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Lisa’s beauty diary (text/

Blue sauce


Recently, the weather has become hot, and your hair has become more and more oily? Sometimes I can’t wait to wash my hair every day.


I always listened to people and said that shampoo should not be stared at a set, so we successfully possess the reason for Dongshiwan to buy various shampoos. If you haven’t used it, you want to try it! after all,


Washing hair is not a happy thing. We must not enrich the shampoo experience, right!

So, I have a wave of super -useful care homework today, and it ’s better to get in the car.


1. Nourishing and repair type

This brand is recommended to me strongly. She often floats her hair and her hair will inevitably be damaged. However, since she washed her hair, she got up the next day and touched her hair

It’s as delicate and smooth as touching wigs

, I won’t fry at all! Except for a bit expensive.


Not only can protect the hair from being affected by dryness, but also repair one by one, but also inhibit the ups and downs and spread of the hair, so that the end of the hair will be organized into a smooth and neat luster. Sisters who love to fly chaotic can really start with a look

The point is that the face value is also high. Do you say that you are angry? Is other shampoos not be face?


& Honey’s shampoo is very hot recently. Many people are pushing. Just looking at the packaging is a contented one. It’s really cute like a large can of honey,


The taste is very sweet, and the fragrance is very long -lasting


After washing my hair, I really felt “refreshing”, just like the scalp that had been stuffed for a long time could suddenly breathe smoothly, and at the same time, I could feel nourishment exactly. I still like it.

Si Bei’s Run Run series is also a very surprising group. Every time I wash my hair with it, it seems to be doing salon care. Its hairdressing ingredients are

Natural extract


In order to quickly supplement nutrition to the hair core and achieve the effect of nourishing and repair.


The texture of the shampoo is light and gentle, and gently rubbing a few times between the hair to quickly make a rich foam. It is also accompanied by a super -smelling flower and fruit fragrance. Simply speaking, two words: enjoy!


It is very suitable

Fultil and easy to break, dry and messy

After using it a few times, the hair was obviously softened and moisturized, and the occurrence of the hair tip was easy to ease.


Zhuanguan is a very good new domestic brand. I bought their products before the full series of washing trials. What made me fall most was the aroma.

Every one is very good, very natural and fresh

If you look at the perfume, I will definitely start.

The texture of shampoo is very thin and thin, and it is not sticky at all. It is especially suitable for some friends who like refreshing shampoo. They are very comfortable. And the conditioner can also give a better one while maintaining a refreshing sense of use

Nourishment effect



Recommend to


Like natural plant system, small fresh fragrance

The beautiful girls, from packaging to smell use, are all superb experiences.

Honestly, I have never heard of this brand before. I repeatedly sipped it in the studio Xiao Tian. It is no exaggeration to say that you will be stunning and fell in love with it once.

Meet and hate the night

As its name, its fragrance is a very strong French grape seed aroma, with flower and fruit aroma, which is very cured. You can feel what it brings intuitively after washing


The hair is like a silk, so amazing! The touch after blowing is super good, and it looks more shiny.

I will definitely repurchase this!

This set is also cost -effective king,

Super invincible moisturizing!

To what extent? Just use it when taking a bath, even the neck and behind? Intersection It is by no means a silicon feeling. After looking at the ingredients, it turns out that the moisturizing degree of Matsu Mountain tea oil is supporting!

The conditioner is particularly easy to use. After washing his head, wipe it on the end of the hair and wait for a while. It feels that the whole head is smooth, and the dry hair can be taken care of it. And the capacity is very durable, I love it too!


Hong Lu is an old friend who has been with me for many years. He has repurchased N sets, which is a friendship like first love! In the past, I loved hot dyeing, and my hair tied up was not saved by it. The moisturizing and repairing effects were not picky.

that is

Even if your hair is dry like a straw, you can get a dead knot

It can also help you fix it little by little. In the past, when there were not so many shampoo products, it was a god -like existence!


(Although it seems that many people use the presidential dandruff?)

2, oil control fluffy type


This is simply the gospel of the oil head star,


The hair is fluffy after using the hair.


The oil control effect is good, so that the oily one day can be delayed to two days, and it will not stimulate the dry hair ends. However, I prefer fluffy shampoo with smooth and smooth conditioner, and everyone can also match according to their preferences.


Although I was slightly dry when I washing my hair, it was not astringent to dry my hair, and the taste was good. I am very recommended to the beautiful girl who loves oil!

A shampoo that is impeccable from the ingredients does not contain any chemical components. It only uses natural coconut oil to adjust the scalp to a relatively neutral and healthy state.

After washing, the hair is full of coconut milk aroma

, Essentially, the hair becomes lighter and shiny.

It is to use it to shake it with thirty or forty times before. It is more “spent”, and the others are gone!


I found that Kimtrue’s home washing products are quite easy to use. This set of protection is also worth having a name. It is not expensive. The taste is a more natural ocean aroma.

Very refreshing

It feels very suitable for summer. The root of the hair the next day will not be so scalp, and the oil control effect is pretty good.


They can also choose to match with shampoo and conditioner. For example

Oil -based shampoo+medium dry skin care

, Don’t have to stick to the official match, it is very humane ~

Dedicated “Mengzhizi” Selsun should have heard it slightly? If you have dandruff, really

There is a clear feeling once in use

Its shampoo is divided into different models for different hair problems. Gold bottle is immediately dandruff. The daily dedue of the blue bottle. The main components are selenium sulfide.


