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In order to cater to the “laziness” and Yankong attributes of the post -95s, Shiseido’s Volkswagen brand Poimei Xin launched the new skin -care series “Skin Juice” with a two -combined skin care series of toner and emulsion. This new product breaks Bo Mei’s consistent simple and elegant packaging style, and it looks like a high value of fruit juice makes it difficult for young consumers to refuse.

CBO News (Reporter Liu Ying)

On May 13-14, Bo Mei held a “breakfast” event of Pumei skin in Wuhan Optics Valley Plaza-Spanish Style Street. It opened a variety of experience interactive activities in the special Paymei Marché pop-up store. Skin Juice series new products listed at the beginning of the month.

It is reported that Pumei Skin JUICE includes 4 SKUs: sweet apricot drinking muscle dew, grapefruit drinking bright muscle dew, orange drinking soft muscle dew and raspberry drinks. Apply in 5 seconds, gel -shaped to water, and quickly absorbed by the skin, mainly against the skin’s dryness, dullness, roughness, lack of elasticity and other problems. Pumei Skin JUICE is cute and fresh as juice, and has attracted the entrance and trial of young consumers who “eat and eat” in Optics Valley.

“This product has the dual effects of toner and lotion. It is directly used after cleansing. After that, you can directly put on the bottom makeup, reduce the skin care process, and meet the needs of young people in summer. Paymei on -site staff introduced in the experience of the reporter.

In Europe, Marché is a place that sells freshly sold, full of gorgeous flowers and fresh fruits just harvested. Pumei this time the pop -up shop is also based on the theme of creating Pumemi Marché, and includes the setting of eating, drinking, playing, etc., and has a full sense of interaction.

According to the new product Skin Juice’s “drink” fruit juice, Bumei specially customized four “exclusive cold pressure juice”, which was shipped from Shanghai to Wuhan and opened a fruit juice bar. In addition, Bumei also cooperated with a well -known West Point Store in Wuhan to match the daily bread and custom fruit juice to interpret the theme of “nutritional breakfast” together.

The on -site activities are rich. Consumers enter the door to scan the code brand officer to obtain a experience card. The first five -second product experience test is completed in the three new product experience bar, which is a seal, and then go to the bread shop and juice. “Breakfast”, finally entered the Ganca Machine drawing session with the original WeChat graphic publicity. Experiencers completed 4 activities to clear the customs in exchange for a sample set. The two most selfie cameras in the pop -up shop are very popular. The functions of all kinds of cute props and skin touch photos make people feel novel and interesting.

The relevant person in charge of Bumei told the reporter of “Cosmetics Finance Online” that this event is the first stop of the promotion of Paymei’s new product, and a similar event may be carried out in other cities in the future. “Wuhan is a cities with a concentrated concentration of college students, and one of the most prominent markets for Bo Mei’s sales results.”

Since August 2016, Pumei’s new product listing has become the first innovative brand played by Shiseido in the field of mass cosmetics. For this 15 -year -old old brand, Shiseido China General representative Fujiwara Hyatsu personally participated in the plan. In addition to inviting Zhao Liying to the brand for the brand, he also worked hard on product packaging, product line extension, and even counter image. Essence The conceptual expression of “Cosmetic Marche Po Mei Fresh Muscle” is more suitable for natural nursing trends. The packaging is also more recognizable than before, and the product counter is more delicate and small.

In terms of product development, Shiseido also gave strong support. On November 11, 2016, the new office building of Shanghai Branch of Shiseido (China) Research and Development Center Co., Ltd. announced its completion. In this R & D center located in Zhangjiang Hi -Science Park, Pudong, the construction area is 969㎡. The development of the four major brands of secret language responds to the needs and changes in the Chinese market.