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Everyone knows that more than 90%of jadeite on the market now comes from Myanmar, which means that the price changes in Myanmar’s jadeite will affect the price changes in the entire emerald industry. So what is the market price of Myanmar jadeite? Let me talk about the market price of Myanmar jadeite.

In addition to the external factors that affect the price of Myanmar’s emerald prices such as government mining policies, market demand, and national monetary policy, the price of Myanmar emerald is affected by many factors such as its own color, water head, texture, and shape flaw. The price is only tens of dollars and hundreds of yuan, while the price is millions of millions, or even hundreds of millions of yuan.


Usually, Myanmar emeralds like emeralds such as emeralds, apple green, glass ground, uniform green, uniform, no mixed colors and cracks. There are also tens of millions of yuan and hundreds of millions of dollars of sky -high jadeite; like green, oily land, occasional emerald patterns and spots, slightly translucent Burmese emeralds We are called commercial jadeite, such Myanmar jadeite prices Usually between thousands and tens of thousands of yuan; like pink, bean -green, pale green, white, thin texture, poor water, poor water species, slightly transparent to opaque Myanmar jadeite, we are called ordinary jadeite, this type Burmese jade is low in price, usually between tens and thousands of yuan.