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It’s been so many years, I don’t know if you haven’t read it, in fact, “Street Overlord 2” has a lot of design small vulnerabilities.

In the age of information, it is estimated that it is not necessary to pay attention to it, after all, when you play the passion of playing games at that time, you can’t wait to calm down. Until the year later, when we raised this topic online, everyone discovered that there were so many brains that were originally in the year.

Although it is old game, but fresh topics can always give people a new feeling.


Chun Li’s design loophole, what color is the dress?

In the “Street Overlord 2 World Fighter”, only one of the suits, after all, at that time, the same figures were not available until the “Street Overlord 2 Four Days” finally added a set of clothes. So in our impression, spring, clothes are always red and blue.

So, do you still remember the default costumes of the first “Street Overlord 2 World Fighter”?


Yes, it is orange! But after entering the game, it becomes blue! What is going on?


In fact, the costumes originally designed in Chunli are orange. But after the reasons for the color order, this setting is given, because the issuance is imminent, the avatar has not changed. So I have the orange costume we see to make an avatar, the blue costume battle.

In Spring Li’s customs clearance, we can clearly see that Chunli throws out the clothes is orange.

In the “Super Street Overlord 2” period, the color of the character is much more. Capcom doesn’t think of the original orange skin for Chunli.


However, Chunli’s red-blue costumes are too classic, and players will gradually forget the original shape.


Is it not intentionally designed in red wave punch?

I have said many times before this topic, but here Xiaobian is still going to discuss it. why?

Because this is directly related to our awareness of CAPCOM design concept, what they pay attention to the details, still deeply?

All along, we all think this is the CPS-1 “Street Overlord II” palette failure leads to the failure of the red man and the white people to release “red wave punch”, and the chances of red waves have even less than 1/100. . Before this, even I think so.

But recently, the designer of “Street Overlord 2” is recently


Akira Nishitani is NIN in the picture below, and a few years ago reply to the twitter, which determines the true cause of the red wave.

Akira Nishitani, has been more active in recent years, and his work is constantly updated, like everyone familiar with “Fighting Field EX”. In 2013, he posted some relevant “”

Street Overlord II

Flower. One of them specifically introduced the “Red Wave Punch”. He said

Red wave punch is not




Instead, the programmer uses his own strange things to be intentionally arranged.

In fact, after the customs clearance, we will see the red waves, but they didn’t think so much at the time.


This chess is a bit big!


“Street overlord” mirror conversion

Also, there is a mirror problem in fighting games, but it seems that it is not noticed by the players!


Like Liu Shengzi and Saarta in the figure below, which is whites, are you clear? Of course, we are generally identified according to the default skin, so it is the left eye.

In the game, the two people lead to the position of the eye mask due to mirroring. It seems to be a left eye, one is right.


Most of the games can’t get rid of this problem. However, it is a perfect solution in “Street Overlord 3”.

Do you know this person? This is not Aunt, nor Huoxi in the “Hungry Wolf Legend”. It is a young time of Saarta. At this time, he has been called “Tham Tiger”, the hair is not lost, the eyes are not thrown by fire, and the chest is not covered.

Luo is not a broken arm, but hides one hand. For him, no matter what fight contest, one hand has been more than enough. No one can force him to make your hands. (Super must kill)

If you choose two Euro, their hidden arms are different. When switching the station, we will see the action of the handover of Luo.

Let’s take a look at Gil, his body can be two sides!


Here we can see that even if it is a switching station, Gill’s body color can remain rationality when turned.


Even if we cheat use two Gill, the color of the body remains always. The left ice surface, the right side of the fire. These small details can actually see the intentions of the CAPCOM development team.

Since mentioning Gill, then let the prototype of Gill!

It is estimated that the small friends in seats will never think of it, Gil’s “Ice and Fire Two Days” is the final BOSS from the “famous”!

There are a lot of weapons that can generate ice fire elements in the “Famous”, so they are ignored by the players. Many years later we see the skills of Jill use the cold flame effect, and will not linked with this BOSS.

But let’s take a closer look at the body, flame effects and movements will find a lot of similar places.

In particular, the full-screen explosion effect of the appearance, and the ultra-killing of Gill is like.


“Street Overlord 2” Eight-person version, use the same character’s bug

Take a look at the picture below, what can you see?

This is “Street Overlord 2 World Fighter”, can’t choose the same character in this game! And even in the “Street Overlord 2 Four Days” versions, you can choose the same clothes color without choosing the same clothes.

So, how is the eight-person version of the streets? In fact, this is a BUG that is known in the year.

First choose a non-white role to participate in the battle, deliberately losing when you encounter the white rock, then select the white people using 2P. At this time, we will find that the characters on both sides become a white, and the color of the clothes is exactly the same.

This bug is limited to white people can be used, and other characters are not. In addition, the game needs to appear in the case of renewal coins, so the game hall is unlikely to be discovered by the players.

Finally, a few small eggs:

It is said that this picture is the most classic characters in all scenes of CAPCOM. I don’t know how to say a few games with you today. What I need here is that a fat tube home wearing glasses appeared on the right side of the scene, he is the founder of Capcom.


CEO and chairman


辻 本 三 三.


In the Weihu fighter, the ridge has a colorful egg. Every time you play, you will use the exciting “fuel consumption”. I don’t know if you are playing it out?

Hugo was originally launched in “Street Overlord 3.2”. However, the players discovered the map of Hugo in the version of 3.1. That is, it has been designed in “Street Overlord 3.1”, but it is not debuted for some reason.

Wrestling overlord


Biff said when being defeated by people: Sangjilf is right, your battle is very cheap.

BIFF and Gunloc are training under the hand of Hap, and the combination of the two is called “super big cannon”.


On the scene of the scene of the “Wrestling Overlord”, we can also see Sangjilf.


Bysen: I quietly hide in the audience, and no one will find it!

There is still a lot about the topic of “Street Overlord”. If you like, Xiaobian will continue to follow up in the later period, and all kinds of dry goods make you read it.


The games that players in each era are different, and the emotions of investment are different. We have also chased the latest games, but there will always be a pace in one day, while afraid of the classic game, look for the past youth.

For our generation, the game is not just a technical level, and has become a special symbol of an era, combining our emotional memory, precipitation of the times. The removal of the old street demolition, the thing is a person, only the game, still as a wonderful, each frame, every person, has not faded with the times, but in contrast, and more distinct.


Yes, we are not a game, but it belongs to our era.