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No matter how fashion develops, the classic items will always have a place. It’s like short boots. The appearance rate has been stable every winter. The important thing is that you still do n’t pick your body, even the small girls can choose without worries.

The most popular combination of short boots is leggings, taking into account warmth and fashion. “Bottom pants+short boots” is equivalent to the most fashionable and thin lower body match in winter, especially suitable for small people.

A pair of combinations in winter this winter, called “leggings+short boots”, are fashionable and thin, who wears beauty. Therefore, this issue of Cat Sister has two perspectives of choosing models and thinking ideas to analyze this kind of combination. Let’s take a look at it together ~

1. The styles of short boots and leggings in winter


①: Martin boots


First of all, look at the short boots. In fact, there are many classic models in leather boots, but the most classic is the most classic Martin boots. It is almost the first style of people wearing boots. The sense of tough contour shows a neutral atmosphere, so it is easier to match.

After all, Martin’s boots are wide. After all, the cat sister recommends that you can choose a short Martin boots of 6 holes and the height of the ankle. Instead, the leg shape can be modified, and the height after the combination can show thin legs.


②: Chelsea boots

The neutral style of Martin boots is very obvious. Many mature women want to be more elegant, so you can try the classic Chelsea boots like Martin boots. The design of the shoelaces was saved, and the tight band was added to the boot mouth, which was more concise. At the same time, it weakened some tough atmosphere and looked particularly beautiful.


It will also be more convenient to wear and take off, saving the troubles of laces. Most of the height of Chelsea boots is also ankle. The classic pure black Chelsea boots also have sufficient tolerance, and still do not have to worry about poor control.

③: Black leggings

The leggings are more special. In everyone’s impression, the leggings are warm in the pants. They often have comfortable fabrics and tight -fitting versions.

However, wearing the pants is currently popular, so choosing leggings not only must consider fabrics and comfort, but also need to consider the appearance of the appearance, otherwise it will also have a rustic and cheap effect.

The leggings are tightly treated on the version, which means that the lines of the legs are quite picky. If you are afraid of the shortcomings, you need to use the color to modify it.

Sister Cat recommends that the black leggings are given priority. Visually, as a “contraction color”, can also help modify the legs of the legs, show thin legs and long legs, and help to control the leggings more easily. At the same time, the risk of errors can also be reduced when matched with simple attributes.

2. What are the combination of short boots+leggings?

①: Boots and pants are the same color, extend the lines of the legs


Simple boots and pants are simply the same color for short boots and leggings. Black boots with black leggings. Different colors of leggings and boots will produce a sense of interception, thereby “eating legs”. The same color will visually extend the leg lines to help significantly and thin.

Not to mention that black is the basic color, and the large area is full of high -level atmosphere. At the same time, the shape is consistent and will not make mistakes. Even with a top with elements, it will not appear exaggerated.


②: With a skirt, elegant and layered


In fact, the matching of bottom pants and short boots can also be matched with long skirts, adding a bit of dynamic and romantic in the dull winter, elegant and feminine. The long skirt with leggings is also enough to keep warm. It is the temperature of the temperature at the same time, and the clear effect between the skirt and the leggings will make the shape look high.

It should be noted that the length of the skirt should not be too long. Once, the leggings will be completely hidden without the sense of fashion. It is recommended to choose the length of the knee, and a little blank with the short boots can also be visually high.

③: Medium -length top, cover the hip to modify the figure

Everyone knows that leggings are tight -fitting types, and they are also picky on the legs and lumbar. But in reality, there are few people who have such a perfect figure, and more or less have such shortcomings, which can be modified by matching.

If the leg shape is not straight and the person is not tall enough, it can be modified with the combination of short boots, so what should I do if the lumbosa part should be? Sister Cat suggested that girls with large buttocks and widths choose medium -length tops to directly cover the hip part to play the purpose of sliding meat.

Well, this is the introduction of short boots+leggings. How do you think it is best to match?

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