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Last week, the stupid father released an evaluation of an independent baby toilet. ((

10 baby toilet evaluation: 39.9 yuan and 378 yuan, the difference is really large


Independent toilet


Generally, it is cute and can be moved freely, which is more suitable for babies in the early stage of toilet training (about 1 and a half years old). However, there are also inconveniences that require adults and cleaning pots in the toilet.

There is also a type of toilet product on the market-

Baby sitting circle


It can be used directly on the adult barrels directly at home, eliminating the convenient cleaning work after convenience, and toilet on the toilet in the bathroom, which is more conducive to cultivating the baby’s good habits.


However, because the adult toilet is high, the use of the toilet needs to be matched with a stool or staircase, so it is more suitable for babies who have mastered some fine movements (about three years old).


In this issue, let’s evaluate

Routine statement

: The baby’s sitting circle evaluation is a neutral position. The stupid father does not accept advertisements and sponsorships trying to affect the authenticity and objectiveness of the evaluation results.

Table of contents

1. Evaluate sample & indicators

2. The first round: use performance evaluation

① Convenience ② Safety ③ comfort

3. The second round: material safety testing

4. General reviews and comprehensive recommendations

1. Evaluate sample & indicators

At present, the baby sold in the domestic market is mainly divided into three forms:

Ordinary sitting circles, stepped toilet, toilet ring+foot stool.

(Three types of babies are sitting in a circle in the circle)

Generally speaking, when the baby is young, the mothers usually buy a non -slip stool, which can sit for the baby to wash and bath, but also let the baby take a bath, wash your face/brushing. When the baby is trained in the toilet, this non -slip stool can also come in handy, so it is not too needed to buy a foot stool, which may not be used to it.

Therefore, there are no “sitting circles+foot stools” products in this period.


Comprehensive sales of e -commerce platforms and brand awareness, stupid father chose 6 ordinary sites (


Century Baby, BabyCare, Zhigao, Pig Kuqi, Dr. Ma, IKEA

), 4 -stage sites sitting ring (


Hope October, Kyaobi, Ti Ai, Joying Baby

10 babies sitting in the stool ring evaluation sample information and sample maps as follows:

(▲ Sample map)

Sample description:

1. Looking at October, Keyi, Ti Ai, Joying Baby, the overall product map of the 4 staircase sites is as follows:

2. The price of 10 babies is between 39.9 and 119 yuan. IKEA is the cheapest and the best (step -level) is the most expensive.

In this issue, the baby’s sitting circles have a total of two rounds. The first round is based on convenience, safety, and comfort, and an experience evaluation is launched; the second round is detected for the safety of materials.

Through a series of evaluations, let’s take a look at the baby of different brands to sit in the ring. Various performances are good or bad; compare the ordinary sitting circle and stepped toilet, which type is more recommended for babies.


Next, began official evaluation.


2. The first round: use performance evaluation


Evaluation method:

1. Check the or not splashing design of each stool circle and whether it can effectively prevent urine from splashing outside.

2. Check whether the cushions/cushions of all kinds of toilets are easy to clean.

3. Check whether the storage designs of all kinds of sites are convenient for daily storage.

Evaluation results:

1. Splash resistance

If the baby is designed on the circle of sputtering baffles, it can prevent urine from splashing to a certain extent. Avoid wet pants and staining the ground, which can reduce the burden of cleaning up.

The six ordinary sites have a splash -proof design. in,

Dr. Ma, BabyCare


The splash -proof design is the largest, and the BabyCare’s baffle also extends down to block the puzzle.

Century Baby, Zhigao, IKEA


The height of splash anti -anti -splash design from top to bottom is also good, but the width is slightly narrow;

Pig Kuqi

The width and height are inferior.

The 4 -type stepped toilet also has splashing design.


The overall performance is better, but the installation is slightly troubled. The other three models are flat and wider on both sides, but the height is slightly lower.

2. Cleaning convenience


The baby uses a toilet to go to the toilet. There is no need to clean it every time without special circumstances. Regularly wipe and clean the cushion site and the bottom of the stool ring.

