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The cold wind is cold in winter, many middle -aged and elderly people will have a soft waist and knee, difficulty in getting up, and knee pain. You must know that if the entire leg is cold, the blood circulation will deteriorate, and joint damage, lumbar intervertebral disc will be caused in the long run. Highlight the harm. As the saying goes: “Baihan starts from the foot”, keep warm first! But the heavy old cotton pants, deep and stupid, can’t keep up with the times, and make people go! The wool with velvet pants, static electrostatic meat, the more uncomfortable crossing!

Today, I recommend a cold artifact (28.3%cotton wool+waist protection+knee pads) –

Silver hairless worries triple warm wool pants

You can get 3 autumn pants with 1 piece, you can wear both bottoming or wearing, both men and women.

It has been sold for 5 years, and has been upgraded several times.

This three warm wool pants are the popular items that have been sold well for five years. During this period, we always adhered to the innovation and upgrading of the product. On the basis of last year, we were thickened to the seven layers. Don’t be afraid of 20 degrees! As Song Dandan endorsed the San Nuan woolen wool pants landing on CCTV, this product is constantly being praised by consumers.


Choose wool, warm three times, strength resistance


Silver -haired Worry -free San Nuan Wool Protection Pants are based on the special nature of the elderly in winter and designed for middle -aged and elderly people. The raw materials are processed by cotton wool that is known as soft gold. The wool content is 28.3%. Compared with ordinary wool It has the characteristics of high density, good natural curling, and strong warmth.

Inner Mongolia’s fine hair sheep is 16 times that of cotton. In order to adapt to the natural environment of winter cold and summer heat, these sheep evolved the wool of special structures. At the same time, the thickness was only half of the ordinary sheep. The wool pants are characterized by thick fluffy, delicate skin -friendly, and not easy to drop down. One top three, three times the protective warmth, warm legs warm and warm, and cold resistance.

Only goats in the high -cold area of ​​the plateau can grow authentic wool. Our wool raw materials are sorted out and collected by herdsmen with natural hand -sorthing methods! Wool wool has super natural moisture absorption and breathability, and can quickly drain water and sweat on the surface of the skin into the air, maintaining the dryness and comfort of the body. The ultra -light wool also has a core function, that is, it can adjust the body temperature and keep the body’s constant temperature. So wearing ultra -light wool clothes, just like the second layer of the body, it is warm in winter.

This wool pants are based on the authentic wool and raw materials, which uses knitted and thick woven technology. The fabric texture is very soft, delicate, and soft. It holds it on the hand, just like the comfort of the cloud. Wool pants are relatively traditional autumn pants, warm and light, and not bloated, thin layers like their second layer of skin.

Three stickers are thick, and key parts of guardianship

Why should we increase the protection patch on the key parts of the waist, abdomen, and knees are particularly afraid of cold and cold? Because this is the part of our middle -aged and elderly friends who are most afraid of cold and cold in winter, guarding these three parts, and keeping warm work can be considered in place.

This wool pants specially added knee pads at the knee pads, with a length of 36cm, and the wool fiber is uniformly filled. It is very delicate and skinny. The warm feeling is very comfortable. Twice the ordinary wool pants, the fabric is dense and windy, wear -resistant and resistant. This is also the essence of this silver -haired worry -free three -warm wool pants!

25cm with high waist care, the old man wore a warm waist and did not drop the gear. The waist guards were fully fitted with the entire waist.


The crotch is deepened, and it is more comfortable without hips. Loose the thread to prevent the cold wind from being poured in, fit the ankle, comfortable, so that the old cold legs are no longer afraid of cold. High -tech and high -tech fabrics, waist circumference, trousers long, double elasticity, do not pick up and wear it casually; the old man wore a kick without rush, bending the waist without the waist, easy to squat, comfortable to your parents with you, you can enjoy it. Dance the square dance.

Winter limited discount


Professional elderly pants recognize silver hair worry -free!


everybody knows

Wool pants with better quality on the market

Four or five hundred and five


And always committed to high quality

Silver Hair Worry -Free Three Warm Protective Pants


Original price 298 yuan a piece


Warm and warm special preferences in autumn and winter

298 yuan to buy one get one get one


Middle -aged and elderly friends are buying together

Or old girlfriends, old colleagues, old comrades -in -arms

It’s more cost -effective together


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