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There are more and more people who love Erhu, and the erhu manufacturers are far away. The price of the same quality of the same quality of physical stores is much higher than the manufacturer’s direct sales, and online shopping has become the first choice.

How can I buy a well -known Erhu? What kind of elements should excellent erhu? What is the quality of Erhu purchased online? Let’s talk about several important parameters of the quality of the erhu.

Erhu, the piano tube is made of wood, one end of the python skin, the two strings and ponytails are pulled between the two strings. Its sound is beautiful, soft and expressive. The current erhu has developed to a large concerto, foreign transplant songs, and even modern music works, and the performance skills can be comparable to the violin. Erhu is the most commonly used, most commonly used, and most charming instrument in national bow string instruments. The status of Erhu in the folk band is particularly prominent, and is the king of instruments in the national band.

1. Whether the resonance is easy to choose a good erhu first to see the material. The density of ordinary firewood is not enough, and it is not suitable to make Erhu; the two Hu Hu, the resin inside the old mahogany is dry. Like the pores, it can play a role in regulating the internal sound vibration. If it is sealed by wax, its vibration will not be good. The vibration of the leather plate runs through the tube to the burden, which is the first element of a good erhu. Check whether the three -in -one one is connected. The way is to pull the tiger mouth, piano burden, and cylinders when the string is pulled. The resonant Erhu Too plate can also feel the vibration on the leg.

2. When selecting the erhu of the sensitivity, push the bow with a strong energy to see how the explosive power and sound are sensitive. Pushing the bow bow is hard, but it is not a good Erhu. When it is light, no matter what angle, there is no sound of “rustling”, it proves that this piano is “strong”, which is a good Erhu.

3. Is the volume volume full, thick, and tone? Is it out of the tube or the leather of the tube? The real erhu sounds must have a sound, that is, the best sound in the middle of the burden is the best. This sound has strong penetration and the sound is long.

4. Whether the tone is sweet, whether the music pulled out of Erhu, which can impress the beautiful sound, can make people feel excited, resonate with the audience, and don’t tire of it, giving people a beautiful enjoyment.


5. Whether the quality of the inside and outer string should be uniformly unified, the external strings should be unified, and the bows can be heard. The inside string must match and the sound should be harmonious.

6. The debugging debugging is whether the volume, the scales, and the tone are balanced.

7. Inspect the pan -viary performance of the Pan -Mound Erhu, so when you buy the erhu, you must see the Pan -e -sound point of the erhu clear, unclear, and unclean.

Finally, it is recommended that beginners can do their best according to their own economic situation, but it is not recommended to buy low -end erhu about 100 or 200, because these erhu usually have rough workmanship, loose sounds, and noise. Essence Under normal circumstances, in order to enable beginners to have a good start and to cultivate a strong interest in the future, it is recommended to purchase erhu of about 500 to 1,500 yuan according to the purchasing ability.