In terms of cushions, except for IKEA’s design cushions, the other 9 evaluation samples are equipped with cushions.

After testing, the sauce was applied to the 9 cushions to simulate foreign bodies, which can be rinsed with water, and the waterproof performance is also better.


(Example: You can compare)


IKEA is made of PP plastic as a whole. It is also well washed with foreign objects. Rinse or wipe it with water.

In terms of the bottom of the rim, the bottom structure of IKEA is the simplest. There is no gap between the interval, which is simple and convenient to clean.

There are some intervals or grooves at the bottom of the nine sitting rings, which may be hidden, and you need to take care of them carefully. Moreover, different places have different depths, and deeper parts may need to be cleaned with the help of tools.


Ke Bi Bi, Century Baby

The interval groove is slightly less, and the convenience of cleaning is relatively good.


(Example: Century Baby, BabyCare)

In addition to sitting in a rotten circle, there are some components in the staircase in the staircase, including stairs/pedal/foot pads. The bottom of these components is usually a grid -like design with many gaps in the interval, so it is more troublesome to clean up, and the convenience of cleaning is obviously not as good as ordinary toilet circles.

3. Convenience for storage

6 ordinary sites in the ring,

BabyCare, IKEA, Century Baby

, All are designed to hang holes, specifically used for hanging. After the baby is convenient, take it down and hang it on the hook on the wall. It is convenient to store and save space.


Dr. Ma, Pig Kuqi, Zhigao

There is no special horn design. However, the edges at the bottom of the ring can also be used for suspension, but the practicality is not as good as hanging holes. If the hook on the wall is too short, it may not be hung.


(Example: Pig Kuqi)

The four -type staircase sitting circle, the storage is more convenient. After the baby is over, he only needs to hold the handrail at both hands, lift it up and fold, and then move to the wall to lean on it.

(Example: Ti Ai)

Among them, Joying Baby’s operation fluency is slightly inferior.

Compared with the two types of babies, the storage operation is not troublesome. However, there are fewer spaces in the bathroom occupation of general sitting circles, while the stepped toilet ring requires more space to place.

In summary, the convenience score of 10 babies sitting in the ring circle is as follows:


1. Check the fixing method of various types of toilet, and perform stability testing on different adult toilets.

2. Check and compare the non -slip design of all kinds of stool.

3. Check whether the handle/pedal/screw and other parts may have hidden safety hazards.

1. Fixed method and stability

Among the 6 ordinary sites, the five models except IKEA are fixed to the toilet ring with a human -shaped buckle to prevent the baby from slipping or falling.

The fixing method of human -shaped buckle needs to be lifted to lift the bearing ring, adjust the position of the fixed strip, so that it can resist the edge of the adult sitting ring, and then tighten it.

(Human -shaped buckle)

IKEA and 4 staircase sites are not designed. There is no design buckle. Place the baby sitting circle on the adult’s stool, adjust the position, and rely on the structure and non -slip bars/blocks at the bottom of the stool circle to make the baby sitting in a fixed circle fixed. live.

Stupid dad conducted a stability test for 10 babies sitting in a toilet of different shapes/length/height, and found that:

① The U -shaped and V -shaped toilets in the family, the baby can usually fit the matching, and the stability after fixed is better.

(Example: IKEA, Zhigao)

② The back end of the smart toilet is generally higher. Some babies can be fits and stable, while others cannot. Such as: Century Baby can be fixed well, but babycare is not very stable.

③ For the ladder -type sites, you also need to pay attention to the overall height of the toilet. If the toilet is too high, the stairs may not reach the ground, resulting in the bottom of the bottom and unable to keep stable.

In short, the stability of the baby’s sitting circle is related to the shape, length, and height of the toilet at home. Generally speaking, as long as the toilet can be matched with the toilet, it can be kept stable after fixing the correct method.

Therefore, before the stupid father suggested that, before buying the baby to sit in a circle, it is best to provide the customer service to provide information about the photos, length, height of the toilet of the home, and then buy it after the judgment.

