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Plum blossoms, Ineg contracted our love years …

Four big pieces, that is, “three turns and one ring”

The four major pieces are the standard standards of wealthy families after the 1950s and the goals of countless well -off families. Three -to -one ring contains the three high -mechanized products of watches, sewing machines, and bicycles.

There are very little knowledge of antique radio, sewing machines, and bicycles. You can only call a few famous domestic brands, such as flying pigeons, leaps, butterflies, Aokma, and so on. There are countless domestic watch brands, seagulls, Beijing, Dongfeng, Gold anchor, gem flowers, such as several treasures.

China in the 1970s


The status of the watch in the “Three Turns and One Life” is very special

Watches are the most precise and smallest “three turns and one ring”, and they are the most expensive categories. The most expensive price in the three -to -one sound is the watch. In that era, I was one of the top brands in the watch.

Although Ineg, plum blossoms are highly developed in the economy, and their desires are extremely inflated today. However, to decades ago, Ineg, Meihua, as the first batch of imported brands that entered the domestic market, brought the experience to the people. It was absolutely amazing and scarce.

Old Elder Advertising

It can be said that Ineg, plum blossoms are the “Rolex, Omega” in the eyes of the nationals in the last century.

The walter movement is matched with the work pole difference design. Today’s plum blossoms, Ineg is indeed desolate and failed from the perspective of product. However, in the performance and technical plum blossoms in the movement decades ago, Ineg was definitely not as weak as it is now.

Ineg once mastered the very mature self -produced movement technology. For example, the AR160 major three -pin gilt movement of the AR160 is the representative of the Bingnag priced self -producing movement. Prior to this, Ineg also used Valjoux decorative movements in the early days, and is now a large popular watch in the collection market. However, Ineg is not satisfactory in the disk and the case workmanship.


Inegueba chronograph code watch

Although the plum watches do not master the self -producing movement technology, the polishing and transformation of the ETA movement is very extreme.


Early plum blossoms claimed that they should be stronger than the early radar in the polishing and transformation of the movement, and at the same level as the antique Tiakino. For the style of the watch, the plum blossom is stronger than Ineg. The design of the plum blossoms is more elegant, more delicate and more attentive.

As the first batch of imported brands entering the domestic market, Plum Blossom has its own specialties and characteristics, and also masters his housekeeping technology. Although it is incomparable with the Eumya, Rolex, and Langqin, it is quite cool and trendy for designing a single domestic brand watch.


Plum Blossom 25 Diamond Watch


After talking about the “past life” of ING plum blossoms, we must also accept its “this life”

Although old plum blossoms and Ineg have the same level, their product positioning, the customer group is very different. These two brands have been in love and kill each other, each of which has its own strengths, but now it seems “united.”

Today’s plum blossoms, Yeng mostly uses the hair embryo ETA tuition core. Most of the forms are very simple and rude, without signs of polishing. If the plum blossoms, Ineg’s products today are like Hawy, although the movement is strong, but the workmanship is excellent, and the reasonable price is not unacceptable.

In today’s Yingnag, plum blossoms have maintained “original flavor” in appearance.

As old plum blossoms decades ago, Lao Yinger was the same as the design in terms of design.

After decades of careful design and research and development, Plum Blossom Nag also finally abolished its most essential functional design “waterproof” on the basis of the Rolex oyster case, and replaced its hair embryo. The back -out design of the body can be “faced” that the shortcomings of their own disadvantages are valuable …

Idner imitation Rolex log watch


Live hard, or is you comfortable?


This is the choice faced by most “old feelings” brands. Yingnaig and Plum Blossom faced the “ETA Broken Confession Crisis” to make a completely different response.

Plum Blossom chose to develop its own ETA2892 movement, and began to embark on its own production road. However, the research and development of self -producing movements must invest quite horrible funds and costs, and its product prices will also increase accordingly due to the average cost.

The price of plum watches equipped with a self -produced movement is estimated to be around 20,000.

Plum Blossom Self -producing movement


Do you spend a piece of butterfly fly to buy a three -type brand watch with immature production of self -produced movements?

In Yingaer, countless classic models were born in the history of plum blossoms for nearly a century, such as the Shilba, and the Plum Moon and so on.

Plum blossoms, Enag, have countless old brands. West Malaysia, gas needle, Rome, etc. these old brands often choose “comfortable death”. Can the old brands really not continue to output good products? Difficulty, it is even harder to experience the old brand that has experienced the quartz crisis.


Plum Blossom Moon View Watch

Are these old brands really have no ability to provide excellent products?

The answer is negative. As long as any brand is willing to invest a lot of funds and energy, even if it depends on the most extreme way, imitation can produce complex function watches.

Today, it is not unusual to produce the tourbillon watch so well. It really has technical content. What is the spirit of craftsmanship is mirror polishing, and the seemingly inconspicuous “small things”. Innig, plum blossoms do not have no idea to improve their watchmaking techniques. It is a brand level, and the target group is a permanent and difficult gap.


Plum Blossom Antique Watch


In the same way, will you buy a domestic supercar?

In fact, the Bennig plum watches are exactly the same as the domestic car brand. It’s not reluctant to invest funds and technology. Plum Blossom, Yingnag, Wuling Hongguang If you really invest a lot of funds, he will develop a high -quality self -producing, polishing exquisite or pushing back. Does anyone buy it in three seconds?

Any company is willing to invest a lot of funds to develop only one ultimate goal of a product, profitable.

When it comes to profit, there is only one situation.

Then say that Patek Philippe, a top watch factory like Lange. Hao Hao throw hundreds of millions of capital to develop a large complex watch, but the limited edition may be only dozens of pieces, a dozen, or even a few pieces.

Let’s not talk about the output so small and the price can not be sold. This blood loss is only Lange, and top manufacturers such as Patek Philippe have financial resources to operate. For nothing else, it is to improve the brand image.

Plum Blossom, Ineg deserves our permanent nostalgia

A friend told the table that he wanted to buy a plum or Yinger watch as a gift on his father’s birthday. After all, it was the biggest thought of the watch for the watch.

The suggestion given to him is not to buy any plum blossoms, Yingnag’s new products, and choose an antique plum blossom with excellent appearance for his father, Yinnag. That friend asked why?

It is simple. It is not the past. I am afraid that your father will be sad when he sees Yingnag today.

Objective, a watch that dares to tell the truth and dare to play a good watch. Smart people speak together and play well.