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Only selling small size, all -member Bai Youyan, and the clerk are all Internet celebrities … The annual controversial clothing brand Brandy Melvillie, the name BM, has been in Beijing for two weeks. Social media who criticized it to advocate anxiety did not answer, who was buying it? With curiosity, we came to the BM Beijing shop on a holiday.


Stepping into the Sanlitun Machinery Institute, following the tall, conspicuous, and fashionable girls, we found the BM on the second floor of a Mediterranean -style building: the logo above the white arch is extremely obvious. place.

Entering the white arch is like passing through the tunnel in “A Chihiro”, behind it is a world with a slight misplace.

The first is the size of the clothes: Although we have heard of “only selling S code”, we are still wrinkled and small in front of our eyes, as if the items that were unified into the washing machine before the shelves were shocked.


The single product is not intuitive enough, you can look at the people with the size of the clothes, the waist is only a little wider than the editor’s hand:

On the shelves, there are thousands of clothes with large slap and simple design. With a huge flow of people, it gives people an illusion of being in the city of infant clothing wholesale.

The only one can wear a men’s clothing, hanging on a shelves that no one can reach:

Compared to “what the girls are forcing girls now”, we are more curious about what the BM girls who pay for these designs, quality and cost -effective items, what do they think about? Intersection

To answer, we conducted a simple random interview in BM.


Linda, who came here for the first time, sighed that it was either light -colored or floral. If it was either exposed too much, the items here were really suitable for the niece who had just graduated from the kindergarten. The common elements of youth and American dramas such as checkered and shoulder insertion, which is already the upper limit of the design sense of single product.


Xiaolin, a sophomore student, is on people. She was unbelievable that the BM clerk that had been brushed on the Xiao X book did not really pull her legs -she said that P did not dare to be so P.



Louis, who accompanied her girlfriend, was surprised, saying that if she didn’t see it with her own eyes, it would be difficult to believe that the girl’s shape would be consistent to this extent -at least one too narrow item in the whole body, at least one waist and legs were revealed. He lamented that such a neat and scale, only the ranking of the first round of the women’s group draft was comparable.


Primary school teachers are who come to BM to reward themselves. She confessed that although thinness may not be exaggerated, fat will almost be discriminated against. After all, the reason for her determination to lose weight is to hear the second grade students who naturally say that now the first grade girls are fatter than me?


Not far away, the blogger Lika, who is picking up the new product, is the same. The face that can not be remembered is thin enough. It is the most clear and lowest standard for making “fashion” meals on the platform. For her, the BM item is a prop that the fans and Party A have proved her qualified prop -she remembers that she has to wear BM’s VLOG after weight loss and get 4,000 likes. Deleted, but there were already 5 advertisers who were still hesitating to give her a order.



Most of the time outside the camera, LIKA still likes oversized sweaters. BM wind is always in summer, and after all, there are four seasons after all.



For some people, buying BM is because there is no choice. The first customer who was stopped by us, a student of a university dance department, Xiaoqi, 163cm, 43kg, is a typical BM girl, to buy wild basic models. She said that she was not tall, and she was a round face that was easy to pile. She had no meat on her body. It was her only appearance advantage. Of course, she had to expose it.


After BM’s popularity, is the peach blossom of thin girls good? 165cm, 40kg Linda gives a negative answer. She has been single for many years. She emphasized that it is more girls who boast of her on the Internet or reality. Although the boy admits that she is thin, because of her cold appearance, she often feels that she is “very distance”.


Height is similar to her, and Irina, who is about 10 pounds heavier than her, has no such trouble. Although I bought a lot of BM items, Irina is not a fan of this style -as a standard beauty as an apricot -eye V face, not thin does not affect her popularity.



The hip -hop teacher Elane believes that BM’s size is friendly than the net. 159cm and 52kg, she can just put in most BM’s S code. For her, BM items are consumables. She bought BM to record dance. Her proportioned body will be widened by the lens in the video, so she needs to cover the meat when shooting.


Suzy, who is holding a T -shirt, believes that BM is a precise iteration of fast fashion. It is also a consumable. I used to buy the right clothes to go to the community to find it quickly. Now I will come to BM, saving time and effort, and hanging the name of BM on the second -hand trading platform.