2. Anti -slip design


The buckle can be fixed on the toilet, but sometimes the baby is in a hurry to the toilet. To adjust the buckle, it may appear a bit cumbersome. Some Baoma may not be stuck. At this time, the non -slip design of the circle itself is more important. It’s right.

The 10 babies sit at the bottom of the circle, all have anti -slip design, which can help the nipple circle to better stabilize on the toilet to a certain extent.

Century Baby, BabyCare, IKEA

A whole circle of non -slip strips are designed at the edge of the bottom. The area is large, and the non -slip and stable effects that can be played.

The other seven types of stools are placed in the bottom of the different positions at the bottom. It is hoped that the most in October, Joying Baby3 is the least, and the area of ​​non -slip blocks is too small.

The total non -slip area of ​​this design is smaller. Relatively speaking, the non -slip effect and stability of the anti -slip effect are not as good as the whole circle.

3. Puroal safety hazards

10 babies sit in the ring circle,


On the pedal,


I found a little burrs at the handle;

Ti Ai, Pig Kuqi


The legs are not smooth enough;

Joying baby

The edge of the cushion is sharp.

In addition to small workmanship, the ladder -type sites also need to pay special attention to a potential safety hazard.


Considering the beauty and convenient installation, the staircase sites are generally used in simple plastic screws/nuts to connect the ladder, toilet ring and pedal. However, the baby climb up and down, stepping on, etc., will cause the screws at the connection to gradually loosen. Over time, the stairs may shake sharply, and even the structure collapses, causing the baby to fall off from it.

Stupid dad found that in the case of tightening the screws, after a few days of evaluation, the screws of the four stepped toilet rings have been obviously loose.

Therefore, if you use a stepped toilet ring for your baby, you must check the screws regularly to tighten them in time to prevent possible safety issues.

Also, more recommended


Keyi, Joying baby

This bottom uses a whole horizontal plate support, which has a large contact area with the ground and better stability; and like

Di Ai, Wang October

This two supporting feet design will be relatively inferior to stability.


In summary, the safety score of the 10 babies sitting in the stool ring is as follows:



① Check whether the material, soft and hard, thickness, and thickness of the seats are comfortable, whether it is easy to stick to buttocks, sweltering, etc.

② Examine whether there is a backless design, whether the material, angle, and location are comfortable.

③ Examine whether there is an armrest design.

1. seat comfort


No design cushion, the baby can only sit in the hard toilet in the toilet


In plastic, comfort is not good.

Dr. Ma, Joying Baby, Wang October

, The cushion uses


The material is soft and thin, the surface is smooth, sticky, and the breathability is average. After a long sedentary, sticky buttocks and sweltering.

(Example: I hope October))

The other 6 of the other are equipped



Soft cushions, compared to PVC, PU’s breathability is better, it is not easy to stick the butt, the thickness is moderate, and the texture is more comfortable. Among them, BabyCare’s PU cushion is slightly harder.

in addition,

babycare, Century Baby


Package PU cushion

, PU covers a larger area, which is better than ordinary ring PU cushions.

(Example: babycare, Century Baby, Zhigao))


2. Back comfort

The backless design has a certain curve arc, which is more in line with ergonomics, and the fit with the baby’s back is higher. Among them, IKEA’s back is slightly shorter. Century Baby and BabyCare’s back comfort.

Zhigao, Pig Kuqi, Dr. Ma

, The horizontal level of the back and the ring ring is 90 °, and the position is relatively backward. It cannot fit well with the baby’s back and is not comfortable.

The back -to -be -back of the four -type staircase is generally shorter, which can be relatively higher than that, but the right -angle design it adopts also has the problem that it is not enough to fit the back of the baby. The other three backbones are designed too short and can hardly feel it.

3. Arras comfort

10 babies sit in the ring, only

Without a handrail, the other nine types of stools were designed with armrests. When the baby was in the toilet, holding hands can help to provide help.

In addition, the handrail of the staircase is still the baby’s grasping point when the baby is on the upper and lower stairs to help the baby climb up and down.

(Example: IKEA, Pig Kuqi, Di Ai)

In summary, the comfort score of the 10 babies sitting in the stool ring is as follows:

The first round of experience evaluation summary

Based on the above three evaluation results, the experience score of the 10 babies sitting in the ring circle is as follows:

The first round of experience evaluation was used: Century Baby, BabyCare, IKEA, Zhigao, Dr. Zhigao, Ma.


The top five are ordinary babies sitting ring, while the 4 staircase sitting circles are common.

There are more space occupation, relatively easy to clean the convenience, and the stability has hidden safety hazards, cushions or backless comfort

Waiting for the problem, ranking back.

From the comprehensive performance, it is recommended to use ordinary babies to sit in the ring, and it is not recommended to use stepped.

Third, the second round: material safety testing

The material of the baby is the material of the circle, mainly PP, PVC and PU. In response to these three materials, the stupid father commissioned a third -party professional laboratory to conduct

Plasticizer detection



Plasticizer is a polymer material auxiliary, which is used to improve the performance of polymer materials. Tunopo plasticizers have reproductive toxicity. Long -term excessive contact may cause harm to the baby’s endocrine and reproductive system.

Due to the current national standards related to the stool in China, this round of stupid father refers to the national standard of “GB 6675-2014 toy Security”. Detectiveness of phthalate) includes: DBP, BBP, DEHP, DNOP, DINP, DIDP.

The test results of the plasticizer of the 5 babies sitting in the stool ring are as follows:



Baby sitting circle

Evaluation method:

Evaluation method:

Evaluation results:

Evaluation results:


(Example: Century Baby, BabyCare)

Century Baby, BabyCare, IKEA

10 babies sit in the ring circle,

10 babies sit in the ring circle,




Dr. Ma ’s children in the stool and detected a plasticizer: phthalate two (2-ethyl) ester (DEHP), and the detection value was 0.00815%

The content is relatively low, within the requirements of “GB 6675-2014 Toy Safety” (DBP+BBP+DEHP ≤ 0.1%), the problem is not big.

2. The other four babies were sitting in a loop and did not detect plasticizers. There was no problem with safety.

(P.S. Inspection Report, please enter the keyword “Brand Name+Siter Circle+Test Report” in the background of the WeChat public account in the background of the WeChat public account.

Fourth, general review and comprehensive recommendation

Comprehensive experience evaluation and material safety test results, the final score and ranking of the five babies sitting in the stool circle are as follows:

The final recommendation of the stupid father is the following 3 babies sitting in a circle. You can refer to:

1. Century baby little monster sitting in a circle

Reference price: 109 yuan



① Graduate splash anti -splash design, the bottom of the cushion and the ring is easier to clean, there are hanging holes, and the storage is convenient.

② A whole circle of anti -sliding bars+human -shaped buckle, good stability and non -slip effect, exquisite workmanship.


③ A good comfort, PU soft parcel cushion, large background in the back, with armrest design.

④ No plasticizer was detected at the rings.

2. BabyCare children’s toilet ring


Reference price: 89 yuan

① Graduate splash anti -splash design, the overall cleaning convenience is better, which can be hooked and stored. It is simple and convenient to occupy space.

③ The parcel -type PU cushion, the texture is slightly harder, the back is wide, and there is a certain curve. The armrest design can help.


3. IKEA toilet seat circle


Reference price: 39.9 yuan

① The wide splash anti -splash design, the cleanup of all parts of the circle is simple and convenient, which can be hooked.

② A whole circle of anti -sliding strips, good non -slip effect, exquisite workmanship.


③ The design is simple, no cushion and armrests, the curve back, and the comfort may be slightly inferior.

⑤ The lowest price of 10 evaluation samples is the lowest and economic affordable.


Special statement:

The detection samples are purchased randomly and independently, and the detection data of different batches of products may fluctuate. The test results are only responsible for the delivery of batch products, but the stupid father believes that the quality of responsible enterprise products should be as stable as possible.

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② A whole circle of anti -sliding bars+human -shaped buckle, good stability and non -slip effect, exquisite workmanship.


④ No plasticizer was detected at the rings.


④ No plasticizer was detected at the rings.