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Hello everyone, I am Xuan Brother.

When it comes to glass species, the first reaction of most Cui friends is “expensive”. In addition, there seems to be no other useful information.

Few people know why it is expensive? And how expensive it is?

If you want to answer these questions, we have to understand first

What is glass species?

The glass species belongs to the unquestionable high -grade high -end emerald. The number is extremely scarce, so that it will not easily circulate in the general market, and the quality of the auction will be appropriate.

From the aspect of planting:

The glass species belongs to the ceiling of emerald water, as clearly transparent as pure glass, without obvious impurities.

The transparency is also the TOP of all emerald species, which is almost fully transparent, and it is truly crystal clear.

Comparing the beans, glutinous, ice, and glass together, we can intuitively feel the charm of glass.


In terms of origin:

There are facts in all sections of Myanmar

The output of “Glass Emerald” and the characteristics of the glass species from each produced place are different. Among them, Malaysia and Mosha are recognized as high -quality glass venues.

Generally speaking, glass species are from old pit, so the jadeite people often call it the old pit glass species.

In terms of optical effects:

Due to the small and tight crystals of the glass, and the delicate texture and high hardness, the surface of the emerald will appear a hazy light and give people a cold and resolute feeling. This is what we often say. And Qi Gang.

In terms of color:

Because the glass species is too old, it is difficult to deepen the color factor (chromium). The colorless glass species on the market is mainly used, and it is rarely seen.

Even with color, it usually only has a light background (such as pale green, light blue, etc.).


Like floating flowers or green glass types of jadeite, they belong to the best emerald, and non -Putong can be enterprise.

So how expensive is the glass species?

The common glass emeralds on the market can be divided into two levels: colorless glass and non -color glass. The price difference between the two is unpredictable.

Take bracelets as an example:


The colorless glass bracelet on the left, the market price should be around the six-price (700-900,000). And the glass type high -green bar bracelet on the right, displayed on


At the year of Beijing Yirong International Autumn Auction, the transaction price reached amazing price


Ten thousand!


In such a comparison, everyone should be able to feel the gap between colors and colorlessness.


Take the precepts as an example:


The 18K inlaid colorless glass ring on the left, the market price is about the small hexagon (


Wan); Like the green glass ring on the right, it is also displayed on


On the year of Beijing Yirong International Autumn Auction, the transaction price is reached


In general, whether it is colorless or colored glass, the price is basically expensive.

But some friends have asked questions: Since the glass is so expensive,

Why are there so many on the market?



“Glass Emerald”

Woolen cloth?

Anyone who knows emerald should know that these “high -quality glass species” are counterfeiters!

Common counterfeiters include water foam, Bingcui, and so on. They have a very high degree of similarity with real glass jadeite without exception.

But fakes are fake after all. Whether from physical or chemical properties, these counterfeiters have nothing to do with emerald.

Therefore, if you see these cheap “glass emeralds” in the future, you must be cautious, don’t lose big!

I’m Xuan, follow me, focus on sharing the dry goods of jade daily


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Ten thousand!