Effectively alleviate lipid -spill dermatitis

In fact, the biggest culprit of dandruff is Mara -colonella. In the case of a large amount

Sulfid selenium is the biggest helper to inhibit this fungus


Because it is silicon -free shampoo, the overall feel is particularly refreshing after washing. Of course, if your hair is relatively long, it is still recommended to have a smooth conditioner and partition care!

Katshi hair washing water is not cheap, but it is really easy to use. It is more cost -effective to recommend everyone to start when it is promoted. Platinum is specifically targeted at the flat hair.


Make your hair more fluffy and increase the skull top

It seems dense and more.

Small and elegant

And a little bit of a little dense foam, it feels pretty saving. After washing, I can really feel that the hair quality is fluffy, and the oil control effect has been maintained for a long time!

L’Occitane’s shampoo was given a small sample when I bought other products of their house before. I tried it and felt that the oil effect was very good, and then I immediately repurchased the formal dress ~

(It was arranged clearly)



Fluffy, soft and slippery

With the faint herbic fragrance, it is very crispy.

It’s a little expensive, after all, it is not so irreplaceable. It is more recommended to start with the affordable babies ~

When it comes to oil control, Qingyang should be the first choice for many people? This Chinese New Year has passed, and Qingyang finally is no longer the Qing Yang of the packaging soil. This tiffany blue color matching, this dazzling

Diamond bottle body

It’s almost exciting!

The quality of the shampoo is quite dense, but it is easy to rinse. The conditioner is a bit similar to the thickness of the hair mask.

Can be used on the scalp


Being able to repair the scalp is inexplicably suitable for people like me who loves scalp. Essence The scalp and hair can be taken good care. The scalp supplement nutrients, and the hair is more refreshing and light, i!

3. Anti -dehuminating toughness

“The recipe of sending”, don’t conceal that you said that the brand name first made me unlimited HHH. Not only do we need to draw nutrients from food, but also the same, so their shampoo is rich

High -quality fruit extract essence

, Let your hair eat big meals too! It feels pretty good.

I started with apple sauce suits, the taste is the sweet apple flavor, which smells good. Shampoo can make rich bubbles, so when washing your hair

There will be no sense of pull

, Use the sensory stick.

After using this set to wash the head, it feels like “light”, the hair will not be soft, but it will become a scalp, but it will become

Full of air

, I really like it. It seems that there is no feeling for the time being, and I will tell you for a while ~

The anti -off -depression effect of the green beads shampoo is well -known. Their counter can be used for scalp test, and the corresponding hair care solution will be produced according to your own actual situation, so that the care will be more efficient.

I am lazy and I did n’t test it, but I have entered a bottle when Tmall engaged in activities.


I like the experience when washing my hair. The aroma of green orange smells particularly relax

Little green beads are very q

, Look full of nutrition ~

I usually wash it twice, clean the scalp in the first pass, and massage with my fingertips for 1-2 minutes in the second pass to let the essential oils in the small green beads be released.

Enhance the scalp microcirculation

It can also provide nutrition for hair follicles and strengthen hair roots. Interested friends can go to the offline counter to do a test first.

Each drop of their shampoo contains real plant ingredients. 92%of shampoo comes from natural. Friends who like natural products must try!

First of all, its taste is really special enough, the whole aroma is probably

The mountain streams in the sun after the rain, the fragrance of green grass in the distance, the light flower fragrance of the lavender and the valley near the lavender

, The natural aroma full of mysterious charm, the aroma left on the hair after blowing is dried, I can’t help but want to hear …

The shampoo itself is a translucent gel texture, which is good for foaming, and bubbles are dense. It is said that the treasure component contained in it can reduce the damage of the harmful substances in the water, make the hair more tough and elastic, and the effect of the same conditioner will be better.

4. Locking color solid color

This set has given everyone in Amway. It is targeted at three different colors of linen brown, dark brown, and red brown. There are three sets of sets. The shampoo inside is the same drip. The corresponding moisturizing milk is fine. There is an amino acid component in the shampoos

Will not stimulate the sensitive scalp of the hot dyeing

There is also a certain moisturizing effect on the dry hair ends. It is really super -conscious ~


The texture of moisturizing milk is like a chocolate sauce, and it can take good care of each hair. Just like making a hair mask, the hair was very shiny!

There was a record of the use of a month before Qiqi.

“Standby time” is really much longer than the use of ordinary shampoos.


Essence The hair quality is also visible to the naked eye, full of softness, no traces of damage, girls who love hot dye can try it!


Japan’s Annadonna Every has more colors covered with color care. In addition to the brown boring linen of nature, it is a little exaggerated.

Pink blue purple orange is available


, AMU dyeing enthusiast AMU fell in love.


She used 5 or 6, and it was inseparable from it, and if the bottom color of her hair was light enough, it was okay to dye it directly, which was really a bit powerful.

The gray hair dyed in the summer of AMU was used until the New Year’s Eve in the winter, the hair was still gray, and the lasting effect was great! Recommended!

This shampoo of the unicorn is also countless of AMU empty bottle. Previously, AMU dyed an orange -red hair and did not lose color for a long time. It was said that it was continuously using unicorn.


Lock -up intensity bull x

Even if your hair has become yellow, as long as you use it to wash your hair three times, your hair will be red immediately!

The point is that the face value is also very high. The entire shampoo is translucent red, and the taste smells the sweet candy. It is worth recommending, because

The hair is very smooth after washing!

I feel that everyone’s “Hi New Availability” is reflected in the shampoo products … but after all, personal strength is limited. In fact, we still have a lot of new products to try.

Just rely on you to grow grass

^ ^