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The most lack of girls is the bag. All kinds of bags can be contrast with different occasions. Walking on the street, the bags everywhere are also endless

Fashionable people made new answers, they were carrying

Mother -in -law


The bag leads the new trend of fashion.


After all, the bag is not enough, and the back of the “mother bag” brings you double practicality.

Looking at simple and atmospheric, good -looking, or versatile, show your unique fashion taste. Today, let’s take a look at the fashion wear of the mother bag

1. The advantages of the mother bag

There are many advantages of the mother bag. First of all, the capacity is large,

Modern women are always clamoring too much personal items

Although the bag is small and exquisite, it cannot be placed too much.


At this time, a mother bag, two bags, one size, can accommodate more items

Meet the needs of fashionistas. Secondly, the mother bag is novel.

Although the bags on the market are variety, different styles, different styles

However, the mother bag uses two bag superimposed methods, which adds a sense of design and fashion.

Essence Finally, the integration of the mother bag and clothing is extremely high


The mother bag itself is very novel and unique,

This bag on the back is a tide on the street itself


And combined with other fashion items to form a sense of harmony.

Great but not losing the trend, alive from a fashionable essence


Second, the color of the bag of the child’s bag is different


1. Sub -bags of the same color system

According to the color of the bag of the child’s bag, the color of the bag is different,


It can be divided into two types of child bags and mother bags of the same color system


The same style of the child and mother bag of the same color system has a very good sense of layering.

And there is a famous saying in the fashion circle: the best color of the whole body is not more than three.


It looks very harmonious like this

Then the childbags of the same color system can avoid the mess and irregular sense of color caused by too many colors.


In the process of cooperating with fashion products such as clothing

It can show its unique and bold fashion taste, while reducing the messy visual experience.

The childbags of the same color system are very versatile styles

Combined with other fashion items, it will basically not step on the thunder.

Lazy cancer girls and fashion Xiaobai don’t have to worry about matching errors

If you are a young lady who just tried the style of the mother bag,

May wish to choose such a layered sense of the same color


Meet your various fashion demands.


Is your heart moving?

2. The mother bag of the different color system

Except for the mother bag of the same color, we can’t ignore the heterosexual subcutter.

Compared with the same color, the mother bag is a little more interesting and mixed with the same color.

If the same color is a mother bag more tendency to be elegant and dignified,


Then the heterosexual childbag is more bold and more trendy

Different styles and colors are matched with each other, and different elements collide with each other.

The fashion spark is enough to make the wearer stand out in the crowd

At the same time, two different colors represent two different styles and charm.

The bright color system is more lively and dazzling, and the bright color bag is even more eye -catching.


Dark color system is deep and restrained


Dark color bags are also more low -key luxury


Essence This symbolizes the combination of the bags with different charm, which has achieved a different sense of fashion and trend.


Make the temperament of fashionistas more outstanding

The overall dressing taste has also risen several grades.

Fashion experts with such different color bags walking on the street

It can show the independence and bold side of fashionable women’s new women,

In addition to bold, add a unique sense of luxury and leisure


Third, the two packs of the child’s bag are different in size


1. One big and one little child bag

According to the size of the bags of the child’s bag,

It can be divided into one big and one child’s mother bag and exquisite mini -child bag


Many women in modern times are often distressed by too many items, and every time they go out of the street, they are “full loads.”

Although a large bag can be placed a lot


But the big bag is not suitable for any occasion, and the size of the big bag itself is inevitable that it will feel bloated

Essence At this time, you need a big and child bag to help you get rid of the big bag on the bad street


At the same time, many items can be accommodated, and there are no longer too much travel choices.


Large bags are very good in performance, while small bags are delicate and small symbols


Bags of one large, one, and two sizes can meet the diverse fashion demands of fashionistas

, Can not only meet the needs of large capacity, but also have both trendy



, One big and one child’s mother bag has a strong impact on visual


, Form a harmonious visual experience

At the same time, a large and small child and mother -in -law are full of eye -catching travel, which is also suitable for various occasions.


Whether it is an office worker or a school party at work

Or can I use it to go out of the street and go shopping,


This kind of big and one child bag, Xiaobian really fell in love at first sight

2. Exquisite mini Gemini Bag


The trend of the fashion industry is always endless. With the new definition of fashion in the fashion industry,


Designers always put all kinds of inspiration to fashion items

The bag is no exception, in the world where various bags sweeping,


A unique bag can reflect the outstanding fashion taste and unique fashion smell of fashion experts


The exquisite mini Gemini mother bag is different from the two types of the size of one size and one small body.


It’s a bit more refined

If one, one, a small child bag is high and practical,


So the delicate mini Gemini mother bag is exquisite and small.


If the bag is not worn well, it is easy to give people a sense of vulgarity.


And this exquisite mini twin bag is very versatile, chic and unprecedented


You can feel the high -level at all! Out of the street is an absolute sucking weapon!

At the end of the year, the company’s annual meeting is coming.

Such a delicate and compact mini Gemini bag on the back

It is the most shining young lady in the whole street

Fourth, the style of the child’s bag is different

1. The same shaped mother bag


According to the different styles of the letters, it can be divided into the same shape -shaped mother bag and different shapes.


The mother bag style and personality are changing


For fashion Xiaobai,


Choosing a wild and mother bag with both versatile and fashionable and fashionable has become the need for the affairs

So such a child -mother bag with the same style has a stylish soul and exquisite personality

Essence The same style of childbags is basically the same

And this style is consistent, the mother bag can create an elegant and elegant temperament

Essence Such a child bag of the same style also has a strong expressiveness in cooperation with other fashion items

It can be more harmonious with the overall dress, and it seems that fashionistas are more neat and stylish.

Two child -mother bags with the same shape have an inexplicable sense of order


Even on major formal occasions, you can show different styles

, Become the focus of highly anticipated


2. Different shapes of mother bags

In addition to the childbags of the same shape, there are different shapes of the child bags with different shapes.

Different shapes of children’s bags are light and dexterous


Different styles of childbags represent different styles and symbolize different meanings.

Therefore, two different types of bags can be matched


Breaking the dull atmosphere of the same shape mother bag,


Increased a lively atmosphere to the overall shape of the fashionista


Let the overall dress look more distinctive

, Can we be more worthy of the title of “fashionista”


Different styles of children’s bags combine gorgeous, noble, fashionable, and casual style

, To form a different style, show different feminine charm

The same style bag is too monotonous,

At this time, you need to choose a mother bag with a variety of styles and styles

, Make the mother bag popular, carry fashion on the body

5. How to wear a child -making bag


1. Echo the color pattern of clothes

Introduced several types of childbags,

The most concerned about the maternal bags is the problem of matching.

Let’s introduce two ways to wear

The first is to echo the color pattern of clothes,


Such a mother bag and clothing are well integrated together to form a harmonious trend


Consistently consistent with the color of the clothes color pattern consistent with clothing

, Will not have a sense of exaggeration and abruptness

Line with the whole,

It also shows the extraordinary fashion wearing skills and fashion taste of fashionistas

2. See the appropriate on the occasion

The second type of dressing skills is that the choice of the mother bag depends on the specific occasion.

Choosing different styles of fashion items of different styles has become a kind of unshakable hidden rule in the fashion circle


The same is true of the choice of the child’s bag.


Try to choose as much as possible at work and commuters.


The elegance and dignity to be selected for major formal occasions,

You can be more casual on the street concave shape, sprinkle and easy

Okay, today’s fashion theme–

I will introduce it here for the fashion wearing of the mother -in -law bag

Is there a fashion and personality child and mother bag in this way. Welcome to leave a message to interact with Xiaobian