Kandy is not here to buy clothes. Her full set of BM winds and short skirts, even with a clever way with Harajuku wind -thick -soled shoes and white pile of ankle socks. She wandered back and forth in the BM shop for three laps without being asked by any staff member whether to be a clerk Essence She is not very happy: I am better than many clerks here, taller, and important. Why choose them, do n’t choose me?


SIA, a clerk in jewelry design undergraduate, believes that Kandy is too late. When she received a part -time invitation in the store, she was also dressed like this Harajuki style -here is more diverse than the Internet, but the number of places left to diversified is limited, and the second Harajuku girl no longer needs.



Anthropology is not more than one hidden standards in BM stores. She went to the Internet at home this year, and took the field of field surveys to observe BM. One of the clerks who saw the stacked clothes were not tall or thin. The skin was honey. I feel very interesting. In addition to observation, she also bought a suspender -it is very suitable for her boyfriend to wear pajamas when she came to the house.



The clerk Kay believes that it is also important to prove that his influence is also important. She is about to graduate from the acting department of Beijing Film Academy. She told us that the acting department of well -known art colleges is not uncommon here. She is the shortest inside. It was one of her Weibo one of the 100,000 fans, and asked her to take a group photo, which attracted the attention of the manager.


The young student Diana emphasized the overseas education background of the clerks. She returned to the summer vacation. We were intercepted on the road to the party on get off work together. Wearing a designer brand necklace of 788 yuan, and stepping on the rain boots with a price of 9,550 yuan on the official website of Bottega Veneta. The boots are from Prada. The official website is 12,400 yuan. The Chanel carried on the hand is the “first Chanel ancient bag” in the small x book.


The BM male clerk L, who is 187cm tall, just came for a week. He did not have humblely that he would be invited because he was too lacking here. He was not interested in this style. The white T -shirt on his body was the only BM in the wardrobe. Both were employee benefits at the time of employment. He picked it casually.


Zhe, a male clerk at the same tall as him, revealed that they would promise this part -time job, because of the high salary. “High enough” refers to 80 yuan. He also worked in McDonald’s, where he worked part-time, full-time and manager’s hourly salary, which were 17 yuan, 19 yuan and 21-23 yuan.


Before the opening of the clerk S, he voted for his resume. He reported that he was 178.4cm height. He told us that his hourly salary was 60, which was mainly arranged in the warehouse to work, and rarely sorted out the shelves. He heard that the salary here is different, but he will return to class in Britain in September.



S tells us that the American illustration stickers on the body are the way to distinguish the clerk. However, it is useless to know. During the two hours we stayed in the store, they only did three things: sorting the shelves, cash registers and stacked clothes. Although each clerk emphasizes that his workload is not low, no one can answer the most basic question of “where can you find similar styles”.

twenty one

Accompanying her sister to see the postman’s post -80s ADA, I saw some kind of reincarnation in BM. In her adolescence, she would also go to Hollister and A & F in order to see the clerk. Although the mainstream aesthetic has moved from the sun and health to another pole, trying to define the operation of the beauty, but change the soup without changing the medicine.

twenty two

Ms. Lin, who accompanies her niece to pick birthday gifts, believes that BM’s popularity is not surprising. When people are young, they will inevitably want to be affirmed, and they will inevitably answer superstition standards, especially in the areas of aesthetic. Essence She watched the niece of the selfie in the distance, and it was not ridiculous. When she grew up, I saw too much.

A one -meter -eight girl should be 61kg, one meter six girls up to 43kg, and the BM girl weighing table of 25,000 praises, the large items of the house, and the tall and white shop assistants are just part of the wave. One Duo waves. Tide is the law, but the wave at this moment happens to be BM. It will fade away, and it will be replaced. And chasing waves is a matter of young people. Blind and collagen is a young privilege after all, as Ms. Lin said, just clothes, uncomfortable wear, just change it.

With the joy of anxiety in the victory era, we decided to have a good meal. However, it may be that the appetite has been stirred in rainy days. Everyone feels not too hungry. Finally, in the restaurants of various countries in Sanlitun, we chose a chain light food and agreed that occasionally to change the taste, it feels good.

Planning: GQ Emotion Research Institute

Edit: Simon


Interview and writing: Lee, Pig, Chener, Hammer

Illustration: pine nut sauce

Visual: AUBE