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As the saying goes: “People rely on clothes, horses,”, will dress up and be a huge wealth. There is no relationship with the appearance, the clothes can make up for the lack of regret, the charm is full of clothes, and they are all taken!

The clothes are not simple to blind, but also

An important media that reflects identity, education, and personality

Even the carrier of the valuable values ​​of people!

That’s taking a look at me today.

Spring wide-leg pants chopping and dressing skills!

“Selection of Wire”

“Match” of wide legs

▍ ▍ 阔 裤 裤

Everyone will often see when buying a wide legs.

Different lengths


In the Japanese wear, you will often see the matching of the seven-point wide leg pants, but the seven-point wide legs is a single item that is more difficult to control!

Most of the trousers of the wide legs

Straight type


Expand type


Two styles. And the length of the seven-pointed leg pants is just in the middle of our calf, the expansion of the pants makes us


Wearing the center of gravity, the overall dressing will look very down.

It is better to choose

The full length or nine-length wide-leg pants is the most insured, and it is not easy to make mistakes.

▍ (ii ~ Purdy legs make it wear more drag

Pattern legs are a common way to match our match.

But it does not apply to all trousers.

As you observe, you will take it in the wide legs, and the pants leg will make our wide legs.

There is no downward extension, but it seems to be more dragged, heavy, and it is reversed!


Not as good as us

Choose a wide-leg pants that suits our legs, the effect of wear is more extensive, and it is more skre!

▍㈢ straight type, shrinkage wide leg pants is the best choice

The choice of wide legs pants is also very particular.

Loose | straight-type | shrinkage

Too loose wide legs will make our


Wearing a A-character, and it is not easy to match

If you accidentally wear an old feelings.

Both straight pants and shrinkable harsh pants will make our wear h-type and V-type,

The whole is worn out in practice!

▍㈣ ▍㈣ ▍㈣ 三 三 分 比 比

“Touching ratio”

It is a very important knowledge point we wear!


You can optimize our body proportion, increase our high-level feelings wear!

When we match loose clothes, such as skirts, wide legs, etc.

More paying attention to the ratio

. We can

Optimize the body ratio by “emphasis on the waist line”.

Let our body are three or seven points,

The upper body is three, the lower body is seven!

▍㈤ high waist wide leg pants more advanced

This method can effectively enhance our waistline to create a three-seven-point dressing ratio.

The own attribute of the wide leg pants is generous, so the high waist wide leg pants can be neutralized and wide-legged.

Make it look more more practice!

I will be divided into “● ● ● ● ● ● Fashion Colors”.

● Hundreds of color


Black, white, this two-color wide-leg pants are common items in our wardrobe, color and style are relatively good, then let’s take a look at how this three colors of wide legs will match! ↓

1 white wide leg pants

The white wide-leg pants is equipped with a variety of style, and different single product effects are different.

We can use

Matching method


To eliminate the size of the body, let us look more slender slender.


A large colored coat

. In spring spring, our coat color can choose some colorful, sky blue makes it looks at it.

On the front of you, fresh and refined


You can also choose short jackets, more suitable


Wearing in the workplace

, Do not lose a woman.

Yellow is also a popular color in 2021, and it is also a choice for white wide legs!


Of course, we can also choose the color of different colors.


Highlight the waist line through the contrast of the upper and lower colors.

Make our wear more levels and points.

The tongue is strong in the same color.

From visuality can be highly displayed

And the inside of different colors can be


Increase our layering, emphasize the waistline, more legal


. Everyone can match it according to the needs!

When we choose a different color system, we also highlight the style of wearing, showing our individuality.

Black and white is classic; rice and white matching is soft and elegant; gem blue and white match is more practical!

In addition to the pullover, we can also match some

Colored shirts


Professional women’s dressing style, gentle temperament with workplace women’s unique practice!

2 black wide leg pants

Black wide legs with us

It is best not to choose a black

You can choose to match some

Bright colors

. Make our wear in the spring!

We can choose to match

Goose yellow pullover or light pink t-shirt

These two colors match the temperature and genity, which will not be particularly exaggerated.

The gentle color is like a spring breeze.

Black and white mix is ​​a classic match that never time.

If we want to break through the classic becoming fashion, you can add some colored single items.

For example, caramel-colored high heels, or red handbags, you can make our dress more charm more fashionable!

Everyone can also match some sweaters with printed design when they are casual, and they are energetic.

The morning and evening temperature difference will be a bit big, so everyone can

The shoulder is a thin sweater or shawl

And keep warm while adding the fashionable feelings!

@ 曹米娅

So black wide legs, it is not only very wild in color, he can easily control the design of the style!


There are always some pieces in the wardrobe of each girl.

Design exaggerated clothes, try to look at the black wide legs, absolutely amazing!

The three sets of matches in the figure, each piece is alone.

More difficult to control

Whether it is the design of the clothes pattern or the design of the wrinkles, it is more exaggerated!

But with a wide-leg pants, it is unexpected!

Everyone thinks about my wardrobe

What are the items that are not good?

Try it with black wide legs!

Everyone may wish to try the denim gown with a wide-leg pants, a refreshing casual match with the life of life!

I was about to turn over a few days ago, I found recently

Long vest suit is very popular

It is also very fashionable with the wide legs!

The vesic west clothing coat is still with white wrapping pants or black bread pants,

Each wearing effect is unique, novel and beautiful

! Very urban beauty, everyone may wish to look at it!


The last way of match is

Striped single product


, But this way

Not applicable to everyone.

The horizontal striped item has an expansion,


The shoulder width, the body is fat, the girl is not very suitable, will enlarge our shortcomings.

So this matching friend can try it!

● Fashion color

This chapter will tell some camels, pink pink, etc. There are some colorful wide-legged trousers, everyone will always have fear, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, with me Look! ↓


Let’s take a look at the camel’s wide legs. This set of camel’s wide legs with blue shirts

That’s time, but there is a sense of practice.

Conduct fashion design elements into the wearing.

This shirt lantern sleeves and small standing design elements make it

Between business and leisure style is very good

, The main color is called camel and blue, the high heels of maple leaves are used as a dressing.


And matching is just right!


You can also match white t or white shirt.

When we choose a mixed shirt, it is best to choose a shirt that is slightly microstrusted, and the retention is added to the simultaneous sense of high level.

When mixing with solid color white T, the neckline will be empty, and the whole is tonis, everyone can

Put a shaped shawl,

Fashion sensation is coming out,

This is also the little 诀 we wear, everyone must remember!

Then let’s take a look at more other color wide-leg pants!

Pink pink and soil dress

The color is beautiful, and the elegant feels adds a woman’s flavor;

Freshwater green and dark blue match

More expensive!

▍▍ What should we pay attention to when we choose a high-quality wide-leg?


Choose some colors with gray,

This is not easy to make mistakes, more tight!

For example, when we choose 2021 epidemic bright yellow,


Bright yellow is more difficult to control for ordinary people, but we can change into yellow,

Some of the bright yellow, the saturation is not so high, but also to control!


Goose yellow wide legs with caramel color waist shirt,


The color is beautiful but not Zhang Yang, beautiful is just right!

Ok! Unconsciously, I have written nearly 3,000 words, I don’t know what harvesting is there?

Can share it with the comment area!

Learn to wear and become fashionable. It has never been a matter of one, he has to wear a lot of knowledge, plus these knowledge in your wear, these are bitter, your temperament, horizon, taste will naturally improve.

I am a focus on

Let every ordinary woman find the style of wearing, thus making beauty

Clothing stylist.


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