” operation model of the Industrial Internet to drive the full value chain with market orders. Relying on the 5G+Industrial Internet, Changhong Smart Show the terminal factory through the entire process end -to -end information+automation to realize the real -time online data online. Customized flexible production, and the current customer order delivery cycle is stable within 15 days. By shortening the research and development process by traction products SKU focusing, designing modularization/standardization/generalization, promoting material supply focus, quality forward movement management improvement materials set and manufacturing efficiency, further support the customer order delivery cycle to 10 days, which can quickly meet the satisfaction User needs.

In terms of quality control, Changhong integrates aerospace technology, forming unique reliability technology. After years of “inspection” of hundreds of millions of users worldwide, Changhong TV’s quality is well -known. As early as 2007, Changhong established a reliable technology center, which is also the first reliability technology center in my country’s home appliance industry. The reliability technology that is mainly used in the field of aerospace and military products to civilian products is not only the innate advantage of Changhong, but also in line with the concept of development of Changhong’s quality. Since the introduction of reliability engineering in 2008, the repairs of Changhong products have declined sharply, and the repairs of Changhong Tablet TV have decreased by 80%from 2008 to the present.

The R & D cycle was shortened by 30%

At the beginning, product research and development costs and after -sales service costs have been greatly reduced, and reliability has increased by more than 6 times.

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Faced with 5G+8K technology, entering the era of Internet intelligence, Changhong has been manufacturing intelligent manufacturing, Changhong Multimedia Intelligent Factory has gone through three generations of “Changhong Mixed Union” technological change. , Real -time online process of data and business, the form of differentiation lines is fully integrated with highly automated stand -alone equipment to achieve high -flexible customized production. As long as you receive an order, you can respond quickly and go online. It is reported that Changhong TVs from local cabin hospitals and medical observation centers are offline and offline from these advanced production lines. Starting from product demand, Changhong Multimedia has organized an excellent project team to complete these orders with priority tasks.

It is reported that since the occurrence of the epidemic, Changhong, as a representative company of China’s manufacturing industry, has given full play to the advantages of globalization and industry, and has provided lack of medical supplies such as masks, protective clothing, goggles, medical refrigerators, and atomizers for the front line of epidemic prevention. In addition, Changhong also donated online teaching equipment and learning supplies for regions that were seriously affected by the epidemic, donated caring fruits, vegetables and meat for thousands of households, and actively practiced social responsibility.