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There are many people with myopia, and there are many people who want to play basketball, so it is really critical to choose a pair of glasses. Let’s take a look at all kinds of glasses suitable for playing basketball.

The first is ordinary glasses

The basketball game collided fiercely. If you are not careful, the glasses will be bad, the eyes are more likely to be injured, and even if you don’t get blind. [Face] [Face] You can buy it again if the glasses are broken, and the eyes cannot be regenerated.

There is also a method of wearing ordinary glasses. For the fixed glasses, a rubber band is tied to the back.

Don’t underestimate this rubber band, but the effect is very great. After the collision, the position of the eyes was answered. If the nasal frame faces the eyes, it may cause secondary damage to the eyes.



The advantage of the goggles is that the protection is perfect, and it will not fall.


The wearing of the goggles will not make people feel comfortable. Many ordinary goggles will have a chip, pressing the bridge of the nose, and other wearing uncomfortable ones. After a game, maybe the face will make the face red.

The restrictions on the field of eyesight on the field of view are much larger than ordinary glasses


It is difficult to use Yu Guang to locate the NO Look Pass.

For me, I will never use the goggles in daily sports, but I may wish to choose a goggles to become a superstar.

New Bellen E-LOCK:

The concise mechanism has a sense of paragraph in your hand to play a feeling of unblocking toys. It is more stable than ordinary glasses, but if your opponent is ruthless when practicing, this glasses can’t keep you. In addition to E-LOCK, there is also a legendary sports glasses brand.


Oakley often uses soft titanium alloy to make mirror legs, which is full of high -level and superiority.

Essence However, our conclusions are only recommended for outdoor sports. For example, partners who play bicycles such as running bicycles are purchased. For ball projects, Oakre’s hinges are the same as damaged risk, and the price is very high. pain.

Finally, the best solution for playing basketball:

Contact lens

One said that for all daily movements, contact lenses are the best sports glasses, which is also the conclusion I got after many exercise. Throughout the sports stars on the world’s major arena, many athletes you think are not myopia are actually myopia, and even many athletes have records of changing glasses next to the sports field.


For example, the celebrity Djokovic, the famous net, and Xu Xin, the famous table tennis. When the python brother entered the National Table Tennis Team, he was already myopia 400 degrees, and there was no one without glasses. There are many examples in this regard, and I will not list them one by one. New Bellen is just playing every day, and the fierce competition is invisible. Due to the low unit price of the daily throw, it is better to use a new pair of new probability incidents when it is beaten out of this small probability event. If you choose half a year or the annual throwing, it is more uncomfortable.


Data show that currently

The number of myopia in China is as many as 600 million, which has accounted for one and a half of the total population.

Essence Even more surprising


The adolescent myopia rate has ranked first in the world

The myopia rates of junior high school students and college students have exceeded 70 %, and


Australian adolescents have only 1.3%.

I’m jealous! Are they not stressing or not enough mobile games?