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As the midsummer heat waves are about to come, the poisonous sunlight also makes everyone, have to consider the sunscreen considerations into the wear, and put aside the trend of clothing in 2020.

The stacking mode of “short -sleeved T -shirt+long -sleeved bottoming shirt” is indeed different from yin and yang, which solves the trouble of sun protection.


At first glance, I don’t know if everyone thinks that this kind of combination seems to have known each other. For example, as early as many years ago, on the arm of many outdoor workers, we have seen similar wearing, which is often said to be short. Sleeve+sunscreen sleeve, a little not paying attention, it is likely to wear a exclusive “cheap sense”, and this is a test of everyone’s matching skills, but how to match T -shirts and long -sleeved bottoming shirts to in order to in order Make the whole set of shapes not cheap.

1. Pure color T -shirt+color printed bottom shirt

Although many sunscreen sleeves also use the element of color printing, if the top is selected for a black loose T -shirt, you can choose this one. That is what we often say

“Song+Tight” matching rule



Put the T -shirt and bottoming shirt into high -waisted jeans to modify the legs of the legs, but also appear to be neat and capable, and the avant -garde match of rolling pants and short boots is also very fashionable. Directly cover up the cheapness brought by the long -sleeved bottoming shirt itself.

If you are worried that the color is wrong, you can also choose the same color T -shirt for stacking. For example, this light green printed bottoming shirt, with a short -sleeved shirt jacket covering the hip, fresh and natural, with the same color on the feet with the same color, with the same color on the feet with the same color. The flat shoes are young and playful.

In addition, the disappearance of the lower body is very suitable for girls with H body. Not only will it not make the loose upper body look obtrusive, but it can also show long legs.

2. Pure color T -shirt+same color bottoming shirt

In fact, the same color matching of solid color T -shirts and solid color long -sleeved bottoming shirts, which tests the matching foundation, and its matching trick is to ensure that the whole set of wearing is the same color system, such as the upper body is a black printed T -shirt+black black Long -sleeved bottoming shirt, the lower body can be paired with black irregular skirts, and shoes and socks also need to choose dark color items.

Because the advantages of dark dresses are particularly thin, this kind of match is almost suitable for all figures.

If you are pursuing a new tide girl, you can also try to wear this bright color, such as a blue leather dress with a long -sleeved bottom shirt with the same color system, and a pair of blue on your feet. Human characters look particularly textured, and the same color is easy to give people a sense of impact visually, and it can easily shape a bold and avant -garde urban fashionable female image.

3. Bright color T -shirt+white lace bottoming shirt

Different from the sexy seductive people of black lace, the white lace itself has a bit of softness and playfulness. Therefore, such long -sleeved bottoming shirts need to be paired with a bright T -shirt and a college band pants. Easy to achieve the effect of age reduction,

And white lace bottoming shirt, very versatile, suitable for various colors of T -shirts.


4. Pure color T -shirt+animal pattern bottoming shirt


The frequency of animal pattern elements in major shows is not low, so it is not easy to be outdated.


It is very suitable for the outside world to show a kind of attitude towards fashion, and this leopard leopard bottom shirt can simply put on a white T to give people a sense of light, but at the same time, it will not seem to seem Too much.

What needs to be specifically explained is that


The zebra pattern bottoming shirt is best not to match with a black T -shirt, otherwise it will give people a dull “programmer style”. Choose this tender green T -shirt as much as possible to look young and energetic.


5. Pure color T -shirt+checkered bottoming shirt

Girls with plaid control need to pay special attention. Although gray -black plaid is a retro -style fashion element, it will not be old -fashioned with a black T base, and it will be matched with the lower body khaki casual shorts. Instead, it highlights a high -level texture. Of course, for some girls with dull complexion, colorful plaids lined with skin tone are also a good choice.


This “clothing+clothing” fashionable method will basically be reopened in a few years, and there will be no outdated concerns.

In addition, this kind of bottoming shirt is also very high. Girls with conditions allow more long -sleeved long -sleeved bottoming shirts with peculiar printed printed, which can be used repeatedly in winter and summer. There will be no vacancy.