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Recently breakfast has been drinking soy milk, which is the soy milk powder bought at night.

A long time ago with a soymilk machine, several times, and then it ate gray in the corner

Buy soy milk powder online, cheap, convenient, and delicious.


Here is to share the soymilk brand I chopped my hands.

1. Yonghe Soy Milk

1200g/19 yuan

Contains 40 bags of independent small bags, less than 5 cents a bag


I prefer to eat fast food of Yonghe Soymilk before

Later, he found that his soy milk was so cheap and decisively chopped his hands.


This soy milk is very convenient to brew, quickly stir with a spoon when you rush

There is a delicate bean slag, you need to finish drinking quickly, otherwise you will precipitate

2. Dragon King soy milk powder


480g/16 yuan


It is said that KFC soy milk is used by the dragon king (I do not know the authenticity)

It is cheap or delicious, and it is well melted and basically does not stick the cup

3. Bingquan soy milk powder

540g/25 yuan

Bingquan is also one of the top soy milk


It’s not easy to break away


However, I learned a method online, which is very useful


The cup first pour a small cup of cold water, add bean paste powder to stir into a paste, and then heat the water, so that it will not make the block

4. 4..

Vivi milk powder

760g/19 yuan

Vivi soy milk, joyfulness

Remember the slogan of his family for so many years

There is a faint milk flavor

5.Soy soy milk

420g/18 yuan

Thai brand

Soy milk powder made of pure soybeans is super strong ~


The purity is very high, so that the flavor of the soybeans is full of oral cavity, and it is smooth


6. Avota Soy Milk

160g/17 yuan

Swiss brand

I have always prefer to drink Awarsta, often DIY various drinks at home

Just chopped their soy milk, it’s not bad.


7. Shark Fitt Soy Powder

196g/15 yuan

When I bought their chicken breasts before, I brought it back by the way

7 kinds of fruits and vegetables, 7 colors

It is easy to dissolve without clumps, and the taste is okay.

8. Jigen pure soybean black bean soy milk powder

250g/11 yuan

Their black beans and soybeans are sugar -free. The ingredients are only beans. The key is relatively cheap.

9. Beida Wilderway soymilk powder

200g/18 yuan

It is really a natural pure and organic soymilk, soy milk has a strong flavor

The organic is a bit expensive

10. Jiuyang Soy Powder


420g/14.9 yuan

Unexpectedly, the soymilk machine will also make soy milk

I think it is average, but it feels well dissolved. Essence Essence

Most soy milk is also suitable for chopping the price, so be sure to start when discounting

It is recommended to choose Dragon King, Bingquan, and Yonghe. These three tastes are good, and the discounts are relatively